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Due to Heart's outgoing and friendly personality, she has many acquaintances and friends. If it isn't her personality, it's her overflowing eagerness or power that attracts them.

Characters from Arcana HeartEdit

Saki TsuzuraEdit

Heart and Saki are childhood friends who deeply care for one-another. Heart often goes to Saki whenever she is frightened or in need of help due to her large admiration. She goes out of her way to make something very big and elaborate each Valentines Day just for Saki. But when Saki gets frustrated with her, she can get extremely emotional and is likely to respond childishly, claim to dislike her, or start crying out of fear she hates her. Heart often calls her Sa-Sa, much to her disapproval.

Maori KasugaEdit

Heart's other best friend. She shows her the same admiration and care that she does for Saki on a lower scale. While Saki may elicit a childish response for the way she handles Heart, Maori's motherly nature keeps her from acting this way. Heart often calls her Mao-Mao.


Heart often calls her Mei-Mei.

Kamui TokinomiyaEdit

Heart admires Kamui, who she sees as an older senpai. She is also aware that at times Kamui may not be entirely truthful about her feelings, but she usually wont say anything. She was very excited to teach Kamui how to bake. Heart often calls her Kam-Kam.


Heart finds Konoha very adorable and will jump at her aid to lend her a hand or speak to her. She seems to like to touch, rub, and pet Konoha and affectionately addresses her as Kono-Kono.

Lilica FelchenrowEdit

Heart is one of the few girls who aren't on Lilica's bad side or elicits a rude or hostile response. They often make casual conversation and hang out together when Lilica is not with Yoriko. Heart often calls her Lili-Lili.

Lieselotte AchenbachEdit

Heart is very kind to Lieselotte; despite her plan to kidnap and harm her in the past. After Heart saved Lieselotte, she has no problems going out of her way trying to make her feel better. Such as the time she offered to give her umbrella to Lieselotte when they were out in the middle of a pouring rainstorm, then refused to use it for herself after Lieselotte did not accept it. She often calls her Liesy-Poo.

Yoriko YasuzumiEdit

Heart often calls her Yori-Poo.

Kira DaidoujiEdit

Heart doesn't agree with Kira's plans or ideals, but she does try to appease Kira by telling her what she wants to hear while plotting a quick escape before Kira is able to respond or continue. Deep down she believes Kira really wants to have more friends and to be genuinely liked, and she does try to be patient with her.

Characters from Arcana Heart 2Edit

Petra Johanna LagerkvistEdit

Heart adores Petra, but she doesn't return the affection or friendship and gets frustrated by her lack of formalities. Heart calls her Petra-Ran.

Zenia ValovEdit

Catherine KyoubashiEdit

Catherine seems to be one of the few people that Heart has mixed-feelings towards. While they may hang out for a few minutes or chat while waiting for something, Heart will sometimes express annoyance with her.

Nazuna and Akane InuwakaEdit

Heart knows the sisters personally and sees them quite often.

Characters from Arcana Heart 3Edit




Heart calls her Sharlie.

Minori AmanoharaEdit


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