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Pistrix Portrait AH3LMSS
Kanji ピストリクス
Rōmaji Pistrix
Alias Peace (nickname given by the developers)
Physical and Vital Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown (relatively young physically)
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Greenish-Blonde
Personal Statistics
Game(s) Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars (DLC)
Japanese VA Shiori Izawa[1]
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Pistrix (ピストリクス) is an playable character in the Arcana Heart series, who is coming to Arcana Heart 3 Love Max: Six Stars as a DLC character. She is a homonculus with abilities akin to that of a marine animal, and is able to shape-shift her form during combat.

Her Arcana is Paracelsia, the Arcana of Life.


Pistirx is an artificial humanoid marine hybrid with greenish blonde hair and orange eyes. She has pale blue skin with five blue shark fins on her body, two on each of her legs with on her back and a tail. She has a shark like "hat" complete with yellow eyes on top of her head that appears to be part of her body. Her only articles of clothing includes a white strap barely covering her and a light purple ribbon on her tail.


Not much is known as of late. What is known is that Pistrix is noticeably cheerful whenever she wins a fight against an opponent. She also appears to lack the villainous traits her creator, Parace L'sia, has.


Not much is known as of late. All that is known is that she was created by Parace L'sia.


  • Early during her development, the developers gave her the codename, "Shark Girl", before she was given her official name in a Kickstarter post.[2]
    • She was also given the nickname "Peace" in the same post.
  • Pistrix is the second artificial life form in the series after Mei-Fang. However, while Mei-Fang is an android, Pistrix is a homunculus/artificial creature.


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