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With her low emotional capabilities and cool personality, Mei-Fang isn't very social. However, she is shown to be kind to those she or Mei Ling know or trust.

Characters from Arcana HeartEdit

Heart AinoEdit

Heart often calls her Mei-Mei.

Saki TsuzuraEdit

Maori KasugaEdit

Kamui TokinomiyaEdit


She is shown to be friendly and accommodating towards her, such as noticing when Konoha is hungry and offering her food. She is also willing to help her at given notice to the extent that she can.

Lilica FelchenrowEdit

Lieselotte AchenbachEdit

Yoriko YasuzumiEdit

Kira DaidoujiEdit

Mei-Fang is one of the few who can stand being around Kira. While she may not agree with her ideals or arrogance, she considers her a friend and someone close to Mei Ling.

Characters from Arcana Heart 2Edit

Petra Johanna LagerkvistEdit

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