• Normal - Stands with her arms folded beneath her chest. Slightly bounces in place.
  • Advantageous - Peacefully shuts her eyes and crosses her hands over her chest.
  • Disadvantageous - Pants and leans down with a hand covering her mouth.
  • Attack (1) - Raises into the air while balancing her weapon. Spins clockwise, then releases it.
  • Attack (2) - Jumps back, allowing Tsuzune to attack in her place.
  • Attack (3) - Poses, then jumps back, allowing Koito and Kouta to appear and attack.
  • Damage - Puts hands on her chest. When extra damage is applied, she throws them back and gasps.
  • Victory - Her sisters embrace her and together they pose while flower petals rain down.
  • Defeat - Falls down and tries to cover her exposed chest. Her legs are also exposed.
  • Straight Victory - Turns her back to the screen, then turns while holding her top, glancing to the sky as petals rain down.
  • Special Victory - Reaches up while holding her tags, then shuts her eyes while bringing them down to her head.
  • Before Battle Pose: Turns to face opponent and holds one arm out as the other hand holds her weapon.


  • Basic Stance - Moves back and fourth with one hand posed by her face and the other arm loosily hanging.
  • Special Attack - Gust of wind blows on her as she poses holding cards or charm tags.
  • Attack: Throws her top weapon forward in smooth motion.
  • Victory: Poses with her four sisters while holding her tags.


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