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Main StorylineEdit

Millennial Guardian's Battle 1Edit

Lately, Kamui has been finding her work of saving others from the Planar Rifts boring. She knows she can't slack off and doesn't plan on it, but she's already made plans for the day. She will rest after cuddling with Konoha for a while, then do some stuffed animal arrangement.

Suddenly, Mei-Fang and Mei Ling approach her and apologize for interrupting her, but they explain how an acquaintance of Mei Ling's has recently gone missing and they need help finding her, they believe it has something to do with the school. Kamui admits that she's been too busy to attend lately so she didn't know; especially with how random the Planar Rifts are. It's rare to find more than one or two in the same location. Mei Ling continues to bring up the subspaces appearing around the school. She believes it has to do with why people have been going missing lately but that is all she knows, which is why she was heading to the school now to do some research. The duo take off and Kamui thinks about what she just heard, deciding to fix this situation now that she's gotten involved.

She heads over to the school but before she knew what was going on, she lost track of time. She is approached by Zenia, who criticizes her for not informing her that she would be arriving today, and she explains that she was tasked with warning Kamui. She's been personally assigned to deal with it, so she thinks Kamui should stay out of it or now because it could be a waste of her time. Kamui is frustrated by this and she is led wondering if Zenia doubts her capabilities, but when neither girl is willing to back down, they get into a fight.

After Kamui wins, she tells Zenia that perhaps the next time they meet up, they can work together instead of having to deal with it like this. Zenia agrees, but she points out with suspicion that Kira Daidouji may be involved before taking off.

Millennial Guardian's Battle 2Edit

As Kamui steps into the school she remarks upon how strange it is now that it's after hours. She's never been here before, and she thinks about how it was best not to mention this to Konoha out of concern she could get into trouble. After realizing she probably doesn't have much time she stops, suddenly hearing a voice: Konoha.

She is surprised to see her loyal companion, who explains that she followed Kamui using her nose to track he scent. She doesn't like that Kamui intended on keeping her away, and while Kamui is touched by her words, she gently tells her to go home. Konoha doesn't understand until she explains that knowing Konoha, she'd most-likely go by impulse and do whatever she felt was for the best, but because of this she's worried about her getting hurt. Konoha tries to reason with her by saying that if it really is as dangerous as she claims, it's just more reason for her to stay. She also swore to always be by her side; but Kamui refuses this and once again claims to be grateful for Konoha and her family, but she must do this on her own. She then offers to give Konoha something she truly loves in return for staying away...

Tummy Rub - Konoha gets very excited by this but claims because of how pleasurable a tummy rub is, she feels she may not deserve it since she didn't earn it. Kamui tries to make her understand why she can't let her stay though, and eventually she gives in. However, Konoha hesitates and claims that she has to stay by Kamui's side.

A Hug -

Nap on my Lap -

By this point, Kamui realizes that she needs to do her best to protect and defend Konoha, but with her high sense of duty she knows she wont bow out of this and things may get really dangerous. She has to do something and decides to get mean in hopes of getting her to leave, so she accuses Konoha of disobeying her until she's reduced to tears. She continues to tell her to go home until she finally caves in and smiles, thanking Kamui for being so concerned for her. Kamui offers her a tummy rub before she goes and Konoha expresses surprise until she explains her reasoning.

The girls separate afterwards but Kamui hesitates, waiting to make sure Konoha left. She really would have liked her to stay, but she had no choice. She has to hurry to find out what is controlling this subspace and stop it.

Suddenly the ground begins to shake.

Millennial Guardian's Battle 3Edit

By now Kamui has realized that the tremors are going on to keep her from finding out where she's been taken to. She doesn't get far before she runs into Heart and Saki, and delightfully Heart brings up how much she's missed her. Kamui claims business came up, and Saki is quick to come up with an excuse to explain why they are there, saying they just happened to be here. Heart quickly ends up ruining this though, when she asks Saki why they are saying this- but Saki continues to deny intentionally coming to investigate, and they shouldn't be told to go anyway because they can't. Heart believes they should join up together since the three of them are stuck there, but Kamui refuses. It's her responsibility and she needs to do it on her own, not only that but it's dangerous.

The duo remain stubborn, making her curiously wonder if there's more to what they said. However, she isn't in the mood and decides to force them to stay out of her business by fighting them, with Saki agreeing to it. She wins, but Saki refuses to relent, saying that Kamui is probably doing too much on her own. This reminds Heart of something, causing her to ask about Konoha. But after Kamui explains sending her away, Heart is saddened and they try to convince Kamui once more to let them come. She begins to reconsider- but another tremor separates them.

As Kamui looks around for the girls she runs into Lieselotte, and quickly she points out that it wouldn't be wise or her to wander around so aimlessly. Lieselotte tells Kamui to leave her alone since she doesn't really care and points out that she might be able to find the next Planar Rift if she keeps looking. She tells Kamui to stay out of her way but she refuses, since her job is to save others and explains how she just wans to resolve the issue without getting them involved. This causes them to start bickering, being incapable of understanding the feelings or emotions of others. Just as another tremor begins, Lieselotte tells her off by saying she'll probably screw up by shouldering so much responsibility, then calls her a moron before saying farewell. 

Kamui finds herself in a new locations and looks around, but she is momentarily distracted and left wondering why she's suddenly feeling emotional grief. She's only doing her job by protecting others.

Millennial Guardian's Battle 4Edit

Walking through the halls, Kamui thinks about the words of those she recently met. She feels depressed without Konoha, and knowing she would be happy to be there only makes her feel worse. But it can't be helped. She always wants to be with Konoha and is glad to know Konoha feels the same way, but caring so much about her makes her feel uneasy, because...

My Life is longer than others - Realizing that no matter how long she's alive, people will come and go and it's a scary thought. She loves Konoha deeply, but there will be a day when they will be forced to separate. However, she knows that instead of worrying about it or feeling sad, she has to value their precious times they spend together, and make as many memories with her as she can.

I know how short Life is -

You never know when Death will come -

It's then Yoriko spots her and comes by to greet her. Kamui is concerned to find out that many from the Celestial Union have shown up, but she kindly greets Yoriko. She explains that she was making her way home when a tremor suddenly occurred, then she found herself in the school again. Despite that, she doesn't appear to be worried, much to Kamui's surprise. She asks why this is, and Yoriko mentions that it feels a lot like how one is "spirited away", and it's kind of neat. She did try to leave though, but she's unable to yet, so she was trying to find the Library to figure out what's going on.

Kamui decides not to mention the subspace and planar rifts, realizing that Yoriko probably has no connection to the Celestial Union. Instead she lies when Yoriko asks her if she has any theories. Kamui suggests that Yoriko try to be patient and wait it out by thinking about something fun instead, and she considers planning a fun trip for everyone. Before they can discuss it though, Lilica shows up and attacks Kamui while telling Yoriko not to listen to her. Concerned, Yoriko tells Lilica she's being unnecessarily rude, but Lilica thinks Kamui is a problem because she's being secretive.

They start bickering until Yoriko is able to squeeze in an apology for vanishing on Lilica like that. Lilica scolds her for being so clumsy and careless before asking Kamui why she's so surprised all of the sudden...

??? -  Kamui asks the girls why they have chosen to stay there knowing it's so dangerous, pointing out that if Lilica really cared about Yoriko she would be better off leading her to safety- ignoring Lilica's attempts a making her tell them the truth. Flustered, she claims Yoriko is important to her, and while it would be easier to elad her to safety, it might not make her happy. Being together, no matter the situation, is better than being apart. She also trusts Yoriko enough to know that she can handle it and instead of them depending on each other separately. They build off of each other to achieve.  

???? -

??? -

These words seem to resonate within Kamui, but before Lilica can finally get her to talk another tremor occurs and separates the trio. She recalls the words of Lilica and realizes that she and Konoha do this, and she made a horrible mistake in pushing her away in order to protect her- she's been selfish in viewing Konoha as someone who needed protected rather than beneficial help. She didn't do what was best for her.

To her shock, she sees Konoha up ahead and runs forward to speak to her.

Millennial Guardian's Battle 5Edit

Konoha quickly apologizes for disobeying Kamui, but Kamui surprises her by insisting that it was her fault, because of how selfish she was and how she hurt her feelings. Konoha attempts to tell her that it's alright and she's also at fault because she's not powerful or necessary. She knows why Kamui would want someone with such little experience to stay home, but Kamui claims this is far from the truth. She was scared something would happen to her and acted irrationally, but seeing how badly Konoha feels about herself now only makes her feel worse. The girls share an embrace and Kamui apologizes, promising that from this moment on she will always keep Konoha by her side.

With that, she asks her to join her and explains her plans of putting a stop to the rift causing this subspace. The girls make their way down the path, a location known as Shady Lane, where the tremors oddly don't effect the area. Kamui is proud of Konoha for handling herself so far, and before they head out she makes Konoha promise not to die on her during battle- or else she'll never forgive her. After Konoha does they continue to make their way out.

The girls are surprised by how bright it's becme when Kira approaches, along with a saddened Weiss. Kamui demands an explanation, then bluntly calls Kira's plan of expanding the subspace to rule over is not only stupid, but pointless. Kira refuses to listen or communicate peacefully though, and she decides that she has no choice but to fight her. After she wins the battle, she watches as Kira passes out and the objects on her arms start breaking. She is joined by Konoha and tells her that they should head home now to let the Celestial Union handle the rest, watching as Weiss grabs Kira to bring her back home and the light begins to fade. They discuss how close they seem to have become as Kamui rewards Konoha with a belly rub. She watches as Konoha proceeds to fall asleep, causing her to wonder why everyone is so kind and caring. She has met many who are dear to her after so many years and realizes that her fear of losing those she cares for almost cost her everything. She loves everything about Konoha and wishes to become someone as strong as her.

Sub StoryEdit

On Her Birthday....Edit

Kamui asks Heart to meet up with her so that they can do some training. Heart misunderstands her, believing they would be training with weapons- but as it turns out Kamui wants help making a cake. With Konoha's birthday approaching she wished to celebrate it in a way a girl would these days. Heart agrees to help her out.

Later that day the girls reunite to start. Kamui struggles, but she manages to soon complete the cake. She's very happy, but it doesn't look as nice as she hoped it would. Heart assures her that even if the outside looks a bit messy, the inside is perfectly good, and the feelings that go into the cake are more important than it's looks. She can also practice more at home now, and Kamui decides to take her up on that idea and leaves while Heart wishes her luck. 

The Flavor of CakeEdit

As she finishes Kamui thinks about what Heart said earlier. She wonders if she might be right and decides to try out the cake to see that it does indeed taste better than it looks.

Later on she presents Konoha with a Happy Birthday. She was unable to get her a gift and feels remorseful, but Konoha claims it to be fine- even saying that Kamui's kindness are wasted on the likes of her. She is happy to just continue being next to her, causing Kamui disappointment when she determines Heart's chant for the cake to look nice didn't work again. However, Konona compliments how delicious it is, and she's very happy that Kamui made this cake just for her. Kamui remains unconvinced though, and tries to tell Konoha not to force herself if she doesn't like it. Konoha insists that it is delicious though and continues to eat.

Kamui happily wishes Konoha a happy birthday. She realizes that the chant might have worked after all.

Firework FestivalEdit

One late evening Kamui observes Konoha as she naps on her lap. Suddenly, a loud boom in the distance startles her and she wakes up thinking it's a storm, but Kamui explains to her that it's fireworks and they decide to go and change into their yutaka to come back and enjoy the festival. While holding hands they quickly make their way back home while Kamui thinks about the nice time she is having right now. 

Capture Mission!Edit

Konoha encourages the hesitant Kamui into stepping foot into a shop, pointing out that's wasted fifteen minutes now. She heads inside and approaches a machine to observe an adorable bunny within it. She would love to add it ot her collection, so without a second thought she inserts a coin to play the machine. As she plays she apologizes to Konoha for making her wait alongside her like this, though Konoha claims not to mind, going on to mention how noisy the machines are. It's then the bunny is lifted into the air and drops down into the opening, allowing Kamui to obtain her prize.

As Konoha congratulates her, Kamui is distracted by the next cute thing, a Barking Puppy. She tells Konoha that she could go home if she would like, but she refuses and they get to work.

Let's Go Buy a SwimsuitEdit

Heart and Lilica show each other the bathing suits they have chosen for the upcoming trip the group has been planning. While they like each others choices, they realize that Kamui hasn't joined them yet, so Heart asks her if she needs any help. Kamui brings up how tight it is in the chest and asks if there should be more material covering her body, but Lilica explains that the less material means the bathing suit is much cuter. She demands Kamui come out at once that they can see, considering they only came for her.

Kamui hesitantly reveals herself and the shiny green bikini she chose. She feels a bit awkward and comments on the string that holds it up and how she doesn't really trust it. After Heart brings up Konoha, this reminds Kamui that she wanted to purchase an innertube, and they wonder who it could be for. She reveals that if Konoha was to get a cramp suddenly, she must be prepared to save her within seconds notice. With that, Kamui decides to grab a sports swimsuit instead, causing Lilica to complain over how much Kamui worries over Konoha.

Dropped and FoundEdit

Kamui happens to locate a white rose hair clip in the park one day. This reminds her of how she gained her own hair accessory and when she chose to become the Millennial Guardian. She realizes how much she values the little ball in her hair and wonders if this rose clip may hold any sentimental value for it's owner as well. She decides just to leave it somewhere in the open with a little note in hopes that the owner may come to look for it. Then she takes off.


Maori, Saki, and Heart discuss foods they generally do not like. Maori is a bit depressed over her hatred of meat since she often tells her younger twin sisters not to be picky, but Saki claims it's alright because everyone has at least one food item they don't like. When asked about her own, she hesitantly admits that she doesn't like coffee or anything sour. They ask Heart what she doesn't like, but instead of listing a food she brings up the dreaded cockroach. The girls quickly agree when Konoha joins them, however she's unable to choose something- since she thinks admitting such things may be a sign of weakness. 

To her surprise, Kamui joins them to bring up her disliking of carbonated drinks. The girls are surprised, and Saki comments on how cute it is. Konoha can't believe Kamui would say such a thing, but she realizes that she was only doing it to help her. Kamui goes on to bring up Konoha's disliking of onions to help her feel included. However, she worries over the information getting out to someone and causing problems.

Fuss Over a Cell PhoneEdit

Konoha tries to figure out how to use a cellphone, but the only function she seems to understand is how to take a picture- which she has no use for it. Kamui reminds her that the Celestial Union gave them these though, so they can't just not use them. She offers to learn how to use her own cell phone with Konoha, citing that they may need to give someone a call one day, and Konoha agrees, only to reveal having lost her phone. She is unable to recall where she may have left is, so Kamui attempts to call it.

However, this fails to work when they receive news that the phone is either turned off or unable to be reached. Kamui asks Konoha if she's charged her phone yet, just to learn that Konoha has no idea what that means.

Days later, they were able to find the dead phone at Konoha's old house.

Fortune for the FaithfulEdit

One late day, Kamui expresses how peaceful things have been lately. She is happy with this, but admits that she sometimes forgets her duties, only to stop upon spotting some iris flowers nearby. Konoha reminds her not to touch them though, because are highly poisonous, and Kamui decides to test her by asking if she recalls that the Japanese Iris means. When she admits to not knowing, Kamui tells her "Good fortune comes to those who believe", then she compares the flower to herself by saying that even though it coats itself in poison it still prays for the blessings of others. She tells Konoha how much she means to her, and how she is able to keep her happy and in good-spirits. 

Puppy Playing in the YardEdit

Konoha is excited to see that it has began to snow. She loves the snow and Kamui comments on this, saying that it would be nice if they get alot of it the next day.

The following day Konoha wakes Kamui up and gives her the usual breakfast, going on to show her the snow rabbit she made. She made it with the snow, but used nandina seeds and leaves for the ears and eyes. Kamui compliments how cute it looks before asking if the snow piled up like they hoped; but as it turns out, it didn't. Konoha admits that she gathered the snow she was able to find from the trees, since it has a difficult time gathering in the city area.

Kamui is surprised that Konoha would go out of her way to show her this snow rabbit, and looks at her hands to realize how chapped they have gotten. She thanks her before taking her hands into her own to warm them.

Various EventsEdit

(These are found in the main Game when selecting a location to head to.)


Nazuna has come by to speak to Kamui. She had heard that this incident may have to do with an ancestor of hers and was quite disheartened by it. Kamui says that she will not say much about it, but she is able to say very little and takes off.


Kira is really irritated by not knowing what has been causing all of the incidents later and decides to take her frustration out on the nearest person. Kamui is actually impressed by the fight with Kira and she comments that her theorizing isn't actually too far off of the mark.


Kamui happens to spot Eko trying to locate her sisters. While she is concerned for her, since she seems to be lost, she doesn't exactly have the time to help much. She watches as Eko suddenly decides she wants to play a game known as "battle", having spotted Kamui. She is able to tell that Eko posesses a lot of spirital energy, but she knows she doesn't stand a chance against her.

Kamui comments that Eko is still only a child and hopes that nobody will try to take advantage of her. Eko decides to reward Kamui with the shiny red stone she found a bit earlier on and Kamui thanks her, commenting on the strength behind the Celestial Stones. Eko then runs off in search of her sisters.


Heart asks for the Celestial Stone in hopes of keeping it somewhere safe. Kamui refuses to however, voicing that the stones are extremely dangerous and so would be anyone after them. She doesn't wish to involve anyone who doesn't need to be and takes off.


A bit awkwardly, Weiss asks Kamui not to get involved with the Celestial Stones. She asks for the stone, seeing as she has one of her own, but Kamui refuses again. She explains that it isn't something she can just hand over, knowing how dangerous it may be and she doesn't want to have to worry over it. Weiss then decides to just use force, stopping to comment that she is she was able to speak "mostly normal".

Realizing that Weiss is not someone untrustworthy, Kamui hands over the stone she got from Eko. She recognizes who Weiss is and she explains that she no longer is controlled into thinking death and violence is the only answer. She takes off onto her next assignment as Kamui comments on her change. However, she decides to trail behind her just to see what is going on.


Kamui happens to find Scharlachrot and Weiss and hears them discuss how they both had plans of stopping the ultimate weapon. However, Scharlachrot feels embittered by Weiss and how she didn't come for her, like she thought she would. She did what she could for Weiss, but now it's too late. Using her chains, she binds her old friend while Weiss tries to reason with her. She asks what she plans to do now, but instead Scharlachrot mentions offhandedly that she could always just kill her now, then herself. 

However, someone keeps getting in her way. So before she tends to themselves, Scharlachrot plans to kill Kamui first. After Kamui bests her in a duel, Scharlachrot demands to know why Kamui insists on getting in her way and the stones go off to awaken Ragnarok, the ultimate Weapon. Right away, Kamui steps up to it and begins to wear it down in hopes of stopping the weapon.

After fighting it, while the base begins to fall apart, Kamui comments on how she has prevented another disaster from occurring.


Kamui End 3

A few days later, Kamui lays in bed with Akane, Konoha, and Nazuna. She thinks about how she is still awake and not in the coma she always fades into after saving everyone, realizing that this is the longest time she's been awake. She thinks about how she's been able to meet so many people and make so many wonderful friends and she hopes their budding relations can fix the mends between the two dog clans; the Koinumaru and Inuwakamaru. She thinks about the other girls she has met from their grandparents, then thinks about her own Arcana, Anutpada and asks it how much longer she will stay in this era.

While she believes everything has been accomplished for now, she realizes that for the first time she finally feels content and she would like to stay in this time longer. Then, she begins to wonder if there would be anything she can do to help the girls feel better once she leaves, hoping that for once she will leave something more than despair and sadness. Finally, she decides to live every day she has left until she falls into her deep slumber. 

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