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  • 1. What do you think of Pistrix based on the victory quotes when Pistrix wins or loses?

    2. Do you have fun or think Pistrix and Parace are fun to play as?

    3. When will Pistrix have a Story Mode?

    4. When will Dark Heart come out? Why do you think she hates Heart?

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    • 1. She definitely seems like a curious and friendly character.

      2. Haven't played her myself (considering I don't have a Windows computer yet), but from watching gameplay, she might be fun.

      3. There's a chance she might.

      4. Honestly don't know, considering what's been going on in the world right now and with Team Arcana being raido silent since coming back from being suspended on Twitter. We're gonna have to wait and see, I guess.

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    • 1. Yeah. I wish Xtend gets a PS4 release in the future. I like Peace.

      2. The only downside is when she's paired with Parace, she suffers a HP drain to build up her Super Meter.

      3. Yeah, I'm really interested to see what Pistrix does. Sense it's heavily implied she becomes Heart's friend (and the massive Ship Teasing Pistrix does with SakiXHeart).

      4. Yeah.

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  • I found it in Dengeki Online website but, I'm not sure if I can upload it here in the wiki...

    Here's the link:

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  • Since BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle lead me to this...

    I started playing Love Max!!!!! to get info about the characters.

    I might add something in the Trivia of other character like:

    Dorothy's based on The Wizard of Oz with the main character with the same name. (Since she has a scarecrow, a tin man and a lion on her side).

    Elsa likes Red Bean Pastries.

    Eko calls Clarice an old lady (but not Elsa).

    Zenia's birthday is actually November 8 (Since Lieselotte told her in After Story).

    Kamui is the Final Boss in Survival Score Attack in Love Max!!!!! (she was a pain to beat, I used Fiona with Mildred (Light) the first time I beaten her).

    Fiona is the Final Boss in Time Attack in Love Max!!!!! (plus Boss Mildred as her Arcana).

    Even Kira's measurements (as seen in Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2).

    If you agree with this, it will be okay for me to add these details to the pages?

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  • Here are the characters ages, would it be okay if we can put them in the info boxes?;

    Heart: 14

    Saki: 14 

    Kamui: Eternal (Physically 16)

    Konoha: 13

    Lilica: 14

    Yoriko: 14

    Kira: 11

    Mei-Fang: 3 years in operation (Physically 17)

    Maori: 14

    Lieselotte: 10

    Fiona: Eternal (Physically 13)

    Mildred: Eternal (Physically 17)

    Petra: 14

    Elsa: Unknown/Immortal (claims to be eternally 15)

    Clarice: Unknown/Immortal (claims to be eternally 15)

    Zenia: Unknown

    Catherine: 12

    Dorothy: 9

    Angelia: Eternal (Physically 10)

    Nazuna: 13

    Akane: 16

    Weiß: 14

    Eko: 5

    Scharlachrot: 14

    Nothing about Parace, Minori, Pistrix and Dark Heart.

    I got them from a Japanese Arcana Heart 3 gallery and Mildred's age from the manual for the 1st Arcana Heart when she was human.

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  • Have you played the Memory stories from Love Max yet? I added some stuff from Mei-Fang's main memories and Lieselotte's sub memories. Did I do them right?

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    • I've honestly never played the Memory stories.

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    • Okay. You end up as you continue to play and win fights in Love Max. Everyone except Minori, Pistrix and Dark Heart has memory stories as they are ported from the Cards of Glory mobile game. You can find them in the gallery.

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    • I'll probably try them out, when I get a Windows computer.

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    • You can also watch the memory stories on YouTube. There are some things worth noting.

      1. There is no voice acting during them.

      2. There is a Main Memory Story which has 5 parts with 2 or 3 of them having fights, including the 5th and final part. There is also a Sub Memory Story for each of the 23 characters too, which has 10 parts.

      3. There are times in the Main Memory stories where you can choose from one of three things for the currently chosen character to say. It doesn't effect the ending or overall story, they're mostly for fun. For example, in Scharlachrot's first part where she meets with Heart and Saki, Heart nicknames her Sharlie, so you can choose to agree with it, tell her she doesn't like or try to come up with a different nickname. Either way, Heart calls Scharlachrot Sharlie.

      4. The memories expand on the characters overall like with Dorathy being a vegitarian, which is from Mei-Fang's main memories. Some Memories either take place before or after the main story mode based on whether Weiß, Scharlachrot and Eko appear or not.

      5. The characters will only have their default Arcana during the fights.

      6. Clearing Memories will unlock artwork from Cards of Glory in the Gallery.

      Hope that helps.

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  • Hey, I was trying to edit Pistrix's page, but things went weird with my tablet and when I tried to save the edits, everything on Pisrix's page except the categories are gone! What do I do?

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  • That table on top of of Heart's page, I really like it! With as many years experience as I have on wikia, I can't believe I didn't think of it XD if you ever have any other ideas I'd love to see them too.

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