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Main StorylineEdit

My Summer VacationEdit

Heart shows up to meet with Saki and Maori, but their chilly reception leaves her confused. Calmly, Saki asks her why they were getting together today, and Heart answers to do summer homework, then she asks her what time they would be meeting up and Heart answers around one. Saki asks Maori what time it is and she informs her it is after two- but Heart can't understand, saying she left around eleven. Saki asks her what she happened to be doing between now and then, and Heart reveals she had several conversations with Lilica, Yoriko, Konoha, Nazuna, and Akane.

Curiously she looks at her watch to see that it still says eleven though, and Maori happens to notice that her battery must have died. Saki remains annoyed, but Heart apologizes for unknowingly keeping them waiting and Maori attempts to tell her how things like this just happen sometimes. Worried, Heart asks if Saki is angry. 

Of course I am! -

Not at all - Heart is surprised by this and asks if Saki hates her now, but Saki claims she doesn't -somewhat flustered- while saying she could never hate her. Heart perks up as Maori remarks that Saki was probably worried about her, and she just became agitated while trying to call Heart. In fact she called her several times.

. . .  -

Annoyed, Saki scolds Maori for being such a blabbermouth and Heart apologizes again for making them worry. Saki claims she's used to it by now though, and she assumed Heart got into trouble. Heart is very happy that her friends care so much about her, but she feels bothered by the fact that they were so worried over something very simple. Seeing this, Saki tells her that she didn't do anything wrong so there isn't any point in feeling this way, and to make her feel better she reminds Heart that she had something to show them.

Suddenly remembering, Heart reveals that she found something while at the Tration Station; it's for the Tokyo Magical Stamp Rally. Curious, Maori takes the paper and reads over the details: Go to the Five Checkpoints and collect their stamps. Prizes will be awarded to those who make it to the Goal Points. For those who do not win there is still a special Prize Drawing just for showing up. Saki takes over to reveal that it starts at nine am and those who compete are only given three hours to complete it. No matter the weather conditions it will be held.

Heart asks them to compete with her since she is sure it could be like a lot of fun. She also mentions how their other friends -who had been on the train- agreed to enter it as well.

If you really want to - Initially Saki passes knowing that a lot of people will show up. But when she sees how saddened Heart gets by her refusal, Saki is unable to resist and decides that if Heart really wants to, then maybe she will reconsider. When Heart gets really excited, Saki yells at her to calm down and agrees to join.

I don't really feel like it -

What say you, Maori? -

Maori agrees to participate too and Saki reminds her friends that they had planned on doing homework the next few days since Heart had so much. Heart promises to do her best today so that they can focus on the event, and Saki decides to encourage her by threatening not to let them attend the event if she can't finish her work. Heart is immediately saddened by this, but Maori supports the idea and they decide to get started.

After setting up Saki asks Maori what work she still needs to do, and she brings up her research project on Asagao flowers with her sisters. But at the time she can't really complete it yet. Since Saki has already finished hers, she offers to lend Maori a hand, leading Heart to make a comment before promising once more to do her best.  

Get it Together, HeartEdit

The next day Saki arrives to see Heart and Maori are waiting for her, much to her surprise. She remarks on how Heart never shows up late for fun things, and Heart admits that she wasn't able to get much sleep due to being so excited. Saki scolds her for not taking care of herself very well, but Heart insists that she'll be fine. Saki will be with her the whole day anyway. Embarrassed by this, Saki comments that she wouldn't leave Heart if she was to suddenly drop or feel sickly, then she quickly greets Maori to change the subject.

As Maori remarks on the pleasant sunny weather, Saki suddenly notices the crowd of people who will also be participating and she begins feeling uncomfortable. Heart points out that it is summer, and most of them are just little kids with their parents, and Maori mentions seeing Yoriko and Lilica earlier on. Heart hopes they will see them since it's been a little while, while Saki agrees- except for wanting to see Lilica, who she isn't a fan of.

The girls immediately stop chatting when the event's start is announced. Maori points out that there is a nearby area with the stamp sheep and hints for the next checkpoint and they look to a line forming next to it, causing Saki to comment on the situation. Heart lightens the mood by reminding them that even if they were to lose, they can still take part in the prize drawing, which cheers them up until Heart points out that Lilica is already causing a problem up ahead while Yoriko seems to be pretty tired. Maori also spots Akane, simply trying to get to the Microphone on the nearby stage as a frustrated Nazuna watches from nearby. While it's troublesome, Saki seems amused to note that at least the event won't be boring.

By the time the girls finally obtain their stamp sheet, she remarks on how it's been over thirty minutes. As it gets stamped, Maori mentions that they were in a red-stamp line, and next to them was a blue-stamp line. After Saki recalls seeing an orange-stamp line, she wonders if the colors mean anything- but because she didn't see anything in the book about it, she decides to drop the subject.

The girls decide that they have wasted enough time chatting and have Heart read the clue before they continue on. "Placing the right letter into the O will give you the next checkpoint". Heart wonders if it might be somewhere involving Ikebukuro, like Hinodechou Oark. Right away Saki and Maori realize what it is and Saki criticizes that this is not really a true hint but an outright definition, causing Maori to comment that this wasn't designed to be challenging though. Saki is sure that they just wanted to make it seem easy, and Maori doesn't believe they would intentionally make it misleading either, since children are participating too. Saki then asks if they should take the JR Lines or the Subway to reach the next destination. To their surprise, Heart suddenly asks what could possibly go in the O.

Um... "P" - Saki points this out to her and suddenly Heart seems to get it. She recognizes the Park because Konoha lives there, then she praises Saki, who feels conflicted. Maori simply tells Saki to smile and nod as they trail behind her. Suddenly, Maori and Heart speed up, causing Saki to stop and complain, wanting to just go home before giving chase.

Heart, get a grip! -

Maori... Help... -

By the time they make it to the park, Heart happens to notice that Saki seems gloomy and she tries to perk her up again, although Saki claims she is fine. It's then Heart spots Konoha's house and remarks on how it would like something you see at a park. She wants to check it out until Maori reminds her they need to get their stamp, and Saki takes notices that there isn't nearly as many people there yet, but there is still a sizable line.

As they wait in line, Catherine approaches the group and quickly determines what they're up to. Saki asks her what she is doing, but she doesn't delve into much detail, going on to claim Saki is mean after she tells her that they have time to waste. She threatens to cry, which will undoubtedly cause a scene, but when Saki calls her bluff, Catherine reconsiders. She considers telling them why she is there, but she stops and hurriedly changes her story, explaining that she got a part-time job for Petra and is supervising the checkpoint for the stamp rally. She tells them that if they have any question they can just ask her, so Heart asks how Petra is. After Catherine answers "same as always", Saki finds her patience wearing thin.

By the time they get their second stamp, Saki is beginning to feel uneasy. Maori notices and asks if it might be the color of the stamp, which she confirms. But unsure why, they continue on and decide to watch for anything suspicious or out of place. Heart reads the next clue: "Oational Academy of Metaphysics Central Quad".

Let's get going -

What's the answer? - Saki asks Heart if she knows the answer for this one, but Heart struggles and gets distracted. Saki threatens to just go home and in an instant, Heart answers that it's their school, causing Saki to express relief in knowing that Heart at least knows this much.

I'm going home -

Before they can take off, Catherine approaches and asks them to stay a little bit longer. But at this point they had already started to take off and ignore her, causing Catherine to complain over being blown off.

Hang in There...Edit

The girls arrive to their next location to notice something strange: there's a lot of people, which is odd because even during events and festivals, people who do not attend the school are rarely allowed onto the grounds. Elsa happens to spot them and comes by to ask what they're doing, and after answering, she comments on how she's seen a bunch of people she recognizes- so she should have realized they would be coming by. She goes on to remark that Lilica ran away screaming though, which makes her a little sad.

The girls ask Elsa why she is there and as it turns out, she was out for a walk. The girls are suspicious though, and she admits that she had been out in search of something that would increase her luck. It's then she remarks upon the stamp and how she isn't surprised by the groups both being red. Heart admits that she had noticed the unique color-changing ink, and Maori and Saki express curiosity as Heart goes on to bring up how she wants a blue stamp next, to represent Saki. With that Elsa decides to take off, but Maori stops her to bring up that there is a bakery nearby. Elsa happily decides to stop by there to try the red bean pastries they have, but she asks to speak to Maori for a couple of minutes. She agrees and they take off.

Maori returns a while later and reveals that the ink changes color to match the users Celestial Power. Anyone with high power get red, while those with none get blue, and orange is for anyone in between. Heart is sad to realize she wont be getting any blue stamps now, but Saki is more curious to find out why Elsa knew this, or why they were using a strange method of stamping. Maori comments that they shouldn't worry over it and they head to their next stamp location.

As the girls reach it, Maori is suddenly grabbed away from them, leading Heart and Saki to rush back to find Elsa with an unconscious Maori and demand to know what she is doing with her. A fight breaks out until Elsa calms them down by explaining that she saved her, and Maori awakens as Saki wonders what is going on. Elsa runs up ahead to grab Clarice, and she brings her back to them demanding an apology; but when she refuses, Elsa ends up scolding her. Right away Saki realizes that it was probably a case of jealous on Clarice's part, and she frets that she may someday get like that.

As they wait for Maori to recover, Clarice returns with a more convincing apology, and she seems upset. She didn't mean to hurt anybody or cause them problems, she just didn't like Maori begin so close to Elsa. She asks to be forgiven and Maori agrees, along with Saki, who apologizes to Elsa for overreacting. Elsa believes she isn't entirely to blame though, because she should have watched Clarice more closely. She tells her to return home and places her under house arrest for the time being. Clarice agrees and Elsa suggests that Maori head home as well since she's had a long day. Maori agrees and Elsa decides to see her home. This upsets Clarice, but she flees after Elsa reminds her of her punishment. The girls ask if they should come with Maori, but she tells them that she just needs a little bit of rest so they can stay and continue. She apologizes for not staying to finish with them but Heart tells her that they will win the prize either way, so she doesn't need to feel bad. 

After the two leave, Heart and Saki discuss the recent events before continuing to the next checkpoint.  

Our Summer VacationEdit

As they continue on, Saki and Heart are disappointed Maori has left, but she couldn't help it and they need to continue. While Saki manages to move on though, Heart is still disappointed after gaining their third stamp, but she manages to perk up when Saki tells her to stop being so hung up- especially since she is still there. They read the next hint, Oerima Amusement Park, and Saki recognizes the name and annoyed, remarks on how silly it is to have to pay just for a stamp. Until Heart notices something on the paper saying that those collecting stamps actually don't need to pay so they head to the amusement park.

After arrival, Heart points out that the line isn't very big here, which Saki points out could be because the entrants have chosen to enjoy the park instead. They just need this last stamp, then they can head to the finish line; although, if Heart doesn't actually care about winning they could stay to have some fun. Heart eagerly takes up her offer for a chance to go on a park date with Saki, flustering her as she mentally regrets saying this and tries to calm down.

As Heart tries to figure out what to do first, Saki finds herself unable to suggest they focus on the stamps, but all that really matters is reaching the finish line in time. The girls decide to walk around the park for a while, then hit the Ferris Wheel. They spot Konoha up ahead and Heart stops to speak to her and learns from her that Kamui thought this was too silly to join. While Konoha seems to be having fun, Heart notices that she seems sad, and she explains that this is because she isn't sure how to leave the park. Heart suggests that she comes with them then under the assumption she has her stamps already, but as it turns out Konoha got lost on the way to the first checkpoint, so she didn't get that one.

After handing Saki the stamp sheet, Heart offers to take her back to it and promises to meet up with Saki later. Before Saki can respond, they have already taken off. Saki is disappointed but she is called up to the line to ride the Ferris Wheel. However, she's still depressed by the time the end rides, when she overhears Lieselotte, who starts to mock her for being left alone there. She makes an attempt to take off, but before she can, Zenia stops her and asks to check her stamps. She seems pleased to note that Saki has three red stamps and comments that there was a rule the Public wasn't informed about. Before the players can collect their final stamp they have to fight her in a battle: but only if they have three red stamps.

Before they start, Zenia offers to let Saki drop out if she would like, but not being in the mood Saki easily agrees in order to work off some frustration. She defeats her and prepares to go as Lieselotte expresses disappointment, and Saki collects another red stamp and moves on to the final clue: Olteda Celestial Shrine. She heads over while contemplating that she may have finally figured out what has been going on.

The Most Valuable ThingEdit

Saki -still in a poor mood- arrives to her next location when she gets called by Heart. As it turns out, she got separated from Konoha and isn't sure what to do now. Saki believes that Heart may have done something to make her uncomfortable and run away, but she claims otherwise and reveals where she is at. Saki brings up how Heart dumped her at the park before going on to tell her where to meet her at.

She hangs up afterwards and approaches a nearby employee to show them that she's done. After they make a remark they ask Saki to go into the nearby room and she does as told, only to find Petra waiting. Saki isn't surprised, having been sure she was involved after earlier, but she assumed others made it there before her and isn't sure what to make of being told she won. Petra congratulates her and confirms that she is technically right, but she only wanted the first person to make it through with an entire sheet of red stamps. Saki reveals to Petra her theory, saying that she was only holding the stamp rally to locate more angels, and to find someone worthy, they used special ink that would react to those with Celestial powers. Those who got blue stamps were given a prize and left, and anyone that was marked with orange will now be monitored in some way by asking for their address to send them a prize later on. Anyone with red would try to be recruited on the spot. 

Impressed, Petra asks Saki how she could have figured this out, and she brings up her earlier run-ins with Elsa and Zenia. It was only natural to assume Petra had some sort of involvement. Petra goes on to explain why their search was necessary, revealing that her time in Japan has been extended so that they could try to keep her out of the way. The new director is not really a fan of hers so she could care-less about the Celestial Union. She wants to start a brand new organization and there was a large number of possible members from the school; like Kamui, Maori, and Saki. Saki is honored that Petra believes she is worthy of such prestige, but she asks why this is. As it turns out, Petra just likes having Saki around due to being able to tolerate her, and she was sure Saki can relate to her goals and ideals. Saki admits that she can, but she declines the offer, saying there are plenty more things important to her and that she has qualities that she herself does not. Petra demands a fight, saying that if she truly believes in this she will do it, and with no hesitation, Saki accepts.

Upon defeating Petra, she asks to know what Saki was talking about earlier. Hesitantly, Saki confides in her what she meant, before stumbling over her words in an attempt to figure out what to say. She refuses to leave behind everyone she cares about and the school she is proud of attending, even if sometimes things get frustrating. She is sure that Petra would feel the same way, asking her if she could really walk away from those who trust her, and when Petra is unsure of how to respond, she ends the discussion and asks Saki not to say anything. She agrees and Petra asks what she would like as a grand prize.

After thinking it over Saki requests tickets to the Amusement Park, asking for as ever many as she can provide. Petra can supply many though and asks that she picks a number, with Saki believing thirty should be fine. She then plans to invite everyone involved with the incidents, including Petra, but she quickly shoots down the requests and claims she's too busy. Though she does appreciate the gesture, and she thanks Saki before taking off.

When Heart finally shows up, Saki revealed that she already got the prize. Heart feels bad that she kept Saki, but she's happy to know she won and asks about it. Saki reveals that she will get it later on, and that it consists of thirty Amusement Park tickets; she wanted to go back on a day they could just take their time and enjoy it and together. With that the girls promise to make great summer memories.

Sub StoryEdit

Valentine's DayEdit

Saki is surprised one day when Yoriko suddenly shows up with some chocolate for her; although she quickly explains that it is friend chocolate. Lilica joins them and points out that everyone hands out friend chocolate to those they are friends with, leaving Saki confused- innocently having no idea. Yoriko asks her if she doesn't like sweets, but Saki claims she does. She just didn't hear about this. Lilica brings up that because of how cute the chocolate looked, she couldn't resist buying some. Yoriko teases her by claiming that she's just hoping to get something back for White Day, causing Lilica to tell her not to question or bring reason to her motives.

Yoriko then hands over some cute chocolate; which is covered in wrapping with a tombstone on it. Lilica finds it very cute, although Saki fails to see the appeal. Yoriko tries to assure Lilica of their cuteness and she begins to discuss that they are occult chocolate, that you should only eat when studying up on urban legends. They also come in a ton of shapes. Lilica bluntly states that while this may be cool for Yoriko, it doesn't do much for her, causing them to start bickering as Yoriko tries to say that it's the thought that counts. Besides, she knows Lilica is happy, even if she won't admit it. Lilica gets flustered until Saki laughs at her, causing her to bring up that Heart will probably give her a ton of chocolate anyway so they should just go ahead and kiss already. Saki is stunned, but she tells her to shut up and takes off.

Later in the afternoon, Saki thinks about earlier but deep down feels happy. She is joined by Heart, who apologizes for showing up late when she didn't intend on doing so. But she ran the entire way back home to grab the giant cake she made for her. Saki tries to say that she doesn't need to make such extravagant things or her, but she's happy regardless. Heart then brings up friend chocolate and how she only makes it for Saki each year. She packs everything she feels for Saki and puts it into this special gift every year.

Saki is earnestly touched by this and wishes she had something she could give back to Heart, but she kept messing up each time she tried. She apologizes, realizing now that she could have just bought her something, but Heart claims she is fine. Saki then decides that in order to make it up to her, she will get her something for White Day.

Matching StrapsEdit

Saki, Heart, and Maori are out when day when Heart spots something really cute. She runs from her friends to go and check it out and returns later with the object, revealing a phone strap of a crystal attached to a ribbon. Maori is happy for her and compliments how cute it looks and Heart reveals that she got one for the each of them too, pointing out that each one has a little birth stone gems on the straps, with Saki's being Tiger Iron, and Maori's being a Scapolite. Heart's own is called Rice Pearl. She then goes on to describe how special these stones are, in that they will keep the owner happy and protected as long as she carries it with her. Saki and Maori are very happy and they thank Heart for being so thoughtful.

Photographs and MemoriesEdit

While cleaning out her closet, Saki grows depressed after finding an old photo of Fiona. She recalls the day Fiona requested they take the picture.

She came running up to Saki one day, something she found odd since Fiona wasn't like that. She brought up seeing some classmates take a picture together and felt sad because as friends, they didn't have any pictures. She shows Saki the picture frame she got the day prior somehow, only to realize it must have come from Saki, since she was the only other person to know about her birthday. She thanks Saki and asks her to take a picture with her. She agrees and Fiona happily prepares for it- only to realize there isn't any film in the camera. Saki isn't that surprised to see that Fiona didn't have a digital camera yet.

Her memory ends and she recalls how they were able to able get the picture the next day. It had been the same day when the incident occurred and Fiona was taken away. Thinking about her failure to protect Fiona, she claims that things are different now. She can promise that.

Iron ChefEdit

Saki struggles to figure out what went wrong with the dish she was making. She's tried several times; the first it ended up tasting purely like butter, the second time there was a big flour mess, and now she cannot taste anything. She put a lot of work into it and followed the recipe entirely; she has no idea what's wrong with it.

While sadly mourning her poor cooking skills, Saki recalls how Heart told her it was good; even though she knew it wasn't. Just once she would like to make something Heart honestly did like. She begins to mope while wondering if she wasn't meant to be a chef, only to stop and realize that giving up would be a mistake. She thinks about Heart and what she would say in a scenario like this, then to focus on making some sweets. But to her surprise, Heart suddenly shows up wondering what she's doing. She offers to help Saki make gratin sauce, but Saki refuses and tells her to sit aside, as she wants to make it a gift to her and her aid would ruin that.

Heart really wants to cook with Saki but she is understanding. But should Saki need any help, she will come running the second she's in trouble. Saki claims that just being with Heart while she cooks is good enough though, with Heart agreeing.

Glorious Spring 1Edit

Saki and Maori are doing some window shopping when they suddenly find themselves thinking about Heart. Saki is pretty upset that she was unable to come with them since she was excited for their trip that day, and she had taken the time to find all of the best spots for them to check out. Earlier Heart called while she was on her way to pick up Maori. She had gotten a fever and wasn't able to make it.

Maori snaps Saki out of her depressed thoughts and suggests that they just try to have enough fun for the three of them that day. Saki agrees and they resume window shopping while discussing the warm spring weather, but after Saki spots a dandelion, she thinks about Heart again; since she likes them and she thinks about the time she compared her to one, which makes her feel much better. She decides to bring Heart plenty of happiness too.

Glorious Spring 2Edit

Once again, Saki finds herself thinking about Heart. Maori tries lifting her spirits by suggesting they pay Heart a visit, with Saki quickly agreeing. Heart is delighted to see them, but while she doesn't feel as sick as she did before, her throat still hurts and she doesn't want them to catch it, which is why she opted to staying home.

The girls begin to tell her about their shopping trip but they explain how lonely they felt without her.  Heart feels bad for making them feel this way, but they claim it's fine since they came by free will, not obligation. They also brought a cake and plan to share it with her. Maori then takes off to prepare some tea in the kitchen as Saki reaches into her pocket to pull out one of the dandelion she saw earlier. She gives it to Heart while saying it was very lonely without her and she hopes she gets better soon so that they can all go shopping together next time.

Going to the PoolEdit

Saki is busy doing some swimsuit shopping when she is joined by Heart and Lilica. Heart reveals that they all seemed to have made plans to hit the pool together, especially considering she initially came with Kamui. She goes on to reveal what the three of them bought, not realizing the awkward tension between Saki and Lilica. They begin to bicker as she helplessly watches.

Later on, Saki checks to make sure she has everything. Such as a towel, an outfit, a hair brush. Despite sounding annoyed, she is secretly very excited for the trip.

Things that FloatEdit

The following day at school Lilica comes by to inform Saki and Heart of the meeting that will be held after school, in order to discuss their pool trip on Saturday. She takes off after warning them not to be late- missing the important tidbit from Heart, who says she is too busy to attend. Saki decides to find Lilica to let her know.

After school, Saki joins Yoriko and Lilica; but as it turns out, Heart wasn't the only one who was too busy to show up. Lilica considers this to be very rude, but it can't be helped so they pay it no mind, leading Saki t ask why it was so important to have this meeting since they already discussed it. Lilica informs the girls about the outdoor bath next to the pool, thinking they should go there instead. But Yoriko brings up that they might be under construction, leading her to express disappointment. She was really hoping to see how well Yoriko and Maori would "float", and both girls criticize her dirty mind.

She suggests that the three of them just go to the public indoor bath instead, so that she can check out Saki as well. Yoriko scolds her and Saki refuses.  

Being HonestEdit

A panicked Saki realizes that fifth period is about to begin. She had been so distracted by her book that she didn't notice. She gets up to leave but spots someone under the nearby tree, and to her surprise it's Konoha. Startled, she brings up that fifth period will be starting, but they happen to see Kamui and observe her, leading Saki to suggest that if she has to say anything, she should go and talk to her. As she wonders if something happened, Konoha reveals that she accidentally broke Kamui's rice bowl and she doesn't know how to make it up to her or fix it- so she hasn't had the guts to face her.

She is sure that Kamui wont forgive her if she finds out and starts to cry until Saki calms her down, saying that after being with Kamui for so long, she shouldn't think such things. She can understand why Konoha would worry, but she knows their friendship is stronger than that. Saki then asks if Kamui is truly a heartless person when Konoha hesitates- and in this moment she is quick to jump at her defense. She then runs off to apologize while Saki heads to class; only to find out that she arrived late.


Saki, Heart, and Maori have gone to the Aquarium to make up for the shopping trip Heart missed. They observe the fish and penguin and Heart finds herself distracted by the starfish nearby and ends up separating from them. Saki criticizes her and Maori remarks on how Saki is like a big sister to her, then she runs off to catch up.

Saki makes a remark about how careless Heart is, but she's happy seeing her in such high-spirits. She then happens to spot kamui and Konoha there. After she recalls their previous phone conversation she decides to go and visit them to find them discussing sunfish and the edibility behind them, only to hear Kamui scold Konoha for thinking of something silly like catching one of the fish there to try it out. The fish here are to be enjoyed, not hunted. Konoha voices disappointment in this and Saki realizes that Kamui is like a mother to Konoha.

Various EventsEdit

(These are found in the main Game when selecting a location to head to.)



She asks Saki what would be so important that she's busy searching for. Saki simply claims she came to do some investigation since it isn't really that much out of her way. She asks Fiona to forgive this "incident" before moving on.

As she is leaving, Reporter Hyoudou is busy commenting on everyone's concern and panic for what has been going on. The crime rate has soared gradually.



She recalls the rumor involving the Celestial Stones. She considers going out to collect them too so that she can make a special wish involving Elsa. Saki wishes her luck, given that they both have the same goal.



Heart asks Saki what she is up to, and as Saki comments that she planned to ask her the same thing, she brings up the Celestial Stones. Heart really doesn't seem to know anything about them and asks if it has to do with the high Celestial energy surround them. Saki implies that it is, then tells her that she can't have the stones.

Taking the red stone, Saki comments on fulfilling her wish - but this simply catches Heart's attention and she asks to learn more. She tells Heart that it isn't really her business and takes off.



Elsa is a bit frustrated, as Clarice told her to come and fight Saki for "vengeance" in her earlier defeat. She saw through the silly revenge but believes it to be okay once in a while, so she tells Saki to prepare for a fight. Saki apologizes and begins to say that it is her fault; only to claim this entire ordeal was ridiculous. 



Petra asks Saki to hand over the Celestial Stone in her possession and suggests that she just forgets all about this. But because she doesn't really know Petra, Saki claims she is asking for a big favor and she refuses to hand over the stone. Petra accuses her of being gullible for believing in the rumors surrounding them but Saki claims it isn't her business and they start to fight for them.

After they fight, Saki tells her that her ideals can't be wavered and she hopes Petra will be more understanding now. She spots her own Celestial Stone and asks to have it in the mean time. Petra agrees but tells her that she will be responsible for it now and takes off.



Saki realizes that something feels off in this location and Sharlachrot explains that Saki is feeling the power behind Drexler's Ultimate Weapon. Suddenly she appears before Saki with three of the Celestial Stones in her possession. She notices that Saki has the last two that she still needs and tells her the plans of obtaining them all to power up the Weapon. She mentions that she is a nobody and desires someone named "Sophie" to stop her. She asks why Sophie isn't there and begins to say how great it would be for the entire world to be destroyed.

Saki refuses to let her get away with such a dire plan however, because of everyone she loves and cares about. A fight breaks out, one that Saki proves to claim victory. She demands to know how to stop the Weapon but Scharlachrot refuses to say anything; feeling that Saki would be unable to by now. She talks of how she wishes for everyone, including herself to die as the Weapon begins to appear from it's holding chamber. Saki refuses to let things go and continues on to fight it by herself in hopes of breaking it down and destroying it.

After she finishes, Ragnarok self-destructs and simply vanishes from existence. Saki is down-hearted with the resolution that despite her hard work, she's lost all of the Celestial Stones.


Saki End 3

A few days later, Saki sadly thinks about how she was unable to help Fiona become Human again. They were only being manipulated by the Drexler Institute and she is very frustrated, despite her initial feelings of suspicion from the start. She hears Fiona as she thanks Saki for doing so much for her and claims to be very happy, and Saki wonders why all of her effort was for nothing. Fiona claims that Saki is her friend, no matter how different things are and she always feels encouraged to go on because of Saki.

It's then Angelia and Mildred reveal that the rift will be closing soon, so they need to be going. Saki apologizes for not being able to help her and asks if there is anything she could do for her before she has to leave, but Fiona promises that one day she'll be human again and everything will return to normal soon enough. With that, she leaves.

Saki begins to mourn her friend as she is joined by Heart. She asks to be alone for a while and Heart embraces her in hopes of making her feel better. Saki tries to tell her to leave, but Heart wont listen to her. Heart claims to know how she feels and tells her not to blame herself for working as hard as she could for Fiona's sake. She tells her to be proud of what she's done up until this point and claims to always be there for her when she needs someone. She tells Saki to cry until she can no longer, and Saki slowly breaks down in tears.

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