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The Heart of Battle!

Want to know more about Arcana Heart?

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Moe Moe Kyun!

A cast full of Moe, can you handle this cuteness?!

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Follow Your Heart!

Meet the Extraordinary Rare Maiden, Heart Aino!

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Exciting Merch!

Wanna check out the cool Merchandise for the series?

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Arcana Heart

Arcana Heart 2

Arcana Heart 3

About Arcana Heart

Arcana Heart is a multi-platform fighting game series originally released on September 23rd, 2005 for arcades in Japan.

Originally, the human world and the Elemental World coexisted until being forcibly separated by a dimensional barrier. However, within the Tokyo skies exists someone actively working on breaking down the barrier to merge the worlds once again. Extraordinary maiden Heart Aino is called to duty, with her ability to communicate with the elemental guardian spirits, Arcana, along with several other maidens working hard to prevent the disaster!

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