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Did you dream you could beat me?
(シャルラッハロート, Sharurahharōto)
Scharlachrot Portrait AH3.png
Arcana Baldur
Also known as Red (nickname from Eko)
Sharlie (nickname from Heart)
Physical/Vital Information
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday Unknown
Nationality Japanese
Blood Type AB
Height 158 cm (5'2")
Weight 47 kg (103 lbs)
Measurements (B/W/H) 81cm/56cm/82cm
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Scarlet
Personal Statistics
Affiliation Rosenberg Academy Junior High School, 2nd Year, Class A
Favorite Subject None
Weakest Subject None (read: all)
Fighting Style Mark III Chain Summoning
Game(s) Arcana Heart 3
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars XTEND
Apron of Magic (Guest)
Japanese Yuki Matsuoka

Scharlachrot is a playable character in the Arcana Heart series. Like Weiss, she is a Valkyria made by the Drexler Institute, and following the Institute's downfall, she was taken under the wing of Petra before suddenly disappearing.

She serves as not only the secondary antagonist of the Arcana Heart 3 games, but also the sub-boss of the games' Story Mode when playing as anyone but her.

Her Arcana is Baldur, the Spirit of Fenrir.


Another Valkyrie who was brought into existence by the Japanese branch of the Drexler Institute, she's the product of their experiments in creating artificial angels. Like Weiss, she was trained almost since birth to be the perfect soldier by the Institute, who hid their activities by pretending to be a religious order.

Scharlachrot has a very strong emotional attachment to Weiss, and would gladly kill or die for her in equal measure. After the downfall of the Drexler Institute, she was taken under Petra's wing, but has since disappeared.

Scharlachrot blocks the angels' way as the ultimate opponent. What has happened to her? What is her true objective?


Scharlachrot is a fair skinned teenager with red eyes and spiky scarlet red hair tied into twin tails that reaches her ankles. She wears a purple strapless bra top and purple shorts, both of which are held by belts, detached sleeves and black boots with red stripes. her most noticeable clothing is her purple high collar cape that occasionally covers her whole body. The cape has a red upside down triangle on the front and the cape itself is a bit worn out, evident by the rips and tears at the bottom of the cape.


At the beginning, Scharlachrot seems like a cold and stoic girl who was poised to collect all the Celestial Stones to power Ragnarok. But she would soon start acting more psychotic, wanting everything to just die. She acts a bit more crazed when she would encounter Weiss, as she would kill anyone who would stand between her and "Sophie", and that she would die for her.

However, Scharlachrot is aware that she's being controlled and, in her story after incapacitating Weiss (instead of trying to kill her, implying she held back), expresses relief when the voices from the brainwashing vanished. Scharlachrot also apparently despises that she believes she's only good for chaos and destruction, as shown in her story mode after defeating Ragnarok, she breaks down shedding tears thinking that's all she's good for and is shown in one of her victory animations where she covers her face with both of her hands, looking sad.

Upon being freed from the Drexler Institute's brainwashing, Scharlachrot has mellowed out considerably, as she remains calm when around Weiss and is able to speak and have normal conversations with other people such as Heart, Saki, and Petra without losing her sanity. She also adores Eko and looks out for her alongside Weiss. She is still prone to being annoyed by other people and will occasionally act violent toward others such as Clarice and Kira, but is able to hold herself back as pointed out by Weiss when Scharlachort didn't summon her chains against the latter. She does reacts negatively toward things that are reminiscent of when she was brainwashed, as when asked by Clarice of what she would do if she had a love potion, Scharlachrot responds that she would throw it away and is visibly annoyed.


Main article: Scharlachrot/AH3 Storyline

She suddenly disappears following the downfall of the Drexler Institute. As Weiss and Petra investigate the recent abnormal activities, Scharlachrot started looking throughout Japan for Celestial Stones in order to power Ragnarok.


  • 「シャルラッハロート、状況開始」(Scharlachrot, situation start.) (Selected)
  • 「エーテルリンク、契約聖霊接続完了、召喚!」(Etherlink, contract Holy Spirit connection completed, summoned!) (Pre-Battle)

Continue Screen[]

  • ...Simple victory is not enough. I must completely decimate and humiliate all those stupid enough to stand against me.
  • There is absolutely no reason for me to lose!
  • ... Hahaha.
  • Ufufufu...aha...ahahaha... You know, the rage you're invoking in me is driving me insane...! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • This is just freaking ridiculous. Let's just end this right here and now, okay?
  • There is nothing to be gained from losing. The only true lessons come from overwhelming victory.
  • Seriously, that was pathetic.
  • Die, die, die, die, die, die, die, DIE!

Victory Screen (Versus Mode)[]

  • This world doesn't need two of me. Hell, it probably doesn't need one... You understand, right? (vs. herself)
  • Baldur, why don't you go guard your rainbow bridge? I mean, you like that sort of thing, right? ...Ahahahaha! I'm just kidding! (Arcana Blaze Finish)
  • Die die die die die die die die...! Hurry up and DIE already! Hehehe... BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (Critical Heart Finish)
  • So love overcomes all obstacles? That'd be nice if love could solve all your problems... Maybe if I was surrounded by love, my life wouldn't be the tragic, unendurable nightmare that it is now... (vs. Heart Aino)
  • You want to become stronger? Why don't you become an angel like me? ...I was just messing with you. Hey, why aren't you laughing? (vs. Saki Tsuzura)
  • What was that? You were having trouble with first generation models? Then you're screwed if you try to go up against third gens like me and Sophie. (vs. Kamui Tokinomiya)
  • A dog, huh... ? Too bad you're just an imagination mongrel. Perhaps if you were just an insignificant mongrel. Perhaps if you were of better stock, you might have actually put up more of a fight. (vs. Konoha)
  • So this is the vaunted power of Kasuga Exorcism? Even with four of you, that was the best you could do? Wow, talk about useless... (vs. Maori Kasuga)
  • I thought that Sophie was the only one I could be friends with, but I think that I could really grow to like you. I mean, you not being human and all... (vs. Mei-Fang)
  • A descendant of demons... It's hard to believe that people used to celebrate the killing of a demon. I mean, you're so pitifully weak... (vs. Lilica Felchenerow)
  • Second-gen angels like you aren't worth a damn thing. If you were only made a few years later, you'd be as strong me and Sophie. (vs. Lieselotte Achenbach)
  • I couldn't give a damn about your cat-headed demon thing, but you... You have a lot of potential. If the Institute knew about you, they'd take you into into custody in a heartbeat! (vs. Yoriko Yasuzumi)
  • So you managed to create our own ether conductor...? Damn, I'm impressed that someone outside of the Institute could pull it off. If only the Institute had your talent. (vs. Kira Daidouji)
  • I wonder what the celestial boundary is like... Who knows? Someday Sophie and I will go there. (vs. Fiona Mayfield)
  • So you're the heir to the famed Lagerkvist name. However, you are still merely human. How disappointing... (vs. Petra Johanna Lagerkvist)
  • You're pretty damn pathetic, even by second-gen standards. You really can't do anything... Or is that why you've managed to last as long as you have? (vs. Zenia Valov)
  • Are you happy now? That you you've used the Arcana's power to live forever? Are you going to fight forever? What purpose will that serve? (vs. Elsa la Conti)
  • A demon here in the material plane...? Well, I'll be damned. You'd be quite the prize for the Institute. Seriously, though. I can't believe how thoroughly I dismantled you. (vs. Clarice di Lanza)
  • The height of celestial engineering... Terry Yodogawa. Normally I'd destroy something like it in a heartbeat, but I'll restrain myself. I mean, we're supposed to be friends... (vs. Catherine Kyoubashi)
  • You... you really should just walk away from all of this celestial-related crap and focus on being a magician. It really suits you... and the chances of dying are much lower... (vs. Dorothy Albright)
  • You know, I don't actually hate bloodthirsty, battle-bad morons like you. It's too bad that you'll never be the best while Sophie and I still live... Well, too bad for you... (vs. Akane Inuwaka)
  • If you can't even fight for yourself for yourself, then you're less than useless to anyone else... You got that? (vs. Nazuna Inuwaka)
  • Wow, you're really something... You actually jumped through a planar rift on your own?! Damn it, now you're making me want to try it myself. (vs. Angelia Avallone)
  • It looks like I won this time, Sophie. You know, no matter how many times we face one another, I never get tired of training with you. (vs. Weiss)
  • Too bad, Eko. I won't be able to take you to the amusement park now. But still, keep trying your best. (vs. Eko)
  • Seeing that we're both Aesirs, I'll spare your life. Be reeeeaaaaaallllyyyy greteful for that, Hybride. (vs. Minori Amanohara)
  • A shark, eh? Thought it's supposed to be more ferocious than this. You're gonna take one step down from predator to prey at this rate. (vs. Pistrix)
  • Those red eyes, and that sword... You're also an Aesir? I thought there'd be no more left. But from the looks of it, seems like you're just a failure. (vs. Dark Heart)


  • Like Weiss' Arcana, Scharlachrot's Arcana, Baldur, was based on a god from Norse mythology, but is based Fenrir.
  • Scharlachrot means "scarlet" in German, in reference to her hair/eye color as well as her bloodlust.
  • She was previously unplayable in the arcade version of the original Arcana Heart 3. She then has been playable since the console release of AH3.
  • One of her alternate colors make her resemble Black★Rock Shooter.
  • Like Weiss, she takes her Arcana move names from prominent Nazi officers. Baldur is not a reference to the benevolent Norse god of light, but to Baldur von Schirach, head of the Hitler Youth. It even has a move called Agosai Schirach (Jawbreaking Schirach).
  • She is often compared to Hazama, or Yūki Terumi, from the BlazBlue series since both are ax-crazy psychotic antagonists who use chains, occasionally laughing maniacally, are one of the most evil characters in their respective series who hates the world, and wants to used an versatile substance for their purpose.
    • The main difference is while Terumi purposely committed evil acts, Scharlachrot was brainwashed in doing villainous acts and while Scharlachrot was still prone to being violent upon being freed of the brainwashing, she has since reformed, while Terumi never reformed and continued to be evil.
  • She's the final boss in the Bronze run on Trail mode in Love Max. (She starts with Extend Force and her meter regenerates in seconds.)
  • She, Konoha, Lilica and Akane are the only characters who can perform a wall jump.
  • Her voice actress, Yuki Matsuoka, also voiced Alisa Bosconovitch from the Tekken series and Kagura from the Senran Kagura series.


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