• Before Battle: Turns in a running motion and prepares to attack, making a fist.



  • Normal - Gently bounces while standing in place, raising and lowering her arms at chest length.
  • Advantageous - Crouches down before jumping into the air with a fist raised.
  • Disadvantageous - Stands with knees partially bent while breathing heavy.
  • Attack (1) - Raises a fist while making a cute face, then punches with the other.
  • Attack (2) - Jumps down in a slow swirl before a glowing heart forms with her fist. Then she pulls back while posing.
  • Attack (3) - Raises a fist into the air and a glowing heart appears and flies at the screen. Then her fist goes upward.
  • Damage - Heart pulls back, and continues when continously hit.
  • Victory - Spins around in the air and poses while glitter surrounds her.
  • Defeat - Falls backward, then sits while holding her head and shedding tears. 
  • Perfect Victory - Keeps hands close to her chest, then pulls them forward, making a big glowing heart appear. 
  • Battle Cut-in: One hand is held out while she winds up the other and raises a foot, preparing to strike.


  • Heart raises a hand, causing her ribbons to form a heart in the air before she poses.
  • Bounces in place with her arms raised in a fighting position.
  • Holds both arms out while standing still.
  • Raises one fist in the air, causing an updraft of wind or energy from beneath her.
  • Punches forward with her ribbon spiraling around her arm.


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