Normal Konoha


  • Skin: Pale
  • Hair: Dull Raspberry-Brown, pale red dog parts.
  • Outfit: Magenta and white uniform with grey gloves and leg warmers lined by light gold. Rope is lilac, scarf is sapphire.
  • Headband: Silver
  • Shoes: Tan sandals with red straps and white socks.


  • Skin: Tan
  • Hair: Milk Blue with stormy-blue dog parts.
  • Outfit: Blue and dark grey-blue uniform with dark grey-blue gloves and leg warmers. Rope is lilac to match stockings. Scarf is dull blue.
  • Headband: Silver
  • Shoes: Dark blue sandals with pale blue socks.


  • Skin: Fair
  • Hair: Turqoise
  • Outfit: White and brown uniform, gloves and leg-warmers are bright indigo lined by goldenrod. Rope is ivy-green while the stockings are grey with indigo lining. Scarf is mauve.
  • Headband: black
  • Shoes: Tan sandals with green straps and white socks.


  • Skin: Pale
  • Hair: Steel with pale beige dog parts.
  • Outfit: Blue uniform with periwinkle gloves and leg-warmers lined by red. Stockings are purple while rope is dull red. Scarf is black.
  • Headband: Dark Blue
  • Shoes: Red sandals with orange straps and blue socks.


  • Hair: Gold with pale brown-beige. Headband is grey.
  • Outfit: White uniform with mauve accenting and black bottoms. Gloves and leg warmers are red with gold accenting and purple rope. Scarf is bright orange.
  • Shoes: Gold with pink-mauve straps and white socks.


  • Hair: Light brown with pale mint dog parts and a green headband.
  • Outfit: A pale green uniform with green accenting to match the gloves and leg warmers. Both are accented by gold while the leg warmers have white rope. Scarf is golden-yello and the stockings are light green.
  • Shoes: Gold with green straps and mint-tinted socks.


  • Hair - purple with dark brown dog parts and a grey headband.
  • Outfit - White and black with dark indigo gloves and leg warmers accented by gold. Red rope is on the leg warmers while the socks are pale grey and the scarf is pale blue.
  • Shoes - Goldenrod with white socks.


  • Hair - Dark grey with burnt orange dog parts and a headband of pale grey.
  • Outfit - Ivory with accenting on dark red and black. Leg warmers are blood-red with black accenting and have rope of orange, while the gloves match. The stockings are sheer while the scarf is light pink.
  • Shoes - Black with white socks.


  • Hair - Steel-Blue with black dog parts and a dark blue headband.
  • Outfit - Light grey with turqoise accenting. The leg warmers and gloves are grey with gold accenting and rope of dark red. Stockings are dark teal with black.
  • Shoes - Goldenrod of pale green socks and green straps.
  • Skin - Pale


  • Skin - Pale
  • Hair - The hair and tail remain normal but the headband is light green.
  • Outfit - Forest-Green with lighter green accenting. The leg warmers and gloves are dark grey with gold accenting and rope of acid-yellow. Scarf is peach-red while the stockings are sheer-green.
  • Shoes - Gold with light green straps and emerald socks.


  • Hair - Bright goldenrod with dark brown dog parts and a tea-rose headband.
  • Outfit - A very pale mint-white uniform with dark green accenting. Her leg warmers and gloves match, with rope of emerald to match her scarf. No stockings.
  • Shoes - Black sandals with white socks.


  • Hair - Light red with dark brown dog parts and a headband of silver.
  • Outfit - Pale-cream with accenting of dark gold. Her leg warmers and gloves match. Pale grey stockings with a scarf of white and rope of dark beige. 
  • Shoes - Gold sandals with very pale brown socks.


  • Skin - Pale Pink
  • Hair - Milk-blue with pale brown-pink dog parts and a pale blue headband.
  • Outfit - White with navy accenting. Gloves and leg warmers match with lighter-colored rope. Scarf is white and the stockings are dull white.
  • Shoes - Dark blue with white socks.


  • Hair - Hot pink with burnt orange dog parts and a headband of dark grey.
  • Outfit - Hot pink shirt with black accenting and dark red bottoms to match her gloves and leg warmers. Burnt orange rope is on each leg warmer. The scarf is Dark red and the stockings are grey.
  • Shoes - Beige sandals with black straps and burnt orange socks.


  • Skin - Pale Yellow
  • Hair - Melon with ivy dog parts and a green headband.
  • Outfit - A mint top with emerald bottoms. Gloves and leg warmers are kiwi with accenting of pale yellow. The scarf is kiwi while the rope is slightly lighter.
  • Shoes - Yellow with mint socks and straps.


  • Skin - Tan
  • Hair - Black with dark grey dog part and headband.
  • Outfit - Black with dark grey stockings and a bright red scarf.
  • Shoes - Pure Black.


  • Hair -  Yellow with gold dog parts.
  • Outfit -  Gold and black uniform with gold gloves and leg warmers lined by black. Her rope on each leg is black, while her scarf is gold. Headband: Gold
  • Shoes - Black sandals with gold socks.


  • Hair - Dark blue headband. Everything else remains unchanged.
  • Outfit - White with blue accenting. The gloves and leg warmers are reversed, while the scarf is white. Stockings are dark blue.
  • Shoes - Pale blue sandals with white socks and blue straps.



Normal Konoha but with a thicker shading.


  • Hair: Blue with dull-blue dog parts and a sapphire headband.
  • Outfit: A pale grey top accented by grey and aqua. Gloves and leg warmers are light grey with gold lining with mauve rope attached to each leg piece. Scarf is black and her bottoms are white, while her stockings are aqua with grey lining.
  • Shoes: Gold sandals with white socks and straps of aqua. 


  • Hair: Dull orange-blonde with brown dog parts
     and a headband of gold.
  • Outfit: A pale blue top with matching leg warmers, leg-cuffs, and gloves. All of which has midnight blue accenting to match her bottoms. The rope on each leg warmer is a rope of grass-green, to match the dark green scarf.
  • Shoes: Dark blue with matching straps and socks of pale blue-white.


  • Hair: Dull green with dark indigo-purple dog parts and light blue headband.
  • Outfit: Dark blue bittoms with a white shirt lined by lilac.
  • Gloves and leg warmers: Blue with dark orange lining and rope of pale orange-beige. Stockings are dull indigo with blue cuff.
  • Shoes: Goldenrod with white socks.
  • Scarf: Lime


  • Hair: Black with pale brown dog parts and red headband.
  • Outfit: Pale blue top with navy bottoms and light red stockings with cuff of red.
  • Gloves and Leg Warmers: Red with black accenting and rope of peach-pink
  • Shoes: Black with blood straps and pale blue-white socks.
  • Scarf: Light Blue


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