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Maori is very passive and gentle so she gets along well with most others. While she may disagree with them sometimes, she is rarely ever seen losing her patience or temper. She is motherly and affectionate, but stern when necessary.

Characters from Arcana HeartEdit

Heart AinoEdit

Maori considers Heart to be her closest friend and deeply cares about her. She acts motherly around her and is more passive when she is disappointed in her. She will help Heart as much as she can, and she often ends up agreeing with her since Heart usually has fun ideas. Heart often calls her Mao-Mao.

Saki TsuzuraEdit

Her other good friend. Maori and Saki think a lot alike and show themselves to be mature and skillful girls, and despite disagreeing in how they handle Heart and their own feelings, they get along well. Maori likes teasing Saki whenever she sees her trying to hide how she really feels.


Konoha respects Maori and would never want to get her involved in any drama if it can be helped, while Maori enjoys her company as she often comes by to play with her sisters.

Lilica FelchenrowEdit

Maori sometimes gets annoyed with Lilica but she remains kind towards her. Lilica has expressed interest in seeing Maori's breast up close.

Lieselotte AchenbachEdit

Yoriko YasuzumiEdit

Kira DaidoujiEdit

Fiona MayfieldEdit

Characters from Arcana Heart 2Edit

Elsa La ContiEdit

Maori and Elsa seem to interact well with each other. Elsa is shown to trust her and respect her opinions or ideals.

Clarice di LanzaEdit

Due to Elsa and Maori being easily capable of communicating, Clarice is fairly envious of Maori under the misunderstanding that they are in a relationship. She openly dislikes Maori, but she doesn't treat her meanly. Maori doesn't hold any sort of grudge against Clarice.

Characters from Arcana Heart 3Edit


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