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Service Record: Sapporo - YamagataEdit

Having just finished her latest mission, Maori begins to think about Kamui and Konoha when the Japanese Celestial Union calls her. They ask that she heads to the mountain temple located in Yamagata and point out that Nazuna will be there. She agrees, but before ending the conversation, Ikoi asks that she contact Konoha and Kamui to let them know since they can't get in touch with them. Worriedly, Maori offers to keep an eye out for them before wishing Ikoi well since she sounds ill.

Suddenly, Kamui and Konoha approach her. Concerned, she asks them if they ever get the calls, but as it turns out her phone has been turned off. Kamui explains that Konoha came up with this idea, in order to preserve the battery since they don't usually charge it. Maori decides to tell them...

It's a brilliant idea. - Happily, Maori attempts to agree on the idea, but she can't bring herself to say it when she remembers how worried Ikoi has been over them.

That's...incorrect. -

I shall turn off my phone, too

She brings them up to speed with the update and mentions that they are to now head to Nagoya Castle, and that she will be heading to Yamagata to assist Nazuna.

Upon arrival, Maori quickly takes notice of the small amount of celestial energy flowing within the area and quickly locates the younger girl -who is in the middle of complaining about Akane- and brings up that she was asked to lend her a hand. While honored, Nazuna rejects, saying she couldn't ask Maori to help her with such a task. Maori responds...

It is no problem - Maori declines her rejection and insists that she helps. There are many rifts and she knows she can't handle it all on her own, even as Nazuna claims that they're not that difficult. Maori reasons that even if they aren't big now, they could grow out of control.

Fill me in on the situation -

Maori reminds Nazuna that the Japanese Celestial Union called them both there, so they should work together. Nazuna apologizes for being so stubborn, but Maori believes that self-discipline is a good thing and is glad she tries so hard. The girls decide to get to work, with Nazuna taking one path and Maori the other, but before they separate Maori brings up that after Nazuna finishes, she can lend Akane a hand. But to her surprise, Nazuna cries and tells her off before running away, leaving Maori to wonder if she did something wrong. She decides to personally apologize for it later. 

By the time the girls reunite, things become awkward as Nazuna attempts to apologize for the mix-up. She changes the subject to ask why the Japanese branch has suddenly taken so much interest in these small rifts when they didn't before. Maori isn't sure, but she brings up that because of the upgrades the facility has made, they might be able to detect them better. As they think about it, Nazuna reminds Maori that they should let them know and she gives Ikoi a call. They are asked to head over to the Kuroyon Dam located in Toyama to help Akane, but before they head there, she asks that they stop by Nikko first.

Service Record: Nikko - ToyamaEdit

Upon arrival the girls prepare to get to work when Maori takes notice of how eager Nazuna seems to be. She assumes it's due to wanting to see Akane, but once again she causes the younger girl to get flustered and run off. She can only helplessly wonder why that is before running after her.

After a few hours the girls have managed to finish their job, and this time Maori attempts to apologize to Nazuna for whatever it is she keeps doing, but she admits that she doesn't know what it is, and asks for some clarification. Nazuna realizes that she accidentally misread Maori's remark once more and apologizes for continuing to jump to conclusions. She asks that Maori not worry about it now, but while Maori is unsure she decides to respect Nazuna's wishes. With that, she suggests they take a small break to grab something to eat and to purchase a couple souvenirs while there- but once again she brings up Akane, saying that she would probably like one. Nazuna gets upset again, leaving her to wonder if Nazuna is going through a "phase" before worriedly thinking about her younger twin sisters and if they will be like this.

Arriving at Kuroyon Dam, the girls try to locate Akane but when she doesn't answer her phone, Maori worries that she might be in danger. Nazuna doesn't agree however, saying such things are "impossible" with her sister- if she's in any trouble then she caused it. Right away she'd led to think her sister did something careless and is probably avoiding getting yelled at. She storms off to try to find her.

Once she's away, Maori happily informs Akane -who she finds nearby- that Nazuna must care a lot for her to act the way she does. Akane isn't very sure though, and explains that she heard they were making their way to her location, so she thought she would stop by to greet them. However, she wanted to speak to Maori alone, so she hid until now. She asks that Maori battles her, but confused, Maori brings up her mission. Lazily, Akane explains how she stopped short of finishing due to being kind of annoyed. She doesn't think it's fair for her to work so hard when many of the others are getting vacations right now. She wanted to have some fun, so she decided to wait until someone showed up. Maori agrees to do battle after Akane also brings up that a battle would also be beneficial to her physical and mental health.

Losing to Maori, Akane expresses surprise. She fought her a bit differently today, but before Maori can discuss something that's been bothering her- they are interrupted by Nazuna, who demands to know what was going on. Right away she assaults her sister with questions, asking if she was slacking off, if she hates her, why she didn't answer her calls, and so on until Akane manages to get a word in. Unwilling to listen, Nazuna angrily chases after her, pelting her with whatever she can. 

Using this chance, Maori calls the Union again and asks for an update on the planar rifts. With them so distracted it'd be easier for her to handle it. By the time she finishes, the sisters return, with Nazuna demanding that Akane apologizes. She does, but Maori insists it wasn't a big deal. She took care of the problem while waiting for them so they won't have to now. Nazuna is humiliated that she didn't contribute due to Akane's fooling around, but Maori brings up that they were asked to head over to Osaka now. She doesn't have any plans yet though, so she will be on standby in this area for the time being. Nazuna is a little disappointed they have to separate, but she begrudgingly heads off with her sister. 

As Maori wonders what she should do, she's surprised when Heart and Petra suddenly show up. She asks what is going on and Heart claims they're on a "trip" together. It sounds convincing, but Maori isn't suspicious. For the time being she decides not to question it, explaining why she was there. Heart offers Maori a chance to join them, and once they check with Petra to make sure it's alright, she accepts.

Service Record: Aichi - KyotoEdit

At Nagoya Castle, Maori watches as Heart expresses disappointment by Petra's lack of response. She worries it might be because of her attending, but they assure her it isn't- it's more or less Petra resigning herself from getting worked up, having been stuck with Heart the past few days and losing what patience she had. Maori excuses herself to attend to her business while they wait there, but to her shock she finds Konoha up ahead.

Konoha explains that she was left there to take care of the planar rifts while Kamui took off for the next location. But now that she's done, she wants to find her. Unfortunately she has to access to doing so and asks Maori for help. Maori isn't sure until realizing how worked up she's become, and the duo return to Heart and Petra. She apologizes, but before she can explain what happened, Heart delightfully greets Konoha and the duo run off to grab some crepe from nearby, leaving Maori and Petra alone.

In this time, Maori asks Petra why she's actually with Heart. Petra admits that she doesn't know, but this is why she's been by her side, to find out. She goes on to bring up overhearing that the Japanese branch of the Celestial Union has upgraded their facility. While she believes it's good because this means the accuracy has improved, she's concerned over how beneficial it is in altering the criteria of rifts; it may have helped for now, but the raised costs could cause a problem down the line. She asks Maori for her opinion, and Maori explains that her family doesn't fight for the side of good or evil, nor do they take costs into mind. They fight to protect those who don't have the strength to defend themselves. It doesn't help trying to figure out what could transpire from their current actions, all she asks is that she is capable of helping out. After thanking Maori for her impute, Petra sees Heart and Konoha approach again, bringing them crepe.

As the girls eat, Maori explains that she will be taking Konoha to Izumo to locate Kamui. But Heart realizes they are heading to Osaka next, so they'll be traveling on the same path and decide to continue as a four-girl group.

A while later the girls board a bullet train, but while Heart and Konoha admire how fast it goes, Petra notices that Maori seems uneasy by now. Remorsefully, Maori informs Konoha that while asking or location specifics earlier, they were asked to take care of the rift near the Otowa Temple in Tokyo. She feels bad for her, but Konoha insists it's alright because she is also a part of the Celestial Union, so she has to help out in times of trouble. Heart agrees, with a stubborn Petra claiming that at least she can witness how they handle themselves.

After Heart and Konoha run off to take care of things, Maori and Petra exchange a few words before splitting up, deciding that whoever reaches the problem first can take care of it. Maori is forced to do battle shortly after but is unable to recognize with whom, unable to make out their form. But afterwards, she is shocked when she recognizes the mysterious attacker as Scharlachrot, who flees before she can speak to her. She runs into Petra and apologizes before bringing up what happened. Troubled by this, Petra brings up that this could explain why Maori was so suspicious of her earlier, but Maori claims this is untrue. Petra isn't the type to act sneakily and assault people, she just wanted to let her know what was going on because of Scharlachrot's position.

After assuring Maori that she doesn't have any idea what the problem could be, Petra decides to double check just to confirm she was correct. She promises to report back to her on the subject, and the quickly drop it after spotting Heart and Konoha approaching them. With the crisis handled, Maori reminds Konoha of their original plans to locate Kamui and they decide to move on while Heart and Petra remain there for a little while to do some sight-seeing.

Service Record: Izumo - NagasakiEdit

Arriving to the temple, Maori attempts to call Kamui in order to find her location. However, realizing her phone is turned off or dead, she worries until Konoha assures she can feel her presence there. Maori is doubtful -considering she had to help her there- but with nothing else to go by she decides to trust her and follows as Konoha leads her around, following her sense of smell until they find Kamui awakening from a nap. She brings up being informed of what they were up to in her absence and she compliments Konoha for doing such a good job, going on to explain what happened before asking for updates on the other teams. After Maori fills her in, she mentions how they didn't have any instructions- so for the time being they have a free period. She suggests they take a moment to rest, but Maori asks to have a moment to ask Kamui....

The two of you - Maori explains how she couldn't contact Kamui and asks how it was possible for Konoha to locate her so easily; especially with the shrine being so large. Konoha claims she already told Maori this, and recalls the aura she picked up from before. She followed it like a scent and was led straight to her. When Maori expresses confusion, Kamui brings up how Maori is capable of sensing where her sisters are even if they're large distances apart. Maori happily takes note that Kamui and Konoha's bond is in a familial sense. 

The Inuwaka Sisters -

The Chances of a Major Celestial Incident -

With that she goes to ask why there have been so many, small planar rifts as of late. Kamui isn't entirely sure herself, but she points out that the things they have been attacking lately have only looked like planar rifts- but it's possible they actually aren't. The trio are concerned the Drexler institute may be the cause of this, and realizing how much is wasted by the Celestial Union looking into these incidents only causes them further trouble. As the girls continue to discuss matters, Konoha can only helplessly watch.

Suddenly, Maori gets a call and she is asked to head over to the Holland Park district in Nagasaki. She asks if Kamui and Konoha should come with her, and Ikoi agrees to it, pointing out that they need to be on standby, but they're so difficult to get in touch of at times.

Arriving on location, Kamui promises Konoha they can enjoy the theme park after they complete their current mission.

It doesn't take long for them to finish taking care of the planar rifts and Maori decides to update the Union on their current status. Unfortunately she isn't given much time to rest, when Ikoi informs her that a larger rift has suddenly been detected in Tanega Island. She is asked to have Kamui join her, although Konoha is to head out and help Nazuna and Akane in the mean time. Maori expresses concern but with no other choice, she updates them on the news. As expected Konoha is disappointed -not that anyone blames her- but she attempts to reason with her by explaining that they need less people at Tanega Island, and she and Kamui are the only ones who can get their quickly and handle it the most efficiently. She agrees with no other option, and Kamui instructs her to leave her phone on so that she can call her when she's done. She prepares to leave when Heart and Saki to show up.

Maori is surprised and asks why they are there, and Heart explains that because Petra had some business to handle, they had some free time and were planning on checking out the theme park. She brings up how they were going to head back to Tokyo afterwards, so the girls suggest having Konoha join them. She agrees and runs off with Heart, leaving Saki to ask if it's really okay before joining them once Maori catches her up to speed. With that, Maori and Kamui take off.

Service Record: TanegashimaEdit

The girls arrive on location, both in a somber mood. Maori wishes Heart was around to share this experience with her, but she sees that Kamui appears saddened and asks if she is alright. Her uneasiness causes Maori concern and she goes on to ask her what she thinks about fate. Maori is surprised by the serious question, but she explains how she feels about it by thinking about her own; with a long family line of exorcism. Even if she never asked to be born into such a role she is happy being part of it, and she's never once questioned or regretted it. However, she believes it's up to the person asking to decide what they think of fate.

Hearing this, Kamui reveals that she has decided to fight against her own destiny- as much as she doesn't mind being the Millennial Guardian, she can't stand leaving those she loves behind any longer. Not only Konoha, but everyone else she's met in the past. She wants to enjoy the time she has now, not go back to sleep when everything is said and done. But she doesn't know what will happen once she does this- which is why she's decided to ask Maori that if something bad was to happen, that she handles everything from here on out. Maori refuses, but she will do what she can to help her achieve her wish. Kamui apologizes for disappointing Maori, and she explains how she doesn't wish to fail, but she's been keeping this to her self for sometime now; it wasn't something she could tell Konoha. She then recommends that they complete their task so that they can return to Tokyo. Maori agrees, but before they can continue on they get interrupted by a call.

Ikoi has an urgent message for them, they've received an order from the Rosenberg Branch. For some reason they must grab Elsa and take her into custody; news that alarms Maori. She asks why, and Ikoi explains that Petra has suspicions that she is currently on the run and has betrayed the group. Maori is conflicted by these words; which worsen as they suddenly run into a shocked Elsa. She doesn't say this, instead promising to have an update before she hangs up. The girls take notice of how worn out Elsa appears, and they ask if something happened. She is quick to deny any such things, but Maori asks her why Petra would suddenly want her captured. Elsa isn't surprised when they inform her of the call Maori just got, but she wonders if what she did was really such a bad thing to make Petra so angry. Maori takes notice of her anxiousness and suggests that if she hasn't done anything wrong, she should have tried to prove her innocence rather than run away. She offers to lend her a hand, but Elsa is more concerned over Clarice when she remembers that she was involved too.

She attempts to run but they won't let her, with Maori asking her to forget Clarice and just hand herself over to them to help set things straight. Elsa refuses, saying that while she knows running away was a mistake- she has to get to Clarice to make sure she'll be alright. The girls decide to have a fight to determine the outcome of this: If Elsa beats Maori she's free to leave. Kamui agrees to stay out of their battle and promises not to intervene. Maori manages to stun Elsa and defeat her quickly, and while neither girl is happy about how this turned out, they had no choice and she accepts that. With that, Kamui takes off to handle the Planar Rift while Maori stays behind to keep an eye on Elsa. Maori calls Ikoi to inform her that they have obtained Elsa.

A few days later, she, Elsa, Petra, and Heart get together at the Kasuga Shrine to discuss what happened. Petra brings up that because Elsa properly explained herself and apologized, she wasn't forced to push any real charges against her, and she thought that because of all the trouble they caused, they would come by to apologize in person. Maori is surprised as Petra goes on to thank Heart for keeping her company the other day. As it turns out, the reason Petra went after Elsa and Clarice was because they set Petra and Heart up together; after drugging the staff who contacted Heart and Saki, in order to lure them to Yubatake.

Despite how Petra handled this, Elsa still finds it amusing. Even though she feels a little bad for it now, she believes that Petra deserved to go out and have a little fun for once. She did inform Heart of her plans, but left out those details- along with the fact that she sent Weiss and Scharlachrot on a fake mission, which is why they ended up attacking her. Petra accidentally ran into Weiss and they had to come up with a quick distraction. She plans on bringing Scharlachrot later for another apology.

Maori insists it isn't necessary though, explaining that she wasn't injured in the fight and what happened wasn't that big of a deal. Petra thanks Maori's kindness before the girls point out that Petra must have gained something from the experience, even if it was kind of unpleasant. She agrees that she has- namely that she was able to learn more about the Japanese branch of the Celestial Union by observation. Seeing her stubborn face, Heart asks if she had fun. Petra ignores answering, and Maori instead asks her when she realized this was a plan by Elsa and Clarice. She finds it strange after Petra claims to have known nearly from the start, but she explains going along with it for the sake of finding out what they were doing.

Suddenly, Heart suggests that they go out again soon, but this time with everyone too. Rather than reject her, Petra agrees to think it over, with Maori asking to join them as well. Petra excuses herself afterwards, saying that they need to return. She gets flustered after Heart demands an answer for her earlier question though, and watches as Elsa gets emotional by her sudden change of heart, causing her to angrily tell her off before she storms away. The girls watch them and remark on how everything went, only for Heart to suddenly remember they had a study group session planned. She asks to see what Maori's done so far, bringing up that they need to hurry before Saki shows up. She won't let her copy it. Realizing this is why she came early, Maori gently teases her by rejecting the request and pointing out she will learn by doing it herself. With that they begin.

Sub StoryEdit


Maori is heading home from shopping when she notices a previously vacant spot is now filled. She is able to deduce it's a bakery and decides to let Elsa know about it later, but tempted by the delicious pastries she decides to buy some; until realizing she already bought a bunch of stuff. She decides to wait, but unsure of when she can see Elsa again she decides to buy at least one red bean pastry for her.

To her surprise, she just happens to bump into her as she exits the bakery. They are shocked to see each other, and Maori realizes she's been lost in her thoughts for some time now. She snaps out of her daze to ask Elsa came by to visit, but as it turns out Elsa has already been there twice. Maori compliments her on this and she notices the box of chocolate Maori dropped, so she picks it up for her. For a while they make small talk about a nearby place selling various chocolate sweets and baked-goods, and Maori is surprised to know that Elsa likes things not made from red bean paste.

Elsa claims it is necessary to try other things too, then points out where she can find this other place, only to realize how rude it is to speak of another shop while standing near one. Maori agrees and Elsa takes off, leaving her to decide to purchase a few more things.

Once Lost Now FoundEdit

Maori comes outside to find Konoha occupying the twins and she thanks her for spending time with them. They are joined by Kamui, who came to pick up Konoha and Maori offers to make them some tea, but she refuses and offers to do it for her instead. In the mean time they chat about the twins for a little bit, and using cell phones.

Kamui admits to having trouble with technical things, then brings up how lately the Celestial Energy has severely died down since her last awakening, and now she feels like something has been missing. But she stops, realizing that she shouldn't be bringing Maori down with her thoughts and gets Konoha. As Maori watches the leave, she makes a comment saying that she feels as though she can see the thing that is missing. She is interrupted by the twins who question her sudden mood, but she claims it to be nothing and asks if they can hold hands while making their way back inside.

Family WaysEdit

Tiredly Maori makes her way home from a shopping trip when she spots a leaf fall before her. A few more fall before Konoha joins her, explaining how she often stops by her old home to fix it up. Confused by this, Maori points out how she lives with Kamui at the mansion now and no longer needs to keep an eye on it, but Konoha refuses to let her old home fall apart because she lets children play in it now. Today she came to attach a rope to it.  

Maori compliments Konoha and brings up how much Kamui praises her when they chat, then she asks her if it's a lot of work tending to this place so often. Konoha claims it isn't, and brings up how much trouble she has adjusting to places with little to no nature instead. Maori understands, and mentions that she heard the clan she comes from being surrounded by lush plant life. She wonders how hard it was for Konoha to have to leave her family behind and Konoha admits that it was hard for her, but she's always dreamed of being Kamui's attendant and despite how hard it was, she had to do it. Now that she's by her side, she never feels lonely anymore.

Maori mentions that they remind her so much of sisters, then states that it is her belief that overcoming obstacles are a lot easier when you're surrounded by others who care so much. Konoha happily agrees.

Girls' Tea TimeEdit

Heart, Saki, and Maori got together at her place to have tea. The girls fawn over the macaroons Heart made, and she claims it was really easy to make them- although Saki isn't very sure since she ends up burning hers. She seems disappointed, but when Maori questions her change in tone, she quickly denies anything. Heart doesn't appear to hear them as she compliments the bean jellies Saki brought and mentions how well they go with tea, but Saki insists it isn't that special; especially since she thought Maori would bring something similar.

Maori explains obtaining the red bean pastries from a shop she and Elsa attended after they finished work back in Rosenberg, which causes Heart to chastise her for not telling them about this because she could have gotten into trouble and they never would have known. Maori insists that it was an easy mission, and how they had plenty of help from others so it went smoothly. Heart is still disappointed and Saki warns her not to spoil the mood, so to make her feel better, Maori appreciatively promises to let them know if she needs any help. Heart perks up and they begin their party.

Heart loves the tea and compliments it, but she notices her friends concerned expressions. Saki brings up that Heart doesn't seem to fully appreciate the effort Maori puts into making it easier for her to drink, and when Heart doesn't understand Saki asks her to make another cup. She agrees and returns moments later- this time the drink is too bitter. Saki explains that it is because of this that it's important to include some tea treats. Maori explains how she adds a specific amount of water to lessen the bitterness and Heart thanks her.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

One day in school Heart and Saki come across a troubled Maori. She quickly tries to hide something but the girls notice it as a recent math test they took. She sadly confesses that she didn't get a score she's particularly proud of, but Saki is concerned because this seems like stuff she'd be able to figure out. She asks if she is feeling well and Maori admits that because of how much work she's been doing lately she hasn't had the time to study. She does acknowledge that this isn't a good excuse though, and Heart goes on to mention how Maori isn't very good at math and science. Maori agrees, but Saki is quick to point out Heart's shortcomings, much to her distress. She claims that because of Maori helping her though, she probably did fine.

Saki goes on to chastise Maori for worrying more over Heart than herself. She claims she only helped give her an idea what to study though, so Saki eases up on her and offers to help her with science-related work. Maori thanks her before bringing up how much trouble Tsuzune has with math as well, and she's a little jealous that Saki doesn't have much trouble. But Heart is quick to point out that Maori is an excellent Home Ec student- although this only causes Saki to claim she can't understand.

Heart suggests they study together next time, even bringing up that they can invite Yoriko and Lilica too because everyone has a class they're good at. Like Yoriko knows history, but she can't think of what Lilica would be good at. After Saki mentions how lazy Lilica is at studying, she decides they need to enforce into her the importance of it. Maori agrees, worrying Heart.

Not Worth Fighting ForEdit

One day, Koito comes crying to Maori about Kouta stealing the strawberry dumpling she was given recently, but Kouta denies doing anything wrong because Koito wasn't going to share it. Rather than worry about that Maori asks the girls where they got it and she asks if Koito remembered to thank Kamui for it- then she tells her to share with her sister before warning Kouta to stop bullying her. Neither twin wants to listen to her though, so she takes it away from them. She sternly asks if they listened to her, and once they apologize she happily returns it, but tells them to split the dumpling in half and share them.

She offers to do it for them when Nazuna approaches to speak to her; she has another dumpling. Nazuna explains how Kamui started to worry the twins would get into a fight over the one she brought, so she sent her over with more. The twins and Maori thank her but she claims it wasn't a big deal since she was making her way back from a trip, and she mentions how Kamui blamed herself for only thinking to make one dumpling initially. Still wanting to repay her efforts, Maori invites Nazuna to rest while she makes some tea and she eagerly accepts the offer. She managed to finish her work early today thanks to her animal partners, Fusumi and Hayata, and the twins excitingly run off to play with them. Maori warns them about being so bothersome like this, but Nazuna claims it's alright because they adore children.

They calm down while watching them and Maori brings up how they were just fighting moments ago. Nazuna remarks upon how wonderful it is for siblings to be able to make up so easily, but this makes Maori wonder if she got into a disagreement with Akane. Nazuna says she didn't, but they often bicker because she yells at her a lot for being so nosy. Maori admits to being envious that she doesn't have a relationship like this, but she incidentally flusters Nazuna in saying that.

Wooden ArrowEdit

Saki witnesses Maori heave a heavy, worn down sigh and asks if she is alright. Saki asks about Heart when she doesn't see her, causing Saki to bring up that she left to help out at the shop due to how busy they were recently. She brings up how busy Heart is, but Saki compares them by saying Maori does a lot more: not only does she have school, but she's also helping the Celestial Union and she's part of two clubs at school. Maori admits that she never thought it was a big deal though, and Saki brings up archery, saying that she saw Maori shooting arrows recently and complimenting her form.

However, Maori isn't sure she's very good and she fears letting everyone down for the upcoming competition. Saki realizes that this is probably why she's practicing now, but seeing how uncomfortable she looks she is able to deduce that Maori must be worried. She confesses that she is and quickly points out her flaws, causing Saki to quickly apologize for not realizing this. Whenever she sees Maori shoot her arrows she always seems to do really well, so she had no idea. Maori comments that usually she does things like this with her sisters- so when she's alone she feels uneasy. She wonders if she can really handle a competition like this when Saki suddenly tells her that she doesn't have to worry. They're still young after all, and nobody is perfect; everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. She claims that without Bhanri by her side -oh, and Heart too- she wouldn't be capable of the things she does. She goes on to bring up an old saying that involves three arrows: One arrow alone can be easily broken, but three together won't break so easily. The three leaders involved during those wartime stood together, and therefore could not be defeated. So when Maori is with her sisters, the four of them become a single arrow.

Initially Maori points out that this still means she is weak, but Saki goes on to suggest that she thinks about her sisters when she feels lonely. Maori gives her advice thought, then admits to being jealous that Saki is capable of doing things on her own, even without Heart. This causes her to get flustered, but Maori feels a lot better now.

Now's My Chance!Edit

Maori bumps into Clarice, who starts to browbeat her the second they meet. She asks her if she's there due to Elsa, asking if she's been in search of new bakeries to lure her away. Maori denies this, although she would let Elsa know if she found a new bakery; the entire time she anxiously wonders if she did something to upset Clarice, noticing she seems off. She asks Clarice why she's there and she brings up needing some books, causing Maori to recall what Elsa has told her before. For a second Clarice turns sinister- only to snap out of it when Maori asks if she found anything worth while yet.

Clarice explains how she is searching for some very specific books, but so far she's finding things for middle school aged minds- nothing older like she was searching for. Maori asks to know more specifics in hopes of helping her out, much to Clarice's joy. However she pauses and expresses suspicion, claiming that Maori uses her kindness to manipulate others. Maori expresses confusion but Clarice accuses her of being snide before angrily storming off.    

Pillar of SupportEdit

Maori has just finished cleaning and realizing the time, decides to hurry up and get to dinner before Tsuzune gets home. It's then her phone rings and she is contacted by Takio of the Celestial Union, asking her family to report to a location of concern. Maori agrees, bringing up that once her older sister gets home they'll be right over. Takio thanks her and expresses gratitude for how dutiful the Kasuga family is; she knows it's probably hard because they're often busy and don't have time to enjoy life leisurely. Maori admits that while this is true, it's their job to keep peace. Even if the Celestial Union thinks they may overwork them, they will still continue to respond to trouble. In fact, she thinks they should thank her. The organization goes over the top to help them do their jobs right, and their continuing to support them helps them stay on track and remember why they do this. 

Although, she does have one request.

She explains that through the transport they're given, the twins end up eating all of the snacks they provide- and lately they don't want to eat dinner anymore. She asks that they reduce the quantity of snacks, although the chocolate can stay. Takio agrees, and just then Tsuzune shows up. Maori lets Takio know and promises to get there shortly.

Inherited DutiesEdit

One day, Maori is out sweeping when an old man approaches her. He is taken in by her appearance and accidentally assumes that she was the same girl he met thirty years ago- but seeing how confused Maori is, he realizes his mistake. She confirms that she is the current keeper of the shrine, but it dons on her that he must be talking about her mother. The old man laughs at his mistake as he points out how strange it'd have been for the girl to not have changed at all in such a long period of time, then he apologizes for the mistake. He asks if he could pay her mother a visit, but Maori sadly informs him that she passed away seven years ago. The old man is shocked and apologizes again, but Maori insists that it's alright. She goes on to ask him what he wanted to tell her mother and he decides that as her daughter, she can be trusted to confide in. 

Thirty years ago, evil spirits began to overtake not only where he lived, but all over and people were starting to vanish. But when he was attacked by one of them, her mother showed up to save him. He's been wanting to express his gratitude, but because she was in such a hurry back then he's never gotten the chance. She told him that he should stop by if he ever comes to Tokyo, but considering how long it took, it wasn't an easy task.

Maori thanks the elderly man before bringing up how happy this would have made her mother, and she offers to show him to her grave. He thanks her and she calls out to her siblings.

A little later, she thinks about how far the efforts of their family have gone since her mothers days. Her mother helped people, maybe even more than what they're capable of. As she thinks about how grateful the old man had been, she wonders if she and her sisters could one day surpass their mother, then decides that it's important for them to keep helping people.

Various EventsEdit

(These are found in the main Game when selecting a location to head to.)


Casually she asks Maori if she happens to know what the Celestial Stones may look like. She claims not to care though. Maori mentions having only seen them once before, but the were beautiful.


She asks Maori to tell her where the Celestial Stones are located. She mentions really needing them, but Maori tells her that her desire for them will only lead to tragedy - so she refuses to say anything.


Maori happens to come across Eko trying to locate her sisters. She offers to play with her in the mean time, but is concerned over Eko's choice of game - which involves fighting each other. After Maori wins, she decides that Eko isn't one of evil and believes she will be fine. As a reward for being beaten, Eko decides to give her the Celestial Stone she found. Maori thanks her and continues on her way. 


Fiona comments on how lucky Maori is, however she wishes that it was she who owned at least one stone to help her. She decides to fight Maori for it, seeing no other option. Maori apologizes for not allowing her to have it, saying that it would be largely irresponsible. 


She demands the Celestial Stone, but when Maori refuses to give it a fight ensues. However, after a second of letting her guard down, Maori is shocked to find out that Weiss took the stone from her. She decides to chase after Weiss to get it back.


Maori arrives to see that Scharlachrot has bound Weiss and took the two Celestial Stones from her. She tries to speak to her, but she is not in a listening mood and decides to kill Maori before she goes through with her plans of killing Weiss and herself. After being defeated by Maori, she demands to know why Maori is getting in her way before the stones fly from her grasp and awaken Ragnarok.

With shock, Maori observes it before calming herself. She decides that she must stop it before it can destroy Japan and attacks Ragnarok until she is able to break everything, causing it to shut down. She comments on how she has managed to do a job well done and saved everyone, but is now concerned with the aftermath and decides to make sure everybody is safe. 


Maori End 3

A few days later, Maori has invited Konoha over for something. To their surprise Elsa stops by for a visit, and comments that she just happened to be in the area, but she feels bad for interrupting - until Konoha reveals she was actually leaving. She quickly takes off to allow them some time together, so Maori offers to make her some tea before they start. Elsa first denies, but she slowly reconsiders.

After being joined by her twin sisters, Maori asks Elsa why she has come to visit. She asks Maori if she ever feels like she can't just make what she wants to happen, happen, and Maori claims that she goes through this realization on a daily basis. While she knows that nobody is perfect and some things can't be changed, she knows that with the love and support of her family she can surpass her weaknesses. Her sisters agree with this statement before Tsuzune shows up with the tea. Elsa is able to agree with Maori on this and comments on how knowledgeable she is; causing her sisters to say that she is the best person in all of Japan.

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