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Parace L'sia
(パラセ・ルシア, Parase Rushia)
Arcana Information
User Pistrix
Attack ★ 2
Defense ★ 2.5
Element Life

Parace L'sia is one of the selectable Arcana in the Arcana Heart series. She is the Arcana of Life and her user is the homonculus she created, Pistrix.


Passive Abilities[]

  • Regeneration - Always active - Arcana Gauge will raise constantly with time.


  • Uberdosis - Always active - Your own health decrease constantly with time.
  • Resistenz - Activates whenever you take damage from an Arcana move - Reduces damage taken from opponent's Arcana moves.
  • Element - E or ↓ + E (chargeable) - "Fire: Unblockable when fully charged." "Water: Opponent movement speed decrease, unable to use guard crush." "Wind: Jump cancellable when fully charged." "Earth: Autoguards when charging." Apply any of the listed 4 abilities.
  • Anasthersie - ↓↘→ + E (mid-air also) - Shoots needles that numbs the nervous systems of the opponents. Paralyses the opponent for a few moments upon successful hit.
  • Mattigkeit - ↓↙← + E - Sends a shockwave that disrupts the nervous systems of the opponents. Slows down the movement speed upon successful hit.
  • Prophylaxe Z - →↘↓→ + E - Hyperboosts ownself's immunity system, and dispels all negative effects.


  • Lebensgefahr - ↓↘→↓↘→ + E - Sends four element stones "Lapis" to the feet of the opponent, and attack while rising quickly upwards in a spiral motion. Unable to use during "Elixier Katalysator".
    • →Feldlager Salamander - Upon successful hit with "Lebensgefahr",↓↘→↓↘→ + E- Changes all "Lapis" into fire element, surrounds the opponent and attacks with an explosion.
  • Starke Arznei Sich - ↓↙←↓↙← + E - Secrete toxin within the body, and enters into a state of high temporarily. During the effect, health does not decrease, but once the effect is over all damage accumulated is reflected at once. Unable to use during "Elixier Katalysator".

Extend Force[]

  • Elixier Katalysator - ABC - Seals own body into a miniature magic stone, and amplifies the celestial power to manifest Parace L'sia's material body. The effect gets cancelled immediately if the magic stone receives an attack.

Arcana Blaze[]

  • Isolierung - While "Elixier Katalysator" is active,↓↙← + BC - Reconstructs the celestial power used to manifest Parace L'sia, and restores own body back on the spot.
  • Stein der Weisen - While "Elixier Katalysator" is active,↓↘→ + ABC - Forms a "Lapis" at the top of the opponent and drops it. Upon successful hit, traps the opponent in a giant magic stone, and crushes it.



  • She's the first DLC Arcana.
  • There are multiple glitches currently in XTEND involving Parace:
    • There's a glitch when you use Nazuna's Kaihou - Nubatama and Elixier Katalysato, while playing as Parace, use the Arcana attack and multiple Parace L'sias for a few frames.
    • If Eko gets damaged by Starke Arznei Sich while using Gentleman!, she will grow big, leaving her stuck as a giant and unable to attack.
      • When the same thing happens again early, Eko will continue to grow.
        • However, there's a fix that involve using one of Dieu Mort's supers on Eko, which will change her back to normal.


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