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Score Attack is a game mode in the Arcana Heart series. Included in the console versions of Arcana Heart 3 and its revisions, the mode primarily focuses scoring high as possible.

Arcana Heart 3[edit | edit source]

You only face four characters and a fight with Parace L'sia in two rounds.

Love Max/Six Stars[edit | edit source]

Score attack is renamed as Survival Score Attack. Unlike the previous version, you can fight all the cast. Gold palette characters appear randomly and defeating them will reward you most points.

Opponents[edit | edit source]

Stage 1-3

Stage 4-6

Stage 7-9

Stage 10-12

Stage 13

Stage 14-16/14-17

Stage 17-19/18-20

Stage 20-21/21-22

Stage 22/23

Stage 23/24

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the player choose Kamui's normal pattern, the opponent instead uses Unlimited Kamui's second pattern.

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