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(美凰, Mei-Fang)
Mei-Fang Portrait AH3.png
Arcana Lang-Gong
Also known as Mei-Mei (nickname by Heart)
Physical/Vital Information
Gender Female
Age 3 years since activation (17 physically)
Birthday October 26th (Nuclear Day)
Nationality Chinese
Blood Type Ether
Height 171cm (5'7")
Weight 96kg (211 lbs)
Measurements (B/W/H) 93cm/54cm/88cm
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blue
Personal Statistics
Affiliation European Celestial Union, Rosenberg Branch Spiritual Arts Research Division
National Academy of Metaphysics (formerly)
Favorite Subject Excels in them all
Weakest Subject None
Fighting Style Xinyiliuhequan
Game(s) Arcana Heart
Arcana Heart 2
Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2
Arcana Heart 3
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars XTEND
Manga Arcana Heart
Japanese Juri Takita
Professor, watch me. I will never lose...!

Mei-Fang is a playable character in the Arcana Heart series. She is a female humanoid robot created by Dr. Mei Ling Hua, who she spend the first game searching for. She has a rather friendly relationship with Kira Daidouji, a colleague of her Master.

Her Arcana is Lang-Gong, the Arcana of Fire.


Mei-Fang is a marvel of Elemental Science. With a body engineered out of a power substance known as "ether" and a bone structure made of an ivory-ether frame. Powered by the revolutionary celestial drive, Mei-Fang is the ultimate artificial life form.


Mei-Fang is a tall, fair-skinned android inspired by her creator, Mei Ling. She has a very curvy frame and large breasts. Her sharp green eyes are highlighted with red markings, and she has blue hair with her shoulder-length forelocks layered over her mostly neat bangs. A few strands remain loose and on the side of her head is a red clip. She wears large white frilly bun covers with a long grey cord hanging from each side, making them resemble thin pigtails.

She wears a white and red one-piece that resembles a bathing suit with goldenrod straps beneath the chest. A peach Chinese-style bolero with large angular shoulder pads is worn over this with yellow detail and large, red rounded pieces around her lower arm with white detail, matching the attachments on her lower leg and ankles. This is paired with peach and yellow hand pieces and angular stockings, along with navy shoes reminiscent of loafers.

She would also wear a red Chinese dress (or an Rosenberg Academy Junior High outfit as of AH3) in one of her victory animations.


The cool and collected Mei-Fang has a serious disposition and skills to match. She is extremely determined when it comes to completing a task or helping Mei Ling, and she is shown to feel comfortable when she's around her. She struggles when it comes to expressing herself and doesn't appear to have much emotion, much to Mei Ling's displeasure, and she doesn't really understand human behaviors and why they result to things like violence like they do.

However, she is also shown to be naturally kind, offering food to those in need or agreeing to assist them if she knows the person or is capable of helping out. She is very wise.


Arcana Heart[]

Mei-Fang noticed that Mei Ling has went missing one day, leaving a note that told her not to look for her. Feeling worried (in her own way) for her master's safety, Mei-Fang disobeys the order and goes out to find her.

Arcana Heart 2[]

Arcana Heart 3[]

Main article: Mei-Fang/AH3 Storyline


  • Losing is not in my programming.
  • Why must we settle this with our fists? You humans perplex me.
  • May the Arcana show the path. May the path reveal my destiny. (Pre-Battle)

Arcade Mode[]

Arcana Heart

  • 1st A first-place score is acceptable. I will use the prize money to buy the Professor something nice.
  • 2nd Second place is admirable, but I am programmed to get first place.
  • 3rd I could have hacked into the score ranking database earlier, but there would have been no spark of victory.
  • 11th+ Arcade Mode status: completed. Thank you for the hard work.
  • 11th+ Today's training is finished, but I did not achieve the results I was designed to achieve.
  • 11th+ The analysis of today's training reveals improvement. However, there is still room for me.

Continue Screen[]

Arcana Heart

  • The Professor did not design me to lose. Why did I lose?
  • I will win next time and let the Professor see footage of my victory.
  • Damage sustained is minimal. Battle operations may resume.
  • Opponent data modification complete. A rematch will yield different results.
  • My battery will not last long... I must keep fighting...
  • Please initiate the command to continue fighting.
  • Initiate Backflip by pressing ←↓↙ + Attack. Gain distance from your target.
  • Initiate the Kirin Jacket by pressing →↓↘ + A + B (Gauge Used). It will engage transformation systems.
  • After Kirin Jacket, Initiate [sic] the UV Cannon by pressing ↓↘→↓↘→↓↘→ + A + B (Gauge Used).
  • Initiate the Wise Hermit attack by pressing ↓↙← + A + B (Gauge Used) in the air. This is a downward attack.
  • Initiate Rock Turtle by pressing ↓↘→ + Attack. This can be initiated more than once.
  • Initiate Blue Dragon by pressing →↓↘ + Attack. This is an upward attack.
  • Initiate Phoenix by pressing ↙↓↘→ + Attack in the air. This is a downward attack.
  • Initiate White Tiger by pressing ↓↙← + Attack. This is a frontal attack.
  • Initiate the Four Emperors attack by pressing ↓↙← + A + B (Gauge Used). Attack targets to the side.

Arcana Heart 3

  • My spiritual engine is still functional. It is possible to continue with my mission. What are your orders?
  • Now reviewing the data accumulated from the previous fight. Reevaluating battle strategy. Rematch requested.
  • Now switching from Interdiction Mode to Search-and-Destroy Mode. Awaiting further orders.
  • I was not created for the purpose of suffering a debasing, humiliating defeat such as this. Surely even one such as you can realize this...
  • My current source of power is... If I could find another...source of power...I could continue fighting!
  • I will not be defeated again! I ask that you give me a chance to prove myself!
  • Damage levels negligible. It is possible to continue with my mission. I must protect the professor's reputation at all costs. Request permission to continue.
  • After analyzing the data from the previous battle, I have determined that my loss wasn't absolute. Resuming hostilities is the recommended course of action.

Story Mode[]

Arcana Heart

Before Battle

  • I am performing a search for Professor Mei Ling Hua. Please tell me if you have any data on her. (Heart Aino)
  • I am looking for the Professor. She is in Tokyo, YOU are in Tokyo. Therefore, you know where she is. Please tell me. (Saki Tsuzura)
  • My information database tells me you are affiliated with the MEA. You must know where the Professor is. (Kamui Tokinomiya)
  • I've searched for you, Kasuga family. With your MEA ties, you must know where Professor Mei Ling Hua is. (Maori Kasuga)
  • I see no link between the demon clan and the Professor's disappearance, but if you know anything, please tell me. (Lilica Felchenerow)
  • Scans reveal you as a high-ranking demon. I trust your wisdom, so please tell me where the Professor is. (Yoriko Yasuzumi)
  • Kira, have you seen the Professor? Is she hiding at your house? (Kira Daidouji)
  • This query will not take long. Please share any information you have on the Professor's location. (Fiona Mayfield)

After Battle

  • I'm sorry for delaying you, but I needed data on the Professor. Unfortunately, you do not have any. (Heart Aino)
  • My data shows you've lost someone dear to you, as well. It's as if you copy-pasted my emotions. (Saki Tsuzura)
  • My websearch on the Professor reveals that you might have data on her disappearance. Oh...? No? Really? (Kamui Tokinomiya)
  • I thought your superior smell functions would enable you to track the Professor, but I was incorrect. (Konoha)
  • My demon database suggests you aren't involved, but do you have any information on the Professor? (Lilica Felchenerow)
  • My sensors are confused by this encounter, but I now know you are not involved with the Professor. Goodbye. (Yoriko Yasuzumi)
  • Thank you, Kira. I have updated my battle drivers now. After I rescue the Professor, I will repay your kindness. (Kira Daidouji)


  • Ever since I arrived in Japan, Kira has been like a friend to me. The Professor programmed me to repay kindness and do the right thing. I will fight you, for Kira's sake. (Kira Defeated)

After Revenge

  • I admire you for following what you believe in. You were programmed very well.
  • I must eliminate all obstacles that interfere with my pursuit, no matter who they are.
  • I understand your feelings, but I have a purpose of my own that drives my actions. Please do not be upset.

Arcana Heart 3

Victory Screen (Versus Mode)[]

  • You have no heart, no soul. Though you may match me in appearance, your lack of empathy and compassion makes you nothing more than an inferior clone. (vs. herself)
  • I thank you for your support in battle as well as the Spiritual Engine. I am in your debt. (Arcana Blaze Finish)
  • This was the result of 4000 years of Chinese innovation and the professor's superior scientific knowledge. You will never defeat me. Ever. (Critical Heart Finish)
  • Heart Aino, could you tell me what "love" is? Is it nothing more than a battlefield of broken hearts? ...Ah, professor... it seems that I have much yet to learn. (vs. Heart Aino)
  • I cannot allow myself to be defeated by you... I can sense your doubt and worry... this training session was somewhat disappointing. (vs. Saki Tsuzura)
  • I hope that we can continue to be friends after this. As you are the Millennial Guardian. I fear that it will be our fate to clash again in the future. (vs. Kamui Tokinomiya)
  • Although I was victorious this time, your spirited effort deserves to be rewarded. Pleas try these meat buns. I'm confident that they will be superior to my past creations. (vs. Konoha)
  • Linking the four sisters to use as weapons... truly fascinating. I was able to accumulate a great deal of useful data. You have... my gratitude. (vs. Maori Kasuga)
  • The professor is most interested in your skates... It seems she would like to include something like them in my next upgrade... Although, I fail to see the necessity. (vs. Lilica Felchenerow)
  • Lieselotte Achenbach. The professor is quite interested in that doll of yours... Would you mind if we took it to study? (vs. Lieselotte Achenbach)
  • Yoriko Yasuzumi and the demon lord Michelangelo, it was an honor to have fought you. I'd like to see the demon's true power next time we meet. (vs. Yoriko Yasuzumi)
  • Kira Daidouji, thank you very much. In order to repay, in some small way, our debt to you, I have given this match my all. (vs. Kira Daidouji)
  • Your ether concentrations have increased while your physical existence is fading... It seems your spiritualization has progressed even further. (vs. Fiona Mayfield)
  • The professor has a very high opinion of you, as do I. I will do everything within my power to ensure that you live up to our expectations. (vs. Petra Johanna Lagerkvist)
  • What is it you seek beyond never-ending battle? Even I have come to the realization that justice does not come vulgar displays of power. (vs. Zenia Valov)
  • I've never encountered an exorcist as powerful as yourself. It appears that there is still much for me to learn. I must consult with the professor immediately. (vs. Elsa la Conti)
  • No matter how advanced one's abilities may be, I refuse to be defeated by someone as conceited as you. (vs. Clarice de Lanza)
  • I believe I've already pointed out the myriad of weaknesses in your infernal contraption, and you have yet to address them... The outcome of our battle was hardly surprising. (vs. Catherine Kyoubashi)
  • You must be the "Phantom of Oz" that Interpol is searching for. I am going to have to place you under arrest and-- She... disappeared? I guess her reputation is truly deserved. (vs. Dorothy Albright)
  • Developing a fighting style based on your natural abilities... I'm quite impressed. However, you are no match for my superior skills and technique. (vs. Akane Inuwaka)
  • The ninjutsu of the Inuwakamaru is truly formidable. But it appears that you rely on your spiritual powers to the detriment of your physical strength. (vs. Nazuna Inuwaka)
  • Though you may be a purely ethereal form, my battle routines have already adapted. You will need to do far more if you hope to defeat me. (vs. Angelia Avallone)
  • Weiss, I must acknowledge your strength. Artificial or not, everyone must do all they can with the abilities granted them. I am no exception to that. (vs. Weiss)
  • Your ability is quite unique, Eko. To be able to channel ethereal power into physical objects and control them... (vs. Eko)
  • The Aesir, Scharlachrot. Your abilities may out-strip mine, but there will always a way for me to emerge victorious. (vs. Scharlachrot)
  • I'm currently enrolled in Rosenberg Academy, but given the opportunity I would definitely like to go to Metaphysics again. Professor, may I? (vs. Minori Amanohara)
  • A being created from alchemy. Your learning capability is indeed formidable, however you seem to still lack in experience. (vs. Pistrix)
  • Body physique similarties comparison with Heart Aino - 97%. Battle data comparison - 2.3%. Deduced to be highly likely to be a separate individual. (vs. Dark Heart)


  • She is the youngest character in the series on a technical note, being only three years old since her creation.
  • Her Palette swaps give her a resemblance to Noel Vermillion and Litchi Faye-Ling from BlazBlue, Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei from Darkstalkers, and the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.
  • She has vague similarities with Mai Shiranui from SNK fighting games Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters, and Chun-Li from Street Fighter.
  • Mei-Fang lives in the former Drexler Institute Base, in room one of the Celestial Research Area.
  • She has the largest bust size in comparison to the rest of the females in the series.
    • She is also the second tallest character in the series.
  • She is said to have over 4,000 years worth of Chinese recipes programmed into her database.
  • She is the first artificial life form character in the series, with Pistrix appearing much later. However, while Mei-Fang is a humanoid android, Pistrix is a marine-human hybrid homunculus.
  • Mei-Fang was mentioned by Heart in her story in Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, wondering if Ruili's Chinese martial arts is stronger than hers.


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