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Main StorylineEdit

Incident at the Academy 1Edit

Impatiently waiting for class to end, Heart approaches Saki and Maori and suggests they eat lunch together- but due to her excitement, she didn't realize the teacher wasn't finished. She punishes Heart by giving her homework before deciding to end the lecture. As they prepare to go Saki remarks on how she probably would have given Heart a harsher punishment but watching her bond with Maori -who offered to help her with the work- causes her to become envious. She claims she could also help Heart.

Sitting down to eat, Heart happily brings up how she has her favorite today, but after observing Saki's equally delicious-looking food she asks if they can trade, offering her chicken for...

Fried Egg - Surprised, Saki asks Heart about her decision, and Heart compares it to a really sweet cake. Along with other salty and saucy foods, and Maori requests being included on the trade because she would also like to try her fried chicken. Heart agrees.

Octo Sausage - Saki asks Heart if she likes sausage, and Heart admits that while she doesn't like it as much, she likes the adorable little octopus legs and the love and effort put into making them. Saki admits to having never thought of it like that as she hands them over, only for Heart to request being fed by her. She then offers to return the favor, greatly flustering Saki. She hesitantly opens her mouth to eat and compliments the chicken as Maori asks to try a bite as well- but she refuses to let Heart feed her. 

Meatball - The girls eat and Heart brings up how her mother helped her make the chicken, so she's glad it came out good. But before she can eat the meatball she drops it, with Maori quickly telling her that it is not edible now. Saki offers her another.

After finishing lunch the girls start discussing the recent disappearances around school as of late when they hear students nearby also accessing the situation. Heart brings up how she hasn't seen Kamui or Konoha as of late and hopes they are okay; but as the Celestial Union hasn't contacted anyone lately they aren't too worried. Suddenly, Heart gets an idea and suggests they do a little investigating to stop more people from vanishing. Saki believes this may be too dangerous though, and Maori reassures her by saying they don't have to do this, but Heart refuses. She reluctantly agrees knowing that when Heart sets her mind on something she can become stubborn, and decides that just for today they will look- but if they can't find anything the subject will be dropped.

With that, they ask Heart where they should search first: Yokohama or the Academy of Metaphysics....

Yokohama - Heart's intuition suggests they start here, but Saki scolds her under the belief she is only goofing off. She claims that she won't help her anymore until Heart apologizes, and comments that they should probably just look around the school. However, everything seems perfectly fine.

Academy  - Since the oddities have been taking place here, it would only make sense to start here. Maori and Saki agree.

I dunno -

Sensing their concerns, Heart worriedly asks the girls if they're sure they want to join her since it could be dangerous. But they point out that they chose to come with her, cheering her up as they run off to class, having noticed the time. Once it ends they will begin their search.

Incident at the Academy 2Edit

Waiting until school ends, Maori and Saki discuss how strange it is to be in school without any activity going on. Heart brings up that with the recent goings-on they were canceled, much to her disappointment. They remark on how creepy it is and she attempts to lighten the mood by randomly yelling in the hallway until they shush her. If they get caught they will be forced to leave. She agrees to quiet down until a voice startles them. Saki and Maori quickly hide but Heart -confused and unable to think quickly- gets caught by Lilica, who came to find someone.

Seeing as its only Heart, she expresses disappointment and brings up being separated from Yoriko. She checked the library for her but she wasn't there. Curious, she asks what the three of them were doing and Heart brings her up to speed, with Lilica mentioning her classmates also discussed it. As Heart informs Lilica that they have been looking at least for an hour now, a suspicious Saki begins questioning her. She can't overlook the fact that she is still there on campus after hours, though Lilica points out they are doing the same thing. Saki claims it's different, although Lilica doesn't think so.

Maori quickly intervenes by asking Lilica what she's doing there, and she explains how she and Yoriko left earlier. But after seeing a flash of light she got distracted and somehow got back inside. Yoriko went to look for a book and she's been trying to locate her since. But by now she's been feeling strange, little jolts from the turn of events and is in need of a nap.

Saki goes on to ask Heart what they should do...

Don't worry and Smile -

Go with her/Ask her what she wants to do - Heart suggests they bring Lilica with them but she hesitates, considering she might just slow them down since they're looking for two separate things. She would prefer to just continue on her own to focus on fulfilling her promise. With that Heart asks to at least walk with her back to the Library and Lilica eagerly agrees after revealing she hasn't been able to find it yet. While it becomes painfully clear she is horrible at directions, Lilica attempts to avoid the subject.

Suddenly the ground starts shaking. By the time it stops Lilica has vanished and Saki thinks about a book known as the "Supernatural Phenomenon of the World". Maori takes note of how differently their surroundings feel now when Lieselotte joins them, causing Heart to wonder why she's still here. Maori assumes it has something to do with the Japanese branch of the Celestial Union, but Lieselotte claims it does not. Somehow she just woke up here. They recall how the same occurred with Lilica as Lieselotte goes on to mention being unable to leave due to strange seals that have been placed on the doors. She doesn't have any idea where they could be at either.

Another tremor occurs, and by this point only Saki and Heart are together. Saki asks Heart what they should focus on...

The Passage of Time - Seeing how the clocks seemed to have stopped working or slowed down, Heart suggests they start checking that and claims it's been four hours since they began, but they say three.

The Situation outside - Agreeing, asks what time it is and mentions how the outside time doesn't match her internet clock. Heart brings up that it has roughly been four hours since they began searching and it should be around seven, but outside it only looks like noon.

The Tremors themselves -

After another tremor begins, Heart asks about the school and brings up how something seems different. While it looks the same, it doesn't feel right. She starts wondering if all the light outside is from energy and they start to worry over everyone vanishing, until Saki calms down and convinces Heart that they will probably be fine. Lilica already dealt with this and she's been okay, but they shouldn't let their guards down either. With nothing else in mind, they try to search for their missing friends.

Incident at the Academy 3Edit

Saki begins to theorize that they might have been thrown into an alternate dimension and explains this to Heart, saying that they might be trapped in there for as long as the tremors continue. Heart suggests they hold hands to keep from separating when they start again, and upon ending they find Kamui nearby.

Heart is glad to see she is okay since it's been a while, and Kamui mentions how she was given the task to find out what is going on. To avoid revealing anything, Saki attempts to quiet down Heart while claiming they just happened to be there. She goes on to bring up her theory again and tells Kamui not to bother trying to escape because once someone enters they are unable to leave the building. Heart is momentarily disappointed by this, but suggests they keep high-spirits and work together for now, with Saki agreeing.

However, Kamui tries to convince them not to bother since they can't really do much right now. Saki disagrees under the belief that Kamui shouldn't try to solve this on her own, although she points out that she had Konoha stay outside to keep her safe. She begins to wonder if she made a good decision when Heart and Saki claim that they would want to be with each other if they were worried like that. Just then, another tremor occurs.

In another location within the school, the girls are beginning to get frustrated and are unsure of how to fix things when they keep being tossed around. Saki explains that this world is apparently a subspace created by a planar rift, and that they are trapped to keep from finding out who is responsible for it. Heart decides that they must try to keep looking then, and convince the guilty party to stop; initially confusing Saki until she gets an idea and suggests splitting up. They really need to get more information and locate Maori. 

Heart understands, but by now she's become suspicious of Saki. She keeps it to herself and decides to trust Saki though, and she begins searching in another direction. She finds Konoha and is about to tell her about seeing Kamui earlier; but to her confusion she hears Konoha behind her, even though she is standing in front of her.

Before she can gather her bearings, she watches her leave- only for Catherine to appear. Catherine admits to having no idea as to what is happening, but she felt obligated to come and try to figure it out. She intended on gathering information by speaking to everyone but hasn't been able to get anything so far. She then decides to fight Heart, but Heart asks her why they couldn't just work together instead. Catherine refuses though, due to prioritizing, and she demands that Heart tells her whatever she knows. Seeing as she has no choice Heart is forced into a fight.

Afterwards, a further irritated Heart asks Catherine why they had to fight, only to be ignored. Catherine then goes on to reveal that she did have something, bringing up how Kira got trapped in a Planar Rift-caused subspace and she has been trying to figure out what caused it. She found Kira but she wasn't listening to her and acted oddly. Catherine decides to take off and Heart is relieved to have gotten at least that much. She thinks about what Saki said earlier and wonders if this is being caused by Kira and the strange machine, determining there must be a connection as she continues on.

Incident at the Academy 4Edit

While walking down the hall Heart decides to call Saki and update her, but after the signal drops she decides to locate her on her own. She comes across Petra and begins addressing her with affection- causing one of her aids to giggle before she demands to know which one it was. She deduces it was Clarice after she and Elsa deny it, and she begins to get flustered as they start discussing nicknames with Heart. She refuses to let them continue, until Elsa reasons that having a close friend who gives you nicknames could be nice and she reluctantly drops the subject once Petra agrees to let the two of them address her by her first name now.

With that out of the way she brings up Saki and Maori and asks where they are. She assumes Heart is there due to the Celestial Union and they begin to discuss the strange occurrences. However, Heart claims that she, Saki, and Maori came to look on their own. She admits to possibly knowing the cause as well, but she's not entirely sure. Petra suggests they find whoever is doing this and stop them, but Heart believes they should just convince the person to cut it out and to stop jumping to conclusions. Annoyed, Petra accuses Heart of not being concerned enough over the incident and points out how many have been hurt by it; a simple discussion isn't enough. But Heart knows that fighting isn't always the answer and suggests that they work together.

Petra continues to refuse because she believes her own ideals are right, she doesn't really care how she sounds. She accuses Heart of being too considerate for others and believes that for the greater good some sacrifices must be made. Heart agrees that while those who do bad should pay or it, but focusing on the situation itself is a better way to get a happier ending. By now Petra accuses her of being delusional, and she challenges her to a fight- agreeing to accept her view if she can beat her.

After she wins the fight, Heart tells Petra that she does not think there is only one way to do things right; but her way does come in handy sometimes so there's no need for an apology. Even if Petra doesn't see her as a friend, she still views her highly. Elsa and Clarice suggest to Petra that they should get going now and Heart claims that she still plans on making everyone else happy, so she will stick to her original plan. Petra responds by telling her to do whatever she thinks is for the best and they leave. Heart stands behind and mentally apologizes for being secretive about the information she found out, but she doesn't think it would have been smart to bring up Kira. She has to find her before someone else can.

With that, Heart decides to check an area where the light appears to be the brightest.

Incident at the Academy 5Edit

As light runs towards the light she bumps into Weiss. Weiss apologizes for not paying attention and they exchange names and inform each other how they are not associated with the Celestial Union. Heart mentions that she has worked for them in the past, but she wasn't there because of them today. Weiss is glad and goes on to explain how she got there- although, unlike everyone else she doesn't actually mind being there. Heart mentions how odd this is and confesses that while she was worried, now she's just worn out because she had so many fun encounters. She asks Weiss why she was traveling alone and why she feels happy now of all times, and Weiss claims that it has a lot to do with her companion whom she was separated from. Before they came to this world, they didn't act like their true self.

However, at the thought of becoming lost and forgotten, Heart realizes she must hurry and locate Kira before she weakens and dies. Before continuing, she notices Weiss struggling with something and tells her that at times making a choice can be difficult- but she is sure Weiss will do the right thing. Pleased by this, Weiss is glad she came across Heart, but their easygoing feelings are short-lived when Weiss suggests that she try to hurry up to find Kira. She isn't sure that she will stand too much of a chance, and she because she wants to do this herself, they can't go together. She also believes that whoever finds her first should just act on instinct regardless of the situation. Heart agrees and they split up. 

After coming to a dead end, Heart begins to feel hopeless. The tremors are continuing and she hasn't come across any signs pointing her out to the right direction. She doesn't know what else to do. It's then she finds herself before the brightest spot yet and realizes she's now outside.

Spotting Kira up ahead, Heart runs forward and demands an explanation. She informs her that this has all been for the sake of world domination, but Heart quickly points out how many are suffering because of her. Kira rejects her complaint, saying that if she plans on stopping her then she can fight her, and Heart attempts to get her to listen to reason but Kira refuses to listen and calls her stupid. Heart asks if Weiss is her friend, which Kira quickly denies and tells Heart that as long as she can rule the world and be on top she does not need anybody else. Heart tries telling her that she will become lonely though, but by now Kira is provoked into attacking her. Heart promises to help Weiss by bringing Kira back to her senses. 

Kira is shaken by her loss to Heart, and Heart points out that they didn't have any choice but to destroy the machine. It's then Weiss shows up and offers to take Kira back home, even if she couldn't do much to help her, she could at least do this. Heart feels saddened to see how distant their friendship appears to be, but she convinces Weiss that even if Kira forgets her, she will still remember deep down. She also knows this is not the real Kira. As the light begins to fade, everyone returns for home.

The following day Heart approaches her friends and they ask how she is feeling. She isn't able to remember what went on earlier and they claim to feel the same way when Maori points out that she heard something say incidents like the one they were involved in tend to be forgotten. Now that everything has been taken care of, they can be happy knowing this. It's then they go on to ask if she did the math homework from the prior day and Saki insults her when she starts to panic. She tells her that if they hurry to school then they can help her finish it during home room, with Maori agreeing to help her out.

With that, Heart makes a mad dash for school while thinking about Subspace-Kira. She comes to the conclusion that friends are a source of kindness and love. She is sure that this version of Kira feels the same way.

Sub StoryEdit

I want a DogEdit

One day, Heart plays with a Chihuahua when Kamui and Konoha spot her. They had just finished shopping and ask why Heart is there. She explains that she had plans to meet up with Saki but she got there too early, so to pass the time she's been looking at the animals at the Pet Shop. Kamui feels saddened for Heart because she is unable to have a puppy of her own, due to her home being a cafe. She hands Heart a plush dog she won earlier at the arcade, much to Konoha's surprise as she tells her to keep it and shows her how it can bark when it's tummy gets pressed. Touched by the gesture, Heart agrees to take it and promises to take good care of it.

Vending Machine Jackpot!!Edit

One day, Heart and Lilica are hanging out at the park when Heart gets thirsty. Lilica points her out to the vending machine she saw earlier and she runs over. After observing her choices, she selects the Great Super Happy Juice Extreme. Catherine approaches and comments on how she finds it hard to believe Heart is actually drinking that since it's probably gross, but Heart doesn't understand. She points out that it's name sounds good, but Catherine counters by claiming that the drink doesn't say why it is called Extreme.

Heart is sure it'll be fine though, and she inserts her coin. But they are startled momentarily when the machine begins to make strange noises and announces that Heart won a second drink; this time a can of tea. Catherine is amazed to see how random this is but Heart is fine with it. The game pops up a second time following this.

After some time, LIlica complains over how long Heart is taking and decides to check on her, hearing the music nearby. She approaches them as it's announced Heart has won another drink, causing Heart to ask for Lilica's help while Catherine brings up how she's now won 20 drinks. No longer finding this to be fun, Heart bursts into tears.   

Sweet Valentines DayEdit

Heart meets up with Saki and points out to her that the colors of the Tokyo tower have changed, along with the pattern. Saki had not noticed it and Heart explains by saying that Spring and Autumn have a warm coloring, while Summer has silver. Heart then mentions how the shape pattern forms into a heart during Christmas. Heart is very excited to find out what the next one will be however, since that event is approaching. Saki is confused by this, and she announces that Valentines Day is coming up. Saki admits to forgetting because she doesn't care about it much.

As Valentines approaches, Heart excitedly admires the pink lit up tower and the sight of chocolate everywhere. She has become inspired to make chocolate too, causing Saki to quickly ask if she likes someone- only for Heart to interrupt and ask Saki if will have some chocolate as well. She plans on making her an extra-big cake for Saki, and Saki forces herself to brush aside her earlier curiosity and claim she will be looking forward to it.

On a Rainy Day...Edit

Heart is surprised when it suddenly starts raining, although she did think ahead, and she pulls out an umbrella. The weather lady mentioned this earlier, so she's not that caught off guard. Spotting Lieselotte up ahead, Heart asks what she is doing. Lieselotte mentions that she just came out for a walk and Heart quickly tries to share her umbrella upon noticing she doesn't have one, but Lieselotte claims to be fine since she wants to go home wet and tells Heart to leave.

Without giving it a second thought, Heart shuts her umbrella and decides that because Lieselotte doesn't have one, she wont use hers; even if Lieselotte doesn't want to talk to her, she's still supportive over her and what she wants. She also claims it can be fun to walk home wet and compares it to being like a frog. Lieselotte thanks her, then calls her an idiot for being so goofy; but at least she's in a better mood now.

Always by Your SideEdit

Heart sadly complains over getting the window seat in the front row; which seems to happen consistently whenever a class changes their seats. Saki believes it may just be a coincidence but this isn't enough to appease Heart since she is well-aware that she will probably get into a lot of trouble from that spot. Saki claims her seating won't matter before revealing she will be sitting next to Maori, who is right behind Heart. Happily, Heart is glad her friends get along so well, while Maori expresses delight along with her. However, Saki worries that they might cause problems in class.

Viva La Matching!Edit

Heart is excited to be having a sleepover with her two best friends, even getting them pajamas to match her pink pair: a red set for Maori, and a blue for Saki. She got them after they made their plans, but while Maori is happy, Saki admits to being kind of embarrassed before reminding Heart that they all planned on going to Maori's for a study session that evening.

But as it turns out, they tricked her. Heart just wanted Saki to spend time with them and just have some fun relaxing. Maori apologizes for having been deceptive, claiming how she was initially against it until giving it proper thought, and Heart says that they should just have fun now that she knows. She goes on to show them the sweets she bought, asking Saki if she's mad at her for what she did. Saki claims that she is, but she thanks them anyway. With that the trio sit down to play cards.

10% ReciprocationEdit

Petra scolds Heart for being so careless with addressing her, then chastises her pouty response before asking her why she came so suddenly. Heart explains that she had found a rose hairpin that looked like Petra's and she wanted to check. Petra instantly recognizes it and reveals how hers had gone missing just a little bit ago, but she didn't notice until a little bit ago. She thanks Heart and curiously asks if she ever wears hair pins. Heart claims not to have any need because of her short hair, then claims to be envious of Petra since she gets to use cute hair accessories. But she's also glad she found the pins owner, unaware of how flustered Petra suddenly is.

A few days later, Heart finds a strange package for her that came from Petra. Inside is a heart-shaped hairpin, much to her surprise. She reads over the letter inside, which describes how happy Petra was to have her hairpin back. She decided to get this one for Heart and believes that despite her own hair length, she can still use it. Happily, Heart decides to wear it the next time she goes out.

Kira Worshippers 1Edit

After class ends, Heart approaches Saki and suggests they walk home together, but both she and Maori are too busy today. Curious, Heart decides to follow them and see what's going on, but she only finds Saki discussing budget plans. After mentally fawning over how cool she looks, she goes on to find Maori in the middle of archery practice. She fawns over her hakama before taking off, wondering if there's a club she could join as well.

It's then she overhears Kira and realizes she's accidentally walked onto the Primary School division of campus. Having heard her, Kira stops her to claim that she knows which club would be good for her, and she explains the rules: "Praise the great kira, kneel before the great kira, and praise the great kira again".

Heart is oblivious to the true nature of the club. 

Kira Worshippers 2Edit

Heart sadly waits for Kira to finish her speech before quickly complimenting it as she tries to leave. Kira scolds Heart for not addressing her by something more desirable and threatens her, but Heart insists that they're friends, so it's okay. Kira doesn't listen and continues scolding her, then asks if she wants to be in her club or not. Heart admits that she doesn't though, stating that she's just happy providing a service at the Cafe and making everyone else happy. She doesn't need to be in a club. Although, Kira is the reason she realized this and decides to thank her. People only join clubs because they want to be there to do what they want, so she doesn't need to join just for the sake of wanting to be in one.

After thanking Kira she decides to go home to think up a new parfait recipe. She wants to make one better than the last one that Lieselotte really liked. Kira is surprised to hear this and expresses curiosity, but she realizes she got distracted and yells at Heart before running off.

Fluffy HeartEdit

Saki, Heart, and Maori are out eating dumplings one day when Saki and Maori notice that something is bothering Heart. They worry that she may feel ill, but she claims she is fine. They are able to deduce she is trying to diet- although they don't believe she has to. Saki claims that Heart's slightly plump body is endearing, with Maori agreeing. Heart doesn't feel better though.

As it turns out, Heart really wasn't actually worried over dieting at all. She just thought the dumplings looked super-yummy and was staring at them. Maori worries that they rushed to judgement and Saki apologizes. Heart is alright though, deciding to just eat the yummy food whenever she wants to. However, Saki and Maori worry that they might have unintentionally provoked her.

Various EventsEdit

These are found in the main Game when selecting a location to head to.

Chat with LilicaEdit


Heart happens to come by Lilica and asks her about the Celestial Stones and her desire to obtain them - as they are told to grant the user a wish. After a quick fight, Heart decides that she would like to go and look for them as well, to make everyone happy. Before leaving she happens to overhear a woman newscaster.

Heart continues on to find Clarice, who is unhappy that Heart fought with Lilica. As she believes only she should be granted such a priviledge. She apologizes, as she didn't mean to cause any problem and leaves after fighting Clarice.

A decisionEdit


Heart comes across her dear friend, Saki, who questions why she is there before apologizing; realizing the question was pretty dumb. Heart claims it not to be though and claims she is there for the same reason that Saki is, and while Saki is able to agree that many more Planar Rifts are occuring she does not wish for Heart to continue and asks her to just leave everything to her. Heart insists that she does it though, out of fear Saki may get hurt.

After they fight, Heart happens to spot a crystal nearby and comments on the power coming from it. Saki asks that Heart hands it over, because she thinks it may be too dangerous for her, but Heart refuses because she doesn't want Saki to get hurt if it really is dangerous. She insists that she can handle it and takes off.

Request from MaoriEdit


After spotting Heart, Maori asks to have the Celestial Stone she is carrying. She won't tell her why she needs it, but promises to do so later. As Heart realizes that it must be something important, she instead suggests that Maori joins her and that they can work together to fix things.

Petra's DemandEdit


Approaching Heart, she demands to be given the Celestial Stone and tells her to just give up trying to fix things. Heart is alarmed by such cold words and asks why Petra is being so mean because she thought they were friends. She tells her that they need to work together, but Petra continues to coldly speak. She tells Heart that they have no relationship whatsoever and she needs to stop thinking they do. She gives Heart a final warning to leave and when she refuses, they fight.

After winning, Heart insists that she and Petra must be comrads. She discusses how dangerous the stone is before deciding to take the one Petra found after she spots it. Petra hands it over and warns Heart to be careful with handling it and she takes off to try to locate more Planar Rifts.

Kamui's insistanceEdit


She tells Heart to hand over the Celestial Stone - citing that as she has a connection to them she would like to do with it on her own. Heart refuses once more however, saying that they are dangerous. She asks how she can rid of the stone before continuing on her way.

The Ultimate WeaponEdit


Finding herself overwhelmed by Celestial energy, Heart tries to figure out what may be going on. Scharlachrot voices that Heart is feeling the energy from the ultimate weapon made by the Drexler Institute. Seeing as Heart has two of the stones she decides to take them from her, but Heart stops to ask Scharlachrot if she will help her instead, not realizing that she isn't someone to befriend. She just wants Sophie to return to her and is excited to see this plan of Drexler Institute be followed through. But Heart insists that nobody deserves this and a fight ensues.

After the fight ends, Heart asks for information regarding how to stop the weapon and wonders if she could destroy the stones. Scharlachrot refuses to say anything though - since she is sure Heart can't do anything about it. Heart watches as the Celestial Stones are taken from her and watches as Scharlachrot suddenly bursts into a rant while saying she should die like everyone else.

The ultimate weapon begins to appear as the Newscaster watches from the news chopper. She attempts to discuss what is going on while they make their way to Tanega Island and she has no idea how to describe this.

Shocked by it's plans to destroy Japan, Heart refuses to let that happen while saying she will protect everyone. With that another fight ensues - this time with Heart fighting the ultimate weapon. After she beats it, a voice says that the energy of the Celestial Stones has been lost and everything begins to fall apart.

With everyone saved by the power of love, Heart decides to head on home. The reporter watches the scene unfold and tells everyone that they are approaching Tanega Island finally. But to her surprise, nothing is there anymore. She then ends her segment and reluctantly has them return to the studio.


Heart End 3

After a few days, Heart meets up with Weiss and tells her to do her best. Weiss thanks Heart for her kind instructions and decides to return to Rosenberg to recreate the cake Heart was making. She tells Weiss she doesn't need to be too formal with her though, but Weiss struggles and soon takes off.

Heart then prepares to head home while she thinks about what she needs to do upon arrival. Such as clean the kitchen and take out the trash, although she plans to just kick back and take things easy afterwards, due to having a lot of action shows to catch up on. It's then she bumps into Saki, who asks her what she was doing. Heart mentions having finished her errands, then asks Saki the same question. Saki asks if she can tag along, apologizing for how she got earlier and to make it up to Heart she purchased a tart for her. Heart agrees and together the two friends take off. 

Upon arrival Heart asks Saki to wait up in her room. She explains she has to clean the kitchen first but to her alarm she finds a cockroach in the hallway and falls over, landing on top of Saki. Saki is quick to try to calm her down by saying she doesn't see anything, then tries to make her stop crying. Heart thanks Saki for being there and Saki promises that she will always be by her side.

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