• Normal - Crosses arms behind her head while grinning. Sways from side-to-side.
  • Advantageous - Winks with a toying face with a single finger pointing to her shut eye.
  • Disadvantageous - Leans down while trying to catch her breath.
  • Attack (1) - Skates with a pink trail following her feet, then she gets before the screen.
  • Attack (2) - Does a backwards jump in the air with a pink trail following one skate.
  • Attack (3) - ???
  • Damage - Gets thrown back with a leg bent up slightly, in the alternate animation the leg is further up and her eyes shut.
  • Victory - Rips off her parka before blowing a kiss at the camera with a wink, causing a glowing pink heart to form.
  • Defeat - Falls back with a look of surprise and the attachments on her skates fall apart. She is shown laying on her side with a look of frustration while a hand rests on her behind.
  • Perfect Victory - She is shown enjoying an ice cream.



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