The normal Saki


  • Outfit - A blue top and vest with pale blue skirt. Shoes are dull brown.


  • Hair - Grey
  • Outfit - Normal vest and tie, but with a blue skirt. Cuffs are orange while loafers are cherry-red and tights are pale brown
  • Eyes - Black
  • Skin - Tan


  • Hair - Raspberry with white headband
  • Outfit - Black and white-themed top with white skirt, grey loafers, and pale grey tights. Wristbands are black.
  • Eyes - Pink


  • Hair - Blonde with grey headband
  • Outfit - Grey and red outfit with red wristbands and loafers.


  • Hair - Ligh Brown with green headband.
  • Outfit - Yellow top with tie, cuffs, and skirt are green. Tights are pale grey while loafers match the headband.


  • Skin - Slightly tanned
  • Hair - Green with a pink headband
  • Outfit - Purple and white vest on a white shirt with purple cuff and pink tie. A pink skirt and dark grey tights. The loafers are black while her bracelets are pink.


  • Hair - Lilac-Blue with pale pink headband.
  • Outfit - Shirt is white with a grey vest and accenting. The tie and tights are mauve, while the loafers are light grey. The wristbands are pale pink.
  • Eyes - Mauve


  • Hair - Dark teal with green headband.
  • Outfit - White top with yellow accenting and a melon tie. Pale yellow skirt and white tights with brown loafers. Wrist bands are yellow.


  • Hair - White with mauve headband.
  • Eyes - Dark red
  • Outfit - A white top with blush-pink accenting and vest. The tie is dark green while the skirt matches the vest. Grey-lilac tights with brown loafers and white wrist bands.


  • Hair - Purple with green headband.
  • Outfit - Emerald vest with white accenting and orange tie on top of a white shirt with emerald cuffs and white wristbands. Tights are dark blue-grey while the skirt is melon. The loafers are hazel-grey.


  • Hair - Dark grey with pale gold headband.
  • Outfit - A lilac vest on a white shirt and skirt. Cuffs are lilac with white, while the tights and loafers are black. Wristbands are dull white.


  • Hair - Pale brown with black headband.
  • Skin - Tan
  • Outfit - Pale brown vest on black shirt and a hazel skirt. Tights are pale brown, and the loafers are an alternate shade of brown. Wristbands are black.


  • Hair - Melon with yellow headband.
  • Outfit - Black and raspberry vest on a white shirt with black and raspberry accenting. The skirt is black to match the tights and loafers. Wristbands are raspberry.
  • Skin - Tan


  • Hair - Pale brown with dark raspberry headband.
  • Outfit - Chocolate vest with pale brown accenting on top of a white shirt and blue tie. Grey skirt and black tights with chocolate loafers. Wristbands are dark raspberry-brown.


  • Hair - Sky blue with lilac headband.
  • Eyes - Turqoise
  • Outfit - Lilac vest with white accent and a shirt opposite of this. Tie is lilac while the skirt is a very pale pink. Tights are lilac-grey and loafers are lilac-indigo. Wristbands are lilac.


  • Skin - Brown
  • Hair - Black with darker headband.
  • Outfit - Bright red vest with black accenting and tie. Black shirt with a single goldenrod line on each cuff. Skirt and tights are black, while loafers are an alternate shade of black. Wristbands are also black. 
  • Eyes - Dark red


  • Hair - Pale Gold with black headband.
  • Outfit - Tie, vest, cuffs, and tights are black. The skirt, shirt, accenting, wristbands, and loafers are ligh gold.


  • Hair - Dull blue with white headband.
  • Outfit - Sapphire vest with white accenting and a light blue top accented by dark blue. The skirt is white while the tights are midnight blue. The loafers and wristbands are light blue.



Normal Saki but with a thicker shading.


  • Hair: Black with a pale gold headband.
  • Eyes: Light brown
  • Outfit: Pure white with accenting of pale grey. A black tie and wristbands of white. Tights are black.
  • Shoes: Brown


  • Hair: Pale blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Outfit: Pure white with the accenting and cuffs being dark blue. The skirt and tights are white, while the tie and wristbands are black.
  • Shoes: Dark blue


  • Hair: Yellow with a white headband
  • Eyes: Dark blue
  • Outfit: A pale pink top under a red vest accented by pale pink and grey. The tie and skirt are red, while the tights are white. Her wristbands are pale pink.
  • Shoes: Crimson


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