• Normal - Fiona stands at an angle while holding her sword.
  • Advantageous - She stands back to raise one of her hands in a fist, then holds it by the side of her head.
  • Disadvantageous - Stands in her original posture, very worn out and tired while slouched over.
  • Attack (1) - Struggles to lift her sword and is jerked back.
  • Attack (2) - Pulls back, then stabs the screen with light pink surrounding the slash.
  • Attack (3) - She jumps into the air, then sends her sword down; falling flat onto her face in the process.
  • Damage - She uses her sword to protect her, or falls back.
  • Victory - Politely curtsies with a small smile.
  • Defeat - Falls to the ground with a look of surprise.
  • Special Victory - She catches a squirrel wearing a bell accessory to match her own and holds it.



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