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(大土, Ōtsuchi)
Arcana Information
User Maori Kasuga
Attack ★ 0.5
Defense ★ 5
Element Earth

Ohtsuchi is one of the selectable Arcana in the Arcana Heart series. He's the Arcana of Earth and his user is Maori Kasuga.


Ohtsuchi is an arcana based on the belief and faith of mankind, formed in the shape of a giant clay figure. Whenever the Kasuga family needs assistance for exorcising evil being, Ohtsuchi gladly lends his powers.


Passive Abilities[]

  • Iwato (Stone Gate) - → + D - When performing a grounded homing dash, it automatically blocks attacks.
  • Banjaku (Hardness) - E or ↓ + E (chargeable) - Charging a ground based E button attack, will automatically block attacks.


  • Kaname Ishi (Keystone) - →↙→ + E (midair also) - Summon a boulder in front to fall on opponents.
  • Kaichimon (Unseal Earth Gate) - ↓↘→ + E (midair also) - Summon a portal in front for a punch attack by Ohtsuchi.


  • Kaichimon Sakkidou (Unseal Earth Gate: Purification) - →←↙↓↘→ + E (midair also) - Summon a portal in front for a powerful punch attack by Ohtsuchi.
  • Kaitenfu Mekkijin (Unseal Sky Gate: Exorcism) - ↓↘→↓↘→ + E - Summon a portal above opponents for a stomp attack by Ohtsuchi.

Extend Force[]

  • Chireison Ikusabugyou (Earth Spirit Magistrate) - ABC - During [Chireison Ikusabugyou], During Chireison Ikusabugyou, strike attacks will not stun you. However, you cannot block.

Arcana Blaze[]

  • Kaichimon Seshoudan (Earth Crusher) - During [Chireison Ikusabugyou], ↓↙← + BC - Summons Ohtsuchi's fists, smashing an opponent.
  • Ohtsuchi No Kami Oharae no Kotoba (Ohtsuchi Grand Purification Rite) - During [Chireison Ikusabugyou], ↓↘→ + ABC - Summon Ohtsuchi, who will tunnel underground then attack with a powerful uppercut punch.



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