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Konoha is an openly kind and affectionate young girl. She can be kind of clueless sometimes but doesn't seem to have very many enemies, but she dislikes overly affectionate gestures unless from Kamui.

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Heart AinoEdit

Behind Kamui, Konoha really likes Heart and they get along greatly. She goes to Heart and enjoys her company- but she gets upset when Heart wants to pet or rub her.

Maori KasugaEdit

She respects Maori and is glad she is kind to her. She would never want to get her involved in a problem if she can help it.

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Kamui TokinomiyaEdit

Konoha has a one-track mind that focuses on Kamui and how to be her proper retainer. She will do anything she can to earn her approval or help her, and she desperately craves her attention. She is oblivious to those times when Kamui attempts to get rid of her for her own safety, but she is respectful of her and her decisions. She loves being spoiled by Kamui, and is extremely loyal to her.

Lilica FelchenrowEdit

She gets along fine with Lilica, although Lilica isn't above being blunt with her and insulting her times of obliviousness.

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