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Catherine Kyoubashi
Catherine Portrait AH3
Kanji キャサリン京橋
Rōmaji Kyasarin Kyōbashi
Physical and Vital Information
Gender Female
Age 12
Birthday July 28th
Nationality Japanese/American (dual nationality)
Blood Type B
Height 146 cm (4'9")
Weight 37 kg (81 lbs)
Measurements (B/W/H) 72cm/56cm/80cm
Eye Color Blue-Purple
Hair Color Blonde
Personal Statistics
Affiliation European Celestial Union, Rosenberg Branch Celestial Engineering Research Department
Favorite Subject Celestial Engineering
Weakest Subject A few... maybe?
Fighting Style 'Merican!
Weapon(s) Mechanical Robot (Terry Yodogawa)
Game(s) Arcana Heart 2
Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2
Arcana Heart 3
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars
Japanese VA Ai Matayoshi
The hero of justice, Catherine, is here, along with Yodogawa!

Catherine Kyoubashi (キャサリン京橋, Kyasarin Kyōbashi) is a playable character in the Arcana Heart series. She is a third generation Japanese-American who is a young genius, just like her friend and rival, Kira Daidouji. She uses her mechanical robot, Terry Yodogawa, to battle.

Her Arcana is Medein, the Arcana of Magnetism.


Catherine is a young tan-skinned girl with blue-ish purple eyes and blonde hair. She wears a red visor with a pair of white bunny ears, a red one-piece backless swimsuit with a white star on the chest area and white wristbands.


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A third generation Japanese-American, Catherine's grandmother was from Osaka, which explains why someone with platinum-blond hair and blue eyes speaks exclusively in the Kansai dialect when speaking Japanese, and why someone as young as her sounds like she's eighty years old. A curious combination of Kansai impatience and American laxity, her boisterous and carefree personality makes her an enigma to both sides of her family. Catherine tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, and her emotions are there for all to see.

Like her friend and rival, Kira Daidouji, she is a genius who obtained her doctorate in celestial mechanical engineering from the Celestial University of Massachusetts at the age of ten. Terry Yodogawa, the robot she created and built herself, rivals that of anything thought up by Kira. Catherine also shows a somewhat masochistic streak, as she loves nothing more than to be challenged and insulted by Kira.

Petra offered Catherine support for the research and development for Terry Yodogawa, prompting Catherine to join the Rosenberg branch of the European Celestial Union. Feeling a sense of obligation, she now takes on missions to eradicate the Drexler Institute and eliminate the planar rifts appearing around Japan.

Quotes Edit

  • Yodogawa's shell is made from ether carbon steel, but your copy is just tin! That's just sad. He's not Yodogawa... More like Yodo... suck... wa... - Mirror Match
  • Thanks a ton, Medein. You really sacved my life there. I love you! - Arcana Blaze Finish
  • Well? Well?! What do you think?! Isn't our combo amazing?! Yodogawa's the greatest! Ahahahahahahahaha! - Critical Heart Finish
  • Love is... You know, it's really deep. I'm tellin' you. REALLY deep. If you really wanna get into it, you're probably just gonna put me to sleep. - vs. Heart Aino
  • If there's something on your mind, you can always talk to me, no matter what it is! Whatever's bothering you, we'll take care of it! - vs. Saki Tsuzura
  • Size is power! Power is resilience! Resilience is... Hmm, I wonder... Anyway! I beat the sailor girl! Go me! - vs. Kamui Tokinomiya
  • Hmm... All you need to get a dog to do what you want is food, right? Hey, puppy... Come over here. I'll make you some okonomiyaki! Here... here! - vs. Konoha
  • This is my partner, Terry Yodogawa! ...Hey, hey, you think the Japanese branch of the Celestiaal Union could use a Yodogawa? - vs. Maori Kasuga
  • Man, Yodogawa must be pretty powerful if he can beat the stuffing out of Mei-Fang. Maaaan, I'm getting all pumped up! - vs Mei-Fang
  • Yeah, I respect you too. maybe I should put some wings and a tail on Yodogawa out of respect for-- No! No, that makes no sense! Stop me! - vs. Lilica Felchenerow
  • Advanced technology! Yodogawa's advanced technology! I doubt a little kid like you could understand. I will never give up on advanced technology, even if I die. - vs. Lieselotte Achenbach
  • How do I say this? Usually, if I beat something like a "demon lord," people would be going nuts and telling me how great I am, so... What's this weird feeling? - vs. Yoriko Yasuzumi
  • I know why your blob can't defeat me! It's the drill! You don't have enough drill! - vs. Kira Daidouji
  • A person ascending to a higher level of being... So the moment you turn ethereal, you gain all sorts of knowledge! Maybe I should become a spirit too... - vs. Fiona Mayfield
  • How's that? This Yodogawa! It's all thanks to Petra that he's this big! - vs. Petra Johanna Lagerkvist
  • Since I'm such a romantic, I always thought that a pilebunker should come after the drill... Maybe I should make a Yodogawa-bunker! - vs. Zenia Valov
  • You're as strong as ever, but I got some valuable battle data today! As a little thank-you, I'll leave you some of my special takoyaki! - vs. Elsa la Conti
  • I still think it's pretty odd for there to be demons in the Celestial Union... It's about as weird as ketchup on takoyaki. - vs. Clarice di Lanza
  • Oh yeah... All thaat stuff about getting back your family heirloom... Don't worry, I remember. Just hold your horses. We can talk when Kira's here, okay?! - vs. Dorothy Albright
  • I'm the woman who studies ether! Let's see here...Do you think you could hop into Yodogawa's engine and give him a little fuel? - vs. Angelia Avallone
  • This world has lost its way! It's up to me to finish Yodogawa, and teach humanity to dream again! Failure is not an option! Victory or death! - vs. Nazuna Inuwaka
  • Look, just because I have a giant robot doesn't mean I'm a bad guy... See, MY giant robot fights for world peace! - vs. Akane Inuwaka
  • Oh, little Weiss... Being big isn't necessarily bad! The bigger Yodogawa gets, the bigger the dreams he ignites are! - vs. Weiss
  • Remember this, Eko! If Kazu is a gentleman who will always protect Eko... Then Yodogawa is a hero who will always protect everyone! - vs. Eko
  • Of Scharl... you reaaly are... um... You don't have that many friends, do you? All right, I'll be your friend! Yeah? - vs. Scharlachrot


  • Catherine's play style, and her default Arcana, is similar to Iron Tager from BlazBlue.
    • Both Catherine and Tager are considered heavy hitters and exceed in command grabs.
    • Both Median and Tager uses an ability to pull their opponents close to them for the attack.


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