The normal Kamui


  • Uniform - White with grey accenting. Bodysuit is pale grey.
  • Shoes - Silver


  • Hair - Bright Brown with red hair ribbon
  • Uniform - Red with white and black accenting. Tie is yellow
  • Shoes - Red


  • Hair - Blue with pink ribbon.
  • Uniform - White top with brown accenting. The collar and skirt are pale peach, while her bodysuit is blue. The collar is deep red.
  • Shoes - Dark Purple


  • Uniform - Blue and white with light red bow. Her bodysuit is colored to match her skin.
  • Shoes - Purple


  • Hair - Blue tint
  • Uniform - Green and white with a watermelon-colored tie. Dark orange bodysuit.
  • Shoes - Dark Green


  • Hair - Grey with an ivory ribbon
  • Uniform - Emerald with ivory accenting and tie. Bodysuit is black.
  • Shoes - Dark Orange


  • Uniform - Lavender with white accenting. Bodysuit is light grey and the bow at her neck is pale yellow.


  • Hair - Brown hair with a pink ribbon.
  • Uniform - A white and pink with yellow bow. Bodysuit is missing once more.
  • Shoes - Magenta


  • Hair - Platinum Blonde with orange ribbon.
  • Uniform - Navy blue top with orange tie and a white skirt. No bodysuit.
  • Shoes - Pale Gold
  • Sword - The metallic parts are bright yellow and the band is black. The thing it is kept in is red.


  • Uniform - Olive uniform with white accenting a burnt orange ribbon.
  • Shoes - Light brown


  • Uniform - Dark red themed with a yellow tie.
  • Shoes - Grey with a red-tint.


  • Hair - Deep blue with a grey ribbon.
  • Uniform - Ivory shirt with brown accenting to match the skirt. Tie is melon. Bodysuit is dark grey.
  • Shoes - Black


  • Hair - Bright Red with a pale yellow ribbon.
  • Skin: Pale pink hue
  • Uniform - Dull white with black lining on the shirt and a crimson tie. Bodysuit is gone.
  • Shoes - Black
  • Sword - The metal pieces are gold.


  • Hair - Bright pink with a gold ribbon and bead.
  • Uniform - Blue with white line work and yellow tie. No bodysuit.
  • Shoes - Brown.
  • Sword - Metal is orange and the handle is black with goldenrod dots.


  • Hair - Bright yellow
  • Uniform - Entirely gold with a greying collar and bright yellow tie.
  • Shoes - Gold
  • Sword - Entirely gold


  • Hair - Black with black ribbon and a gold bead.
  • Uniform - Dark grey with dark red lines and black tie. Black bodysuit.
  • Shoes - Black
  • Sword - Metal pieces are black


  • Hair - Grey-tint with gold rope and a gold bead.
  • Uniform - Gold with a black line detail and tie. Bodysuit is missing.
  • Shoes - Black
  • Sword - Metal pieces are gold, the sword handle is black with dark red dots.


  • Hair - the bead in her hair is light blue while everything else remains unchanged.
  • Uniform - White and light blue with a dark royal blue tie.
  • Shoes - Metallic Aqua
  • Sword - Entirely blue themed.



Normal Kamui but with a thicker shading.


  • Uniform: Pale indigo with white accenting and tie
  • Boots: Dark metallic plum


  • Hair: Brown with a gold ribbon.
  • Uniform: White with pale blue collar, cuffs, and skirt. Her tie is dark red.
  • Boots: Silver


  • Hair: Pale grey with a white ribbon.
  • Uniform: Pure white with accenting of dark grey.
  • Boots: Light silver
  • Sword: A dark grey handle and gold metal. The sheeth is dark red.


  • Hair: Sky Blue with a light blue ribbon and bead.
  • Eyes: Turqoise
  • Uniform: White top with light blue collar, tie, cuffs, and skirt. No bodysuit.
  • Boots: Sky blue
  • Sword: Sky blue handle with the metal and sheeth are light blue.


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