• Normal - Slowly moves up and down with one hand ready to pull out her katana.
  • Disadvantageous - Leans down while breathing heavier.
  • Very Disadvantageous - Leans down further, using her katana for support while breathing heavy.
  • Attack (1) - Falls towards the bottom of the screen, then slashes with green energy trailing it.
  • Attack (2) - Falls down slower and stops quicker to slash closer to the screen.
  • Attack (3) - She draws close while unsheething her katana an inch, causing it to glow a green. She then does a quick slash, then puts it back in while it continues to glow.
  • Damage - Leans back while holding her katana. Comes in two, slightly alternate versions.
  • Victory - Slashes at the screen a few times, causing it to turn dark green and break apart while she turns her back to the screen.
  • Defeat - Slowly falls down while wincing. She lays on the ground, barely leaning up while holding her katana.
  • Perfect Victory - Kamui is shown with widened, softer eyes as the camera reveals she's holding a baby penguin



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