Lilica has a tendency to rub others the wrong may most of the time; because of her uncaring or unconcerned attitude. However, she does have a few friendships that she values more than anything.

AH1 CharactersEdit

Heart AinoEdit

For most part Lilica has no problem with Heart. They have been shown to hang out a few times and have buddy-buddy relationship. She will still get frustrated with Heart if she keeps her waiting though.

Saki TsuzuraEdit

Lilica doesn't seem to like Saki all that much. She will openly mock or tease her, but only if she feels attacked by Saki first.

Yoriko YasuzumiEdit

Her best friend. Lilica cares deeply for Yoriko, despite having helped cause the summoning of Mike, and they are very close. Her bright and loud-nature is a direct contrast to Yoriko's reserved, quiet-nature so they may not agree on very much, but they aren't shown fighting or getting upset with each other.

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