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Maori Kasuga
(春日 舞織, Kasuga Maori)
Maori Portrait AH3.png
Also known as Mao-Mao (nickname from Heart)
Physical/Vital Information
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday November 26th (Good Bath Day)
Nationality Japanese
Blood Type AB
Height 153cm (5'0")
Weight 45kg (99 lbs)
Measurements (B/W/H) 88cm/58cm/87cm
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Personal Statistics
Occupation Miko/Shrine Maiden
Affiliation National Academy of Metaphysics Junior High School, 2nd Year, Class A
Favorite Subject Home Economics, History, Art
Weakest Subject Science
Fighting Style Kasuga Demon Exorcism
Game(s) Arcana Heart
Arcana Heart 2
Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2
Arcana Heart 3
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars XTEND
Manga Arcana Heart (manga)
Japanese Maki Tsuchihya
In the name of the head of the Kasuga family, I shall fulfill my duty...!

Maori Kasuga (春日 舞織, Kasuga Maori) is a playable character in the Arcana Heart series. She is the second eldest of the four Kasuga sisters(Tsuzune, Koito and Kouta) who specialize in exorcism. Traditional and motherly, she is good friends with Heart Aino and Saki Tsuzura.

Her Arcana is Ohtsuchi, the Arcana of Earth.

Bio[edit | edit source]

For the longest of times the Kasuga Family has been performing blessings, exorcisms, purification, and other rituals. As the second eldest out of four siblings, Maori is in charge of directing her sisters during their rituals. With her sisters by her side, the four can unleash a magical arrow that never fails to repel demons.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Maori has the appearance of a typical shrine maiden. She has fair skin and big brown eyes with thick lashes and long, straightened black hair that resembles an angular hime cut. Her forelocks are held by gold ribbon. She has a large bust and shapely figure.

She wears a normal Shrine Maiden outfit, composed of a white and red dress with white toe socks and red strapped sandals.

She is shown to wear the Misono Academy uniform with a maroon and white vest, as seen in her bonus CG and Heart's ending CG in the first game.

Personality[edit | edit source]

A joyfully busy girl, when she isn't working or lending a hand to those who are troubled, she's watching over her little sisters or keeping an eye on Heart. She enjoys those little moments when she gets a chance to relax, such as attending school, which she thinks is actually pretty fun.

She is friendly and well-liked due to her calming nature, and she is very motherly towards others. Her hard-working personality makes her very reliable in times of need. She rarely ever loses her temper, but while she is relaxed in how she treats people like Heart, she is very strict when it comes to upholding tradition. She is prideful of them and will always bravely defend her beliefs.

Although she has a curvy frame, she dislikes any sort of improper attention being brought upon it and is likely to scold those who act dirty around her.

Story[edit | edit source]

Arcana Heart[edit | edit source]

Maori, along with her sisters are requested by the Ministry of Elemental Affairs to use their powers and investigate the Skies above Tokyo.

Arcana Heart 2[edit | edit source]

Arcana Heart 3[edit | edit source]

Main article: Maori Kasuga/AH3 Storyline

For generations, the Kasuga family has assisted the Celestial Union with demon-related matters but on occasion they will tend to the Planar Rifts that periodically pop up around the country. Like the Union, she is suspicious of Petra.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "If you have an evil aura, my sisters and I will purify it."
  • "Though you may possess extraordinary spiritual powers, I will never relinquish my role as the head of the Kasuga family! My pride will not allow it!" - vs. herself
  • "One of the Kasuga clan offers her sincere gratitude to the deity Ohtsuchi." - Arcana Blaze Finish
  • "The Karaito is the most sacred of artifacts passed down through the Kasuga household. I hoped that the day would never come when I would be forced to use this relic..." - Critical Heart Finish
  • "Miss Aino, whenever I'm close to you, I always feel as if you're sharing something priceless with me. Thank you... Heart." - vs. Heart Aino
  • "Miss Tsuzura, it was you who taught me that physical strength alone is not enough... that a strong mind and a strong heart are both necessary to succeed." - vs. Saki Tsuzura
  • "I must thank you for sparring with me, Millennial Guardian. I learned a great deal from our match and I hope to be able to practice with you in the future." - vs. Kamui Tokinomiya
  • "Konoha, thank you so much for keeping Koito and Kouta entertained for me. You're welcome to come over and play with them anytime." - vs. Konoha
  • "The absolute fusion of spiritual energy and martial arts... Fighting you with conventional attacks is useless. I would very much like to face you in combat again." - vs. Mei-Fang
  • "While it is important to fully enjoy life, education and learning self-discipline are also important. Could you at least try not to be so irresponsible...?" - vs. Lilica Felchenerow
  • "Miss Achenbach, I'm not sure how to put this... The aura of absolute evil that engulfs you has shrunk considerably since I last saw you. It's quite a relief..." - vs. Lieselotte Achenbach
  • "After seeing you two for myself, I don't think that there is a need to exorcise you anytime soon... And Miss Yasuzumi, please take care of yourself." - vs. Yoriko Yasuzumi
  • "Miss Daidouji, I understand your reasons for hating the Celestial Union, but as it is often said, 'You reap what you sow.'" - vs. Kira Daidouji
  • "Miss Mayfield, please return as soon as you can... Miss Tsuzura and everyone are waiting for you." - vs. Fiona Mayfield
  • "The traditional Lagerkvist fighting style... I cannot help but be awed by its effectiveness. I am honored that we work towards the same goal." - vs. Petra Johanna Lagerkvist
  • "Zenia Valov, why do you choose to fight? It is like a dagger to the soul..." - vs. Zenia Valov
  • "Miss la Conti, your technique is as formidable as ever. It was truly an honor to fight against one who walks a path similar to my own. I learned a great deal from our match." - vs. Elsa la Conti
  • "...Um, Miss di Lanza. I might be mistaken, but I could have sworn I sensed some murderous intent from you..." - vs. Clarice di Lanza
  • "An all-purpose weapon created using celestial engineering? I now understand how developed the final product is... Perhaps there will be a practical application for it someday." - vs. Catherine Kyoubashi
  • "I know I've mentioned this before, but what we do transcends mere magic. It's really... Irritating... for you to keep calling what I do 'magic.'" - vs. Dorothy Albright
  • "An ethereal being such as you intervening in the material plane is a recipe for disaster. I ask that you refrain from any further actions on your part." - vs. Angelia Avallone
  • "The ninjutsu of the Inuwakamaru is quite impressi-- Ah! Koito, Kouta, Nazuna is very tired right now! You can play with her next time." - vs. Nazuna Inuwaka
  • "Miss Inuwaka, I am currently in the middle of an assignment. If you wish to fight, could you not wait until later?" - vs. Akane Inuwaka
  • "An angel who wields both celestial and arcane powers... I should have known it was you all along. I trust you will use your powers for good this time." - vs. Weiss
  • "To have such immense celestial power at such a young age... I wonder if this young girl is truly happy? We must all protect this poor young child." - vs. Eko
  • "Scharlachrot, you have already been freed from the clutches of the Drexler Institute, so why must you continue to cause so much chaos?" - vs. Scharlachrot

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Maori attends Archery Club on Mondays and the Tea Ceremony Club on Wednesdays.
  • She lives at the Kasuga Family Shrine with her three sisters.
  • She (secretly) loves chocolate.
  • She dislikes meat dishes.
  • During fits of jealousy, Clarice believes that Maori and Elsa are in a relationship.
    • However, Maori is one of the only girls who is not involved in any sort of two-girl romance shipping in the series, likely due to her insistence of sticking to tradition or because she just doesn't have any interest.
  • She has the third largest bust size compared to the rest of the females in the series, with Mei-Fang and Parace L'sia being the bustiest.
  • Her palette swaps give resembles to C.C from Code Geass, Yuzu Hieda from Asagiri No Miko, Hanyuu Furude from Higurashi: When They Cry, Reimu Hakurei's PC-98 design from the PC-98 entries of the Touhou Project series, and Mana Tatsumiya from Mahou Sensei Negima.
  • She is the only sister in her family to have black hair, with her other siblings having blue or purple hair coloring.
  • Maori was mention by Saki during Heart's ending in Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, mentioning that she was being a little late while willing to listen to Heart's story till she arrives.

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