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Leave everything to me! ...Juuuuust kidding!
Lilica Felchenerow
(リリカ・フェルフネロフ, Ririka Ferufunerofu)
Lilica Portrait AH3.png
Arcana Tempestas
Also known as Lili-Lili (nickname from Heart)
Physical/Vital Information
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday May 9th (Very Day)
Nationality Japanese/Polish (dual nationality)
Blood Type B
Height 154cm (5'0")
Weight 42kg (99 lbs)
Measurements (B/W/H) 79cm/56cm/78cm
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Personal Statistics
Affiliation National Academy of Metaphysics Middle School, 2nd Year, Class A
Favorite Subject The ones she skips out on
Weakest Subject Pick one, you'll probably be right
Fighting Style Rollerblading...
Weapon(s) Motor-powered Rollerblades (Wilde)
Game(s) Arcana Heart
Arcana Heart 2
Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2
Arcana Heart 3
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars XTEND
Apron of Magic
Manga Arcana Heart
Japanese Mayako Nigo

Lilica Felchenerow is a playable character in the Arcana Heart series. She is a carefree, rollerblading half-demon girl who loves pulling pranks and having nothing but fun. She is best friends with Yoriko Yasuzumi and happens to be responsible for pressuring her into summoning Mike.

Her Arcana is Tempestas, the Arcana of Wind.


A free-spirited half-demon who couldn't care less about the strange occurrences around Tokyo. Her skates, a present from her father at the age of ten are her prized possession. They have been embedded with an Ether-powered motor, allowing them to react to her own Magic Abilities.


Lilica is a fair-skinned girl of mixed races. She is half human and half demon and is said to have inherited the looks of her father. She has bright blue eyes, pointed ears, and small fanged teeth. Her hair is blonde and worn in messy pigtails each held by a red ornament to match her looped earrings. She has a small pair of dark purple bat wings.

Lilica wears a gold sleeve-less parka with it's zipper entirely down to the bottom to show off the front of her torso, including the bright purple tube top she wears. She wears a matching purple collar and spandex shorts. On each elbow and knee she has royal blue pieces of material with metal on them, acting as elbow and shin pads. She wears matching fingerless gloves. Her skates are metal with pointed toe and red pieces accenting them.

In one image, Lilica was shown in a brown and white school uniform. It was implied that she wears all of her tops opened, as she was shown repeating it here.


Lilica is a care-less about everything girl. She always makes plans to have fun and would rather shirk off of any responsibilities or work to see to it she does. As a result she can come off annoying to some, due to her interest in pranks and the fact she lacks empathy. However, she does care about Yoriko as a friend, and adores her father to death - to the point of having a father complex that she does not see anything wrong with. 

Oblivious to everything other than herself, she can seem to be a bit selfish and enjoys tormenting others. She refuses to cooperate with others and despite her anti-work lifestyle, she somehow manages to follow through with whatever she promises to do. 

With her gestures and nature, Lilica can come off as being flirty and has no problem discussing topics that would make others uncomfortable.


Arcana Heart[]

Due to her magical abilities, Lilica is able to sense the strange disturbances in the Tokyo Skies. However, she doesn't seem to care.

Does time Lilica meeting Heart Aino and Fiona Mayfield assign in through over balance.

At some point, Mildred makes her an offer but she refuses it.

Arcana Heart 2[]

Arcana Heart 3[]

Main article: Lilica Felchenerow/AH3 Storyline

She decides to accept the missions asked of her by the Japanese branch of the Celestial Union to close the planar rifts appearing across Japan.


  • You're totally not worth my time right now.
  • ᛋᛖᚫ ᛏᚻᚫᛏ ᚱᛖᛋᛏᚱᛁᚦᛏᛋ ᚫᚱᚾᛁᛋᚻ (Spirit, show them your true power!) (Pre-Battle)

Arcade Mode[]

Arcana Heart

  • 1st I like the sound of that... 'Number One.' That's so awesome!
  • 2nd Second place on the score ranking? This day's really starting to get interesting...♪
  • 3rd I must be famous! I'm in the score rankings, huh? Well, that's pretty sweet!
  • 11th+ You totally just CRUSHED Arcade Mode. Wanna go again?
  • 11th+ Thanks for sticking with me to the end. I'm sure I'll see you out there again, right?
  • 11th+ I'm not bored yet, so you must've done a good job. If you wanna do this again, let me know♪

Continue Screen[]

Arcana Heart

  • I... lost!? How did THAT happen?
  • I'm not done playing yet...
  • Hey, you! Yeah, you out there! ...You can still fight, right?
  • We should fight again♪
  • I made a couple stupid mistakes. Oh well, there's always other places to go for excitement!
  • I'm not giving up or anything... but I totally need some caffeine!
  • Press →↓↘ + Attack for Tornado Edge, then press ↓↘→ + Attack to spin spin spin!
  • Press ↓↙← + Attack in the air for Air Twist. It's a little hard to do, but I'm sure you can manage...
  • The Axel Slide is a great trick. Press ↓↘→ + Attack or ↓↙← + Attack.
  • After you Axel Slide, you can stop with A + C. I call it the Flash Step.
  • Press ↓↘→ + B after an Axel Slide for the Speed Blade. Knock 'em over!
  • Press ↓↘→ + A after an Axel Slide to do a Wall Step or a Quick Step! It's all about height!
  • Press ↓↘→ + C after an Axel Slide for the Heel Cutter. It'll knock some sense into 'em!
  • The Cyclone Storm is tricky, but it's worth it. Press ↓↙← + A + B (Gauge Used).
  • Hurricane Edge looks really cool. Press ↓↘→ + A + B (Gauge Used).

Arcana Heart 3

  • Okay, that one didn't count. I mean, seriously... So, shall we move on then?
  • Oh, come on now... You know losing a game just causes stress. How can that be fun...?
  • Well, I guess I can spare some time today. How about I show you a really, REALLY good time...?!
  • Aw man, I still want to play! Don't just sit there, you lump! Let's get started!
  • What the--?! Are you saying that I... just... lost...? I must be dreaming. Yeah. that's it! I mean. I have been really tired lately...
  • Let's see, what were those horrible people called? Oh yeah...sore losers! I refuse to be one of those, so I have to win from here on out!
  • *Blah* I can't believe the fight was decided by something so pointless and stupid...
  • This isn't right! There's no way that I would lose! Okay, let's try this again from the top!

Story Mode[]

Arcana Heart

Before Battle

  • Heart! Drop everything and come check out this new trick I just thought of! C'mon, let's go! (Heart Aino)
  • Hey, Saki. Wow, we should totally just skip school and go skating. You in? (Saki Tsuzura)
  • This is my turf. Move it or lose it. (Kamui Tokinomiya)
  • Hey, Maori, can I bum some homework off you? I like totally forgot to go to class... all week... *giggle* (Maori Kasuga)
  • Wow, you made it all the way up here, huh? I guess it's not hard when you can fly. Like, what do you want? (Mei-Fang)
  • Like, wow, you should totally get that pink-eye looked at... and why are you chasing me? That's soooo uncool. (Lieselotte Achenbach)
  • Yoriko! Mike! I'm so bored. If you two can entertain me, maybe I'll buy you some doughnuts...! (Yoriko Yasuzumi)
  • Maid outfit, huh? Looks like SOMEONE is trying to keep up with fashion...! Hey, what's with the sword!? (Fiona Mayfield)

After Battle

  • Late for school? But we're, like, ALWAYS late for school. We should totally just ditch today! (Heart Aino)
  • Oh, c'mon, Saki...! You know, you should really lighten up a little and enjoy life... You know, like ME! (Saki Tsuzura)
  • What a trip, are you a dog-person? You're no demon, but you have powers? Did someone mess with your DNA? (Konoha)
  • Rules, rules, rules. You should totally relax and stop being such a square. You're like a total cube. (Maori Kasuga)
  • Hey, I'm only HALF-demon! And no, Robot Lady, I don't know what you're talking about... (Mei-Fang)
  • Wow, like what a trip. Sorry to ruin your day, but you're totally not qualified to fight me. Later♪ (Lieselotte Achenbach)
  • Huh? You should totally stop being so sketchy. Go find someone else to have a water fight with next time. (Kira Daidouji)


  • Look, you totally went postal on my friend Yoriko... and Mike too, I guess... What's your deal!? I thought I'd get to relax today, but now I gotta teach you a lesson! (Yoriko Defeated)

After Revenge

  • You know, I thought you'd be a bit more entertaining than that...! I was hoping for a real challenge~!
  • Hey, now, quit freakin' out! You're totally gonna pop a vein or something
  • I may have done what you said... but it's like, what else could I do? I'm not gonna just back down, am I!?

Arcana Heart 3


  • Hey there! Welcome! I was waiting for you! Thanks for coming by. Sorry to just dive into things like this. Stay right there. Just stand still and this will be over in a flash. This is for Yoriko! Now prepare to die! (Yoriko Defeated)
  • I mean, she was a friend of my dad and all, so although this is going to be a bitch, if I beat the hell out of you, it'll make him happy... Maybe? Damn, I'm really super-amped now! Thanks for the excuse to go superfly TNT! I'm going to pound you into mulch! (Clarice Defeated)

After Revenge

  • If anyone starts crap with me, I'll always finish it for them! Some call it common thuggery, I call it self-defense!

Victory Screen (Versus Mode)[]

  • Hypothetically, even if you were my dad's secret love child... Ew! I don't even want to think about it! Maybe I should just become a true delinquent... (vs. herself)
  • I'd expect nothing less from Tempestas! That was so cool! I'll never lose with him behind me! (Arcana Blaze Finish)
  • You know, this is all your fault! How dare you make me play seriously?! Well, not "fault" per se... Actually, thanks to you, I had a lot of fun. Thanks! (Critical Heart Finish)
  • Man, all of this playing around has made me hungry... Hey, why don't you make me something sweet? Something that'll keep me going...for like...three days! (vs. Heart Aino)
  • That was a lot of fun! I mean, there aren't many things that are better than playing with you. I'm looking forward to next time! (vs. Saki Tsuzura)
  • Well, it's not like I hate you or anything... Wait, scratch that. I do hate you. A lot. (vs. Kamui Tokinomiya)
  • You know, I've always wondered about this, but if you want a pair of roller blades so badly, then why don't you ask that super-nice owner of yours? (vs. Konoha)
  • Um...Maori! You want to go to a hot spring with me? I mean, aren't you curious...? You know, if they float or not? (vs. Maori Kasuga)
  • Hey, does your professor make parts for roller blades? ...Of course she doesn't. Stupid me for asking... (vs. Mei-Fang)
  • Let me guess... You still want my blood, don't you? What part of "NO!" is so hard to understand, you brat?! (vs. Lieselotte Achenbach)
  • Yoriko, I always have the best time when I play with you! You know, you should entertain me all the time, okay? (vs. Yoriko Yasuzumi)
  • Idiot found! Idiot found! Oh, did I mention that I found an IDIOT?! Hahahahahahaha! Oh god, this is so much fun! (vs. Kira Daidouji)
  • Huh? You want to meet my dad...? Fair enough. All you have to do is beat me... Wait, I already won, didn't I? Oh well, sucks to be you! (vs. Fiona Mayfield)
  • Dressing the way you do... Do you honestly think you can keep up with me?! Another thing...why do I have the feeling that you're always looking down on all of us? (vs. Petra Johanna Lagerkvist)
  • You know, I've been thinking, and... Those shiny hand-thingies of yours should be against the rules! As of now, they're banned from all future fights, okay? (vs. Zenia Valov)
  • Geez, I'm just not that good going up against you. Sometimes I get the feeling that you're actually trying to kill me. Whelp, time to run! And I never want to see you again! (vs. Elsa la Conti)
  • What the--? No, go away! J-Just stay away from me...and my dad! If you come any closer, I'll bite off my own tongue and die! (vs. Clarice de Lanza)
  • It's not a bad thing to have so many tricks up your sleeve...for the most part... But you are definitely an exception to the rule. (vs. Catherine Kyoubashi)
  • What?! You're out of tricks already? Man, you're sooo boring! Come on, entertain me some more! (vs. Dorothy Albright)
  • H-Hey, knock that off! Will you stop trying to steal my skates?! They're mine! And why would a dog want my skates, anyway?! (vs. Akane Inuwaka)
  • Gah! What an irritating little puppy... At least you're not after my skates, so I guess I can let this slide. Good doggie. (vs. Nazuna Inuwaka)
  • Selfish spirits? Well, all I can say is: Begone! Return to where you came from! Haha. I was just messing with you. But I did sound just like her, didn't I? (vs. Angelia Avallone)
  • Was it my imagination, or did a wave of malevolent evil just wash over me...? What were you planning on doing to me? (vs. Weiss)
  • Your alive? And it looks really freaking creepy. I guess there's no limit to what people can do nowadays. (vs. Eko)
  • Wha---!? Wha...? Heeeey! You just tried to kill me now, didn't you!? What the hell is wrong with you!? Are you retarded!? (vs. Scharlachrot)
  • What are you, Heart Aino Mk II? I fight only for my own peace and freedom, can you leave me alone? (vs. Minori Amanohara)
  • Stop trying to eat me!!! S-T-O-P-I-T!!!! I don't have a double! Impossible! You'll upset your tummy! GET THE HELL BACK TO YOUR OWNER!!! (vs. Pistrix)
  • I don't care who you are or what you want, really. Just don't get in my way! (vs. Dark Heart)


  • While Yoriko has been compared to Tessa and Peach, Lilica, as the friend has been compared to similar characters, these being R. Mika and Daisy, from the same series.
  • In one year, she was able to save enough money to install the ether-motors on her skates.
  • She is regarded by most to be one of the most difficult characters to play as, along with Lieselotte.
  • She lives with her father.
  • Some alternate color swaps give her a resemblance to Etna from Disgaea and Morrigan from Darkstalkers.
  • As revealed in Lilica's 5th Main Memory Story, Lilica is capable of obtaining good grades in school when she studies and puts in the effort.
  • She, Konoha, Akane and Scharlachrot are the only characters who can perform a wall jump.


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