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(テンペスタ, Tenpesuta)
Arcana Information
User Lilica Felchenerow
Attack ★ 0.5
Defense ★ 1
Element Wind

Tempestas is one of the selectable Arcana in the Arcana Heart series. It's the Arcana of Wind and its user is Lilica Felchenerow.


Tempestas is a meta-existence embodying the power of the wind. As you would expect, it can change air pressure and control wind of its own free will. It was once gravely wounded but nursed back to health by Lilica. Out of gratitude, it lends its power to Lilica for as long as she desires.


Passive Abilities[]

  • Aura (Third Air Jump) - After double jump, ↖ or ↗ - Perform a third jump in midair. Cannot perform after using a second air dash.
  • Aura (Second Air Dash) - After an aerial dash, ←← or →→ - Perform a second aerial dash. Cannot perform after a third air jump.
  • Velox - While midair, ↓ + D - Instead of a downward homing dash, perform a quick fast-fall toward the ground.
  • Scutum - While blocking, → + D - Instead of a forward homing guard cancel, create a burst of wind that pushes opponents sway.
  • Fortia - E or ↓ + E (chargeable) - Fully charged grounded E button attacks can be jump canceled.


  • Sicilis - ↓↘→ + E (midair also) - Fire a blade of wind which will travel a set distance, then return.
  • Vertex - ↓↙← + E (midair also) - Summon a small tornado to attack opponents, sending them flying upward.


  • Falx - ↓↘→↓↘→ + E, then rapidly press buttons (midair also) - Fire a barrage of wind blades. Repeatedly pressing buttons increases the number of blades.

Extend Force[]

  • Altaria - ABC - During [Altaria], it is possible to perform aerial dash cancels curing cancelable attacks.

Arcana Blaze[]

  • Torens - During [Altaria], ↓↙← + BC - Attack with a blade of wind. Returns to player after travelling a certain distance.
  • Aboleo - During [Altaria], ↓↘→ + ABC - Summon Tempestas, who will perform a mach speed rush attack.




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