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Kamui Tokinomiya
(朱鷺宮 神依, Tokinomiya Kamui)
Kamui Portrait AH3.png
Also known as Ashitane (real first name)
Kam-Kam (nickname from Heart)
Physical/Vital Information
Gender Female
Age Eternal (16 physically)
Birthday February 27th (Kizuna Day)
Nationality Japanese
Blood Type O
Height 166cm (5'4")
Weight 51kg (112 lbs)
Measurements (B/W/H) 77cm/56cm/81cm
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Dark Moss
Personal Statistics
Affiliation National Academy of Metaphysics High School, 3rd Year, Class A
Favorite Subject Classic Literature, Calligraphy, Classic Chinese Literature
Weakest Subject Modern Language, Foreign Language
Fighting Style Iaijutsu
Weapon(s) Katana (Tamayorihime Mikadomorimune)
Game(s) Arcana Heart
Arcana Heart 2
Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2
Arcana Heart 3
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars XTEND
Apron of Magic
Manga Arcana Heart (manga)
Japanese Hiromi Hirata
We have encountered each other once again. This is the fate of the Millennial Guardian...

Kamui Tokinomiya (朱鷺宮 神依, Tokinomiya Kamui) is a playable character in the Arcana Heart series. She is known as the Millennial Guardian, as she's been around since recorded history, only to awaken when the spiritual and physical world is in peril. She is good friends with her partner, Konoha.

Her Arcana is Anutpada, the Arcana of Time.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Posing as a senpai to Heart Aino and Saki Tsuzura, Kamui is really the Millennium Guardian who awakens whenever a crisis emerges. She is aided by Konoha and investigates with full-intent on keeping peace.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kamui has pale skin with sharp, heavy lidded eyes of orange and very long, nearly floor-length dark moss hair worn in a ponytail held by white fabric. She has spiked, tented bangs with most of them on the right of her head. A longer section is worn on the left, held by an azure sphere.

Her attire resembles a basic dull navy school uniform composed of a long sleeved top with white lining and fabric on the chest. The large sleeve cuffs are blue, and beneath her top is a black turtleneck. This is paired with a knee-length skirt, black tights, and black leather samurai or ninja style boots.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Due to her long life of slumber and action, Kamui struggles adapting to the current, fast-paced changing society. She is empathetic but very serious and aloof, keeping a calm mind that focuses on her goals. She is respectful and stern when called for, but deep down she expresses frustration over having to constantly go into slumber and wishes there was a way to avoid it.

At school, she is admired, and she has a close bond with Konoha and is devoted to her happiness.

She is also heavily obsessed with anything cute and fuzzy- something she keeps to herself. However, rumors currently float around, claiming she has an impressive stuffed animal collection.

Story[edit | edit source]

Arcana Heart[edit | edit source]

Awakened to inspect the strange activities brought upon them by Mildred. In order to avoid tipping anyone off, the Ministry of Elemental Affairs helps catch her up to speed and she disguises herself as an average school girl in order to observe whoever picks her interest while trying to find the one responsible for the current goings-on.

Arcana Heart 2[edit | edit source]

Arcana Heart 3[edit | edit source]

Main article: Kamui Tokinomiya/AH3 Storyline

Feeling regret over being unable to stop the Drexler Institute when she had a chance decades ago, Kamui suspects that they have something to do with the recent Planar Rifts and decides to look into it.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • I shall observe how people in this age do battle...
  • I will never forgive for assaulting Konoha. The heat of my rage will never grow cold. You cannot imagine the hate I have for you. You are less than worthless. ...Do something to improve yourself. - Story; intro after defeating Konoha
  • The Kasuga family has been serving in the shadows, protecting everyone from harm. For what purpose do you denigrate their efforts? Do you think you can earn forgiveness for your actions? I will not hold back. I will beat you until you feel true shame. - Story; intro after defeating Maori
  • It's difficult to believe that someone as skilled in the martial arts as Akane would be defeated so easily... But I guess sometimes the truth hurts... The Inuwaka and the Koinumaru clans are like family to me. I will not ask your forgiveness. Though not my duty, I feel this battle is necessary. - Story; intro after defeating Akane
  • You dare hurt are a fool. Did you wish to earn my undying hatred? If so, you have succeeded admirably. The price for your stupidity will be beyond your comprehension. I will make you regret your actions for eternity. I will avenge her loss. - Story; intro after defeating Nazuna
  • This is yet another trial that you must endure. I am just entering the proper state of being, so please do not quit now. - Continue countdown
  • ...Forgive me if this seems too personal, but you need to cherish every moment... Overlooking a seemingly trivial opportunity could cost you...dearly. - Continue countdown
  • You must utilize all of the skills you possess! Only when your knowledge, agility, strength and spirit are all in perfect balance will the path appear before you. - Continue countdown
  • Why put off until tomorrow what you can finish today? There is no reason for you to quit now... - Continue countdown
  • Defeat under these circumstances is unacceptable... I trust that you won't let my unshakable resolve be for naught? - Continue countdown
  • Is this truly...the end...? - Continue countdown
  • You must only think of victory. If you allow the thought of defeat to enter your mind, then that will be all you will achieve. - Continue countdown
  • If you truly wish to become stronger, then never stop training. A day will come when your training will become the foundation of great victories. - Continue countdown
  • A view of myself from myself...? Is this the work of petty spirits? Or am I just suffering from extreme exhaustion? As long as it's not a sickness of the mind... - vs. herself
  • As long as you refuse to acknowledge your limitations, you will never stand a chance against Anutpada and me. I suggest you devote yourself to the pursuit of enlightenment. - Arcana Blaze Finish
  • You, who does not understand death nor appreciate life, you must learn what it means to live and to die. Otherwise, you will never understand what it means to be human. - Critical Heart Finish
  • Heart Aino, you need to find your own path to walk. the role of Millenial Guardian is mine alone. There's no need for you to assume my responsibilities. - vs. Heart Aino
  • Saki Tsuzura, it is up to your conscience how you weild the power you have obtained. I have no worries about the path you will choose. - vs. Saki Tsuzura
  • Konoha, I see that you have gotten significantly stronger. I am truly glad to have you as a companion. - vs. Konoha
  • I must admit... i am truly impressed. You might even have surpassed your ancestors. They have no reason to be ashamed of you... - vs. Maori Kasuga
  • I am truly grateful to have at least one friend that will never die. It is my hope that as ages pass, we wil still remain friends. - vs. Mei-Fang
  • Daughter of Felchenerow... why do you avoid me? Could you at least tell me the reason? ...Is it beacuse I am too weak? - vs. Lilica Felchenerow
  • It is a fact of life that, in a duel, there will always be a winner and a loser . I'm sure you're old enough to understand this. Here, have some candy... and stop pouting. - vs. Lieselotte Achenbach
  • Hmm, I guess it's not a bad thing to have friends. I'm glad to see that you and Michelangelo are doing so well. - vs. Yoriko Yasuzumi
  • Um... Kira Daidouji... Can this "slime" of yours turn into any shape you desire? If so, could you... could you have it transform into a prin-- I mean, a penguin? - vs. Kira Daidouji
  • Fiona Mayfield. Your... squirrel... it's... really cute... Do you think I could ha-- I mean... Sorry, forget I said anything. - vs. Fiona Mayfield
  • Now I remember! The dual guns, the fighting style... both are hallmarks of the Lagerkvist family of Europe. I see, so you're a descendant of Emelia Saira? - vs. Petra Johanna Lagerkvist
  • You focus so much on the fight that you forget why it is you're fighting... My apologies, you probably didn't need that pointed out to you. Never mind. - vs. Zenia Valov
  • You never age... you never change... you simply exist. Is that really what happiness is about...? Unfortunately, I don't think I have an answer for that. - vs. Elsa la Conti
  • Clarice di Lanza, was it? The presence of Michelangelo is one thing, but... It seems that my fate is intertwined with that of the Felchenerows. - vs. Clarice di Lanza
  • I have a suggestion or two, if you don't mind. How about making the exterior a little softer, maybe make it a bit rounder? Wouldn't that make it the ultimate penguin plushie? - vs. Catherine Kyoubashi
  • Oh? Is this what people call magic nowadays...? Thank you very much for the show. I would like to show you my gratitude... Is there anything I can do for you? - vs. Dorothy Albright
  • To transcend humanity and become one with the spiritual... I have to confess; I have no idea why one would do such a thing. Perhaps I am a bit... old fashioned in my thinking? - vs. Angelia Avallone
  • That was very impressive, Nazuna, but you must learn to control yourself. ...Akane worries about you far too much as it is. Even now she's probably fretting in the shadows... - vs. Nazuna Inuwaka
  • Akane, there is no need for you to worry about me so. Haven't you always wanted to come to Tokyo? You should take some time to enjoy yourself. - vs. Akane Inuwaka
  • Compared to those used in the Great War, it seems the angels created by man are much more stable.I don't know whether I should laugh or cry about that... - vs. Weiss
  • The ability to harness so much spiritual energy at your age... And the ability to give life to your drawings? It's no wonder that the Drexler Institute wants you. - vs. Eko
  • It's only been a few decades since the Drexler Institute was founded, yet their development of artificial angels has progressed so far...? their degeneracy knows no bounds. - vs. Scharlachrot

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She has a soft spot for penguins.
  • She is the eldest daughter of a priest.
  • It was her little sister who gave her the sphere in her hair.
  • She was ten when she became the Millennial Guardian.
  • Her appearance and weapon gives her a resemblance to Shigure Kosaka from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple.
  • Some alternate color swaps give her a resemblance to Kaori Kanzaki from A Certain Magical Index, Yomi Isayama from GaRei, Hakumen from BlazBlue, Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino from Sailor Moon, and Shana from Shakugan No Shana
  • One of her moves resembles Mist Finer, a move by Johnny from Guilty Gear.
  • She's the final boss in Survival Score Attack in Love Max!!!!! (replacing Parace L'sia).
  • She likes soba, tempura and rice balls.
  • She dislikes carbonated drinks.

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