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I've found the cause of all this trouble. Proceeding with the extermination of Heart Aino.
Dark Heart
(ダークハート, Dāku Hāto)
Dark Heart Portrait AH3LMSS.jpg
Arcana Love Prison Geist
Physical/Vital Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Blood Type B
Height 156cm (5' 2")
Weight 45kg (99 lbs)
Measurements (B/W/H) 82cm/56cm/90cm
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Pink
Personal Statistics
Affiliation Unknown
Favorite Subject Mathematics, Science, History, Language in General
Weakest Subject None
Fighting Style Holy Spirit Sword Dual Wield
Weapon(s) Long sword with sideways handle (Valhalla, but she calls it "Mother") and knife
Game(s) Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars XTEND (DLC)
Japanese Yuki Nagano

Dark Heart is an playable character in the Arcana Heart series, who appears in Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars XTEND as a DLC character. Little known about her origin, she is hailed from an unknown tragic future with a mission to travel back in time to the present-day, and find her primary target: Heart Aino.

Her Arcana is Love Prison Geist.


Dark Heart is Heart's exact opposite in appearance. She wears a black high school uniform with red and yellow straps on the arms, a pair of white gloves, a black cape, black boots accented with yellow buttons, rings on the top and yellow soles. She wears a black military cap with a red strap and a yellow heart symbol.

Like her good natured counterpart, she also has pink hair, but it is longer, reaching down to the back of her knees. She has a hair antenna under her cap. Her eyes are a reddish purple color instead of the orange eye color Heart has. She also seems to have a slightly curvier body compared to Heart.


Not much is known as of late. What is currently known, for currently unknown reasons, is that Dark Heart harbors a deep hatred against Heart, due to the latter would possibly bring about a tragedy in the future timeline.


Dark Heart hails from an unknown tragic future who travel back in time to the present-day, with a mission to sever Heart off the chains and paradoxes of fates and save "that person". Little known about her past history before travel back to the past, as Scharlachrot and Weiss was her sergeant, meaning she was possibly attended Rosenberg from her timeline.


Continue Screen[]

  • I have promised big sis Eko. Never to let her shed tears ever again. Let us recommence the operation.
  • Sgt. Weiss, Sgt. Scharl. A little hurdle like this would definitely not be able to fall you. Therefore, I shall carry on too.
  • Ms. Maori, Ms. Yoriko, Ms. Lilica. All of their hopes lie on these shoulders of mine. I cannot afford to stay down.
  • The happiness of mother still living in this time line, I will definitely make it last to the future. One more time!
  • I have to promised Ms. Nazuna to save Ms. Akane. Let us continue.
  • I have been ordered to survive through this mission by Chief Commander Lagerkvist. Awaiting for your commands to re-initiate operations.
  • Professor Daidohji, Professor Kyoubashi, Mei-Fang and others had entrusted their final hope to me. There is no giving up on this.
  • My mission will not conclude until I have eliminated Aino Heart from this cursed paradox.

Victory Screen (Versus Mode)[]

  • We share the same objective. Whoever wins shall carry on with the mission. That is all. (vs. herself/Critical Heart Finish)
  • It's over, Heart Aino! I'll sever you off the chains and paradoxes of fate! This is to save the future - to save that person! (vs. Heart Aino)
  • Ah, u-um, ca-...... Um, no, nevermind. Thank you for the spar. (vs. Saki Tsuzura)
  • As expected of master Tokinomiya. However, you are still hiding some of your true powers. I would wish to fight you in your full condition one day. (vs. Kamui Tokinomiya)
  • So this is the true prowess of the centuries-old Koinumaru Ninjutsu. I will not let the bloodline cease. (vs. Konoha)
  • Thank you very much, Ms. Maori. The true form of the Kasuga style, only when the four sisters are present. It was the most valuable learning experience. (vs. Maori Kasuga)
  • As expected of Professor Hua. Mei-Fang in the prototype stages already carrying such combat capabilities. However, seems like there's still insufficient data stored. (vs. Mei-Fang)
  • Looks different, but totally the same inside. The little devilish side of you, makes it all feel so nostalgic and warm. (vs. Lilica Felchenerow)
  • The Crimson-Eyed Puppeteer. Her fearsome skills far exceeded her rumors. Her cuteness as well. (vs. Lieselotte Achenbach)
  • Even that Yoriko is fighting, and Michelangelo is still incomplete. What is going on?? (vs. Yoriko Yasuzumi)
  • I finally understand why Professor Daidohji is dead silent on talking on her past self. Geniuses do stand out from the others. (vs. Kira Daidouji)
  • Shall we take a break and have some tea time? You still do not know yet, but I totally love the tea you prepared. (vs. Fiona Mayfield)
  • Chief Commander Lagerkvist, you are a key personnel to building the future, so please, do not interfere with this matter any further. (vs. Petra Johanna Lagerkvist)
  • The second generation of Artificial Angels, the Golden War Spear. I feel the same presence with the people of my era from you. (vs. Zenia Valov)
  • My apologies. In confession, I was taught on how to defeat you, by - you yourself. (vs. Elsa la Conti)
  • I fully understand you're not even half serious in this. I will explain my situation, so please, I need your cooperation. (vs. Clarice de Lanza)
  • I was cautioned not to be too deeply involved in this timeline. But still, just this one, this one thing. Please tell me where can I get delicious takoyaki! (vs. Catherine Kyoubashi)
  • Oh dear, I got a little carried away. But, to get to see THAT Dorithy's Magic show at such close-up distance... (vs. Dorothy Albright)
  • Ms. Akane. If the plan succeeded, I will definitely head to Ina-hoan and eat the animitsu you're so fond of. (vs. Akane Inuwaka)
  • Ms. Nazuna also smiled this bright before. I never would have thought that'd be possible. I will definitely protect you and Ms. Akane. (vs. Nazuna Inuwaka)
  • Sorry, Ange. Our plans would run into chaos with you running around creating havoc, so I'll have you sleep here for the time being. (vs. Angelia Avallone)
  • I didn't know anything about Sergeant Weiss. Despite after spending that much time together...... (vs. Weiss)
  • I never would have thought that I'd end up fighting big sis Eko... and this is the rumored big bro Kazu? Hmm... things sound different from what I've heard. (vs. Eko)
  • Sorry Sergeant! Eh? Wait, she's still not my sergeant at this time? Yeeps, sorry anyways! (vs. Scharlachrot)
  • Er, ehh...can I get your autogra... N-nevermind, no, this is not the time for it. I've got a mission ahead... but, if I miss this chance... (vs. Minori Amanohara)
  • Pistrix and Parace L'sia. As expected, not found in my database. I have to keep my eyes on them. (vs. Pistrix)


  • Dark Heart was originally slated to be a DLC character for Love Max Six Stars.
  • If you play her in Simple Mode during Versus, the Arcana selection may auto select the "Not Available" which it crashes the game when you begin the fight. (Her default Arcana, Love Prison Geist is not available yet...)
    • However, this has since been fixed in a update on June 21st, 2021.
  • If she is defeated by a super move, her cap will fall off, revealing her hair antenna.


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