Normal Mei-Fang


  • Outfit: Blue themed with brown shoes.


  • Hair: Pale pink-beige with brown cords and odango covers of ivory.
  • Eyes: Dark red
  • Outfit: Dark red with black and gold accenting. Body suit is pale pink.


  • Hair: brown with pure white odango covers and indigo coords.
  • Eyes: Dark blue
  • Outfit: White with accenting of gold. Bodysuit is dark grey and the gauntlets on her arms and legs are dark indigo.


  • Hair: black with orange clip, pale yellow odango covers, and cords of black.
  • Eyes: black
  • Outfit: Yellow bodysuit with dark orange-red and gold accenting. The legs have dark yellow-sheer coloring.


  • Hair: purple with orange clip and light brown cords. Odango covers are pale kiwi and clip is orange.
  • Eyes: Black
  • Outfit: Pale kiwi bodysuit with pale gold outfit accented by kiwi and orange.


  • Hair: Dark red with pale green-ivory odango covers and cords of brown.
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Outfit: Melon with goldenrod, emerald, and black accenting.


  • Hair: Blonde with pale kiwi-white covers and cords of black.
  • Eyes: Teal
  • Outfit: Yellow with pale lilac-white bodysuit. Accenting of dark purple, black, and white.


  • Hair: Dark indigo-black with pale mint-white covers and black cords.
  • Eyes: Black
  • Outfit: Dark grey bodysuit with red and gold outfit. Accenting of dark blue and gold and white. White covers the legs.


  • Hair: Dull lilac-grey with dark blue-grey covers and ivory cords. A dark blue hairclip.
  • Eyes: brown
  • Outfit: Lilac-white with accenting of dark grey


  • Hair: Violet with black hairclip to match the cords; accenting by melon. Covers are white.
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Outfit: Grey with white leg coloring and bodysuit. Accented by melon and dark purple-black


  • Hair: Hazel-green with green clip. Pure white cords and covers accented by gold.
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Outfit: Black bodysuit with white jacket and stockings. Accenting of gold and black.


  • Hair: Ivory with black clip and pale grey covers. Cords are very dull gold-silver.
  • Eyes: Dark teal
  • Skin: Tanned
  • Outfit: White bodysuit with lavender jacket and stockings. Accenting of gold, ivory, and storm-blue.


  • Hair: Seafoam with dark grey covers and cords of ivory.
  • Eyes: Very dark blue
  • Outfit: Grey with black and melon accenting.


  • Hair: Dark raspberry with pale pink covers and matching cords.
  • Eyes: very dark red
  • Outfit: Pale pink and white with red accenting.


  • Hair: Skin: Yellow-tint with pale gold covers and goldenrod cords.
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Outfit: Crimson-orange with a very pale orange bodysuit. Accenting of gold and dark orange.


  • Hair: Dark brown/off-black with black clip, cords, and covers.
  • Eyes: black
  • Skin: brown
  • Outfit: Black with dark grey and ruby-red accenting.


  • Hair: Pale yellow with gold covers and straps. Clip is gold.
  • Eyes: Black
  • Outfit: Gold with black and bronze accenting.


  • Hair: Black with white covers. Cords and hairclip are sapphire.
  • Eyes: Dark blue-black
  • Outfit: Blue with accenting of white, silver, and dark blue.



Normal Mei Fang but with a thicker shading.


  • Hair: Ivory-Pink with a hot pink hair clip to match her plugs. Hair covers are dull white while the cords are brown.
  • Eyes: Dark brown-red
  • Outfit: Bodysuit is pale pink-ivory with crimson jacket accented by gold and matching stockings.
  • Boots and Sleeves: Black with hot pink and red accenting.


  • Hair: Pale brown with royal blue clip and covers of pale blue white to match plugs. Cords are royal.
  • Eyes: Dark Blue
  • Outfit: Indigo bodysuit with pale gold accenting. Jacket is white to match stockings.
  • Boots and sleeves: Royal blue with ahite accent.


  • Hair: Black with plugs and clips of white. Covers are pale red.
  • Outfit: Grey bodysuit with darker grey jacket and stockings accented by light red. On her hips is sheer coloring.
  • Boots and Sleeves: Rust-red with grey and white accent.


  • Hair: Black with a clip of pale green and white covers. Cords are crimson with pale gold plugs.
  • Eyes: Dark red-brown
  • Outfit: Black with accenting of crimson and gold. Stockings are crimson with gold.
  • Boots and sleeves: Black with gold accent. Shoes are pale red.


  • Hair: Black with pale green clip and covers and cords of white. Plugs are pale gold.
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Outfit: Black and white themed with gold accenting.
  • Boots and Sleeves: Black with gold. Foot part is white.


  • Hair: Indigo-Purple with a clip of gold. Covers are seafoam while the cords are grey with indigo plugs.
  • Eyes: brown
  • Outfit: Grey with darker grey and seafoam accent.
  • Boots and Sleeves: Metallic blue with blue and indigo-lavender accent.


  • Hair: White with pale blue-white covers and grey cords with pure-white plugs and a clip of pink.
  • Eyes: Dark blue
  • Outfit: A white bodysuit worn with black tights and a jacket of tea-rose accented by gold with matching stockings.
  • Sleeves: Sky blue with white accent. 
  • Boots: Sky blue leg parts with white accenting. The foot part is indigo.


  • Hair: Fuchsia with frosted pink plugs. Her covers, plugs, and clip are pale pink-white.
  • Eyes: Dark teal
  • Outfit: The bodysuit and tights are pale pink-white with the jacket and stockings being light pink.
  • Gloves and Boots: Fuchsia with pale pink-white accenting and shoes.


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