• Normal - Bounces on her blob with an amused smirk.
  • Advantageous - Leans back and laughs. The blob laughs with her.
  • Very Advantageous - Same as above, but her blob changes into a throne.
  • Disadvantageous - She sinks down into her blob and crosses her arms while her eyes, above the blob glare forward. Tiny bubbles are shown escaping around her mouth and nose. Her blob is shown making a small cat face.
  • Attack (1) - Kira is raised up and kicks towards the screen with the blob shaped like a giant boot.
  • Attack (2) - Raises both fist as her blob shifts into a pair of large arms and both slam down towards the screen.
  • Attack (3) -
  • Damage -  Kira shows a look of discomfort. In her alternate shot, she is shown being thrown up into the air as her blob splashes.
  • Victory - Drinks from a bottle of milk and raises it into the air.
  • Defeat - Kira falls and is shown to be wet and sticky while she angrily turns to the side.
  • Perfect Victory - Same as victory, but she is shown wearing a towel.



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