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After Story is a game mode in the Arcana Heart series. Introduced in Arcana Heart 3 Love Max, it took place after Story Mode.



After Story Prologue.png

A broadcast is shown as Hyoudou in the hot springs.

Phase 1[]

  • Heart1.png Heart Aino - Heart talks to Saki about the broadcast of the Hot Springs, the two saw Kira running away from someone, Kira fights Heart and got away. Maori is waiting outside of school, as the two walks by, Heart founds a fragment of the celestial stone which teleports her, Saki and Maori randomly over rifts. Heart teleported to Chinatown and wondering where are the others now.
  • Konoha1.png Konoha - As Konoha, Nazuna and Akane are trying to find Kamui and telling her about the hot springs, Nazuna is arguing about Konoha for not listening to her for catching up and they got into a fight. Then Akane stopped them from fighting. Nazuna said their battle is a draw, probably because Akane stopped the fight. They found Kamui in Hinode Park and told her about the hot springs, then Konoha found a fragment of the celestial stone which teleports her, Kamui, Akane and Nazuna randomly over rifts. Konoha got teleported to Crater Lake, wondering where are the others are.
  • Kira2.png Kira Daidouji - As Kira, Catherine and Mei Ling saw the broadcast of the Hot Springs through Mei-Fang's build-in installment "Anywhere TV" (which record up to sixteen programs), Kira decides to look for those celestial stones from the broadcast, then Catherine, Mei-Fang and Mei Ling follows her, then Kira ran away, and Catherine is going after her. Then Kira ran into Heart and got in a fight. Then Kira continues to run away from Catherine. Kira found a fragment of the celestial stone, and Catherine tries to gets her hand on the fragment, then they got teleported randomly over rifts. Kira ended up appearing in the Amusement Park and wondering where Catherine has gone off to. Meanwhile, Mei-Fang and Mei Ling also got teleported by the radius of the celestial stone process.
  • Lilica2.png Lilica Felchenerow - Lilica is at Diet Building till Fiona fell down from the sky. Then the two fight and Fiona holds on Lilica till she wants to see her father. Then Lilica told Yoriko about the events happen yesterday, Clarice steps by and a fragment of the celestial stone appeared, teleporting Lilica, Yoriko, Fiona and Clarice through the rifts. Lilica teleported to Chinatown and wondering where are the others now.
  • Lieselotte2.png Lieselotte Achenbach - Lieselotte is being chased by Dorothy, she bumps into Saki and fight. Meanwhile afterwards, Lieselotte is at Rosenberg Grounds waiting for Zenia, till Dorothy shows up leaving another chase. While wandering, Eko founds a fragment of the celestial stone which teleported the surrounding area, Lieselotte, Zenia and Dorothy got caught of this and teleported through rifts. Lieselotte teleport to Tailrace Tunnel and wondering where are the others now.
  • Petra2.png Petra Johanna Lagerkvist - Petra and Elsa are having their chat, Eko wants to play Battle with her. Then Weiss and Zenia came to talk about something. Elsa warned Petra about the fragments of the celestial stone, the two rushed to look for Eko and she found a fragment of the celestial stone which teleported the surrounding area, Petra and Elsa were too late to stop her and teleported through rifts. Petra teleported to Yamato Maru and wondering where are the others now.
  • Weiss2.png Weiss - Weiss and Scharlachrot are having their training, Eko appeared and talking about the hot springs (which she was changing the channels at random). Then Weiss and Scharlachrot saw the broadcast (which Kazu record, just in case), Eko and Kazu decides to help out in the garden. Weiss reports Petra about the Hot Springs. Weiss went back and told Scharlachrot, Eko and Kazu that it went smoothly about their family trip to the hot springs, then Eko found a fragment of the celestial stone. Weiss and Scharlachrot warns Eko not to touch it and teleported anyone who saw her, scattering through the rifts. Weiss appeared at Clay Statue and wondering where the others are, leaving her thinking about those celestial stones...

Phase 2[]

  • Maori2.png Maori Kasuga - As Maori got teleported to Edo Town, she tried to call for Heart and Saki but there's no reply. She senses someone's coming and Mei-Fang attacks. Mei Ling stopped Mei-Fang and Maori apologies for attack her. They chat, then Mei-Fang explained how she and Mei Ling got teleported, stating they were "sent here", and the functions of the celestial energy. Mei-Fang detected a fragment of the rainbow-colored celestial stone around meters away. The three found the fragment and without what it does, they go for it anyways and teleported somewhere. Maori ended up teleported to Mountain Temple, wondering if this is something else.
  • Nazuna2.png Nazuna Inuwaka - As Nazuna got teleported to Crater Lake, she cries for help, but no reply. She puts the blame on Konoha for picking up a fragment of the celestial stone and decides to get out of this mess by herself. Then Konoha popped up, Nazuna freaked out and engage in a fight. As Konoha knocked out for several minutes, Konoha woke up and thought it was a bad dream, but its not. Nazuna asked her where did Kamui and Akane go, Konoha told her that the fragment teleported them randomly, a warning given by Kamui. Then the two encountered Fiona, and she told them about Lilica, Clarice and Michelangelo not helping her becoming a human again. Also she told them that Angelia throws rainbow-colored celestial stones at her (for her own amusement) which shattered to fragments, teleported her to other planes (includes dinosaurs). Eventually, how she ended up in the material world (which ended Fiona's story). Fiona found a fragment of the celestial stone and used it, teleporting them. Nazuna ended up teleported to Spa Resort, realizing the presents of the celestial energy and encounters Angelia and Mildred there.
  • Akane2.png Akane Inuwaka - As Akane got teleported to Aqua Line, she was encountered by Clarice, then the two are saying their sisters are the cutest (which Akane said Nazuna is the cute one while Clarice said Petra is the cute one) which leaves them to a battle. Afterwards, Scharlachrot came by and said Eko is the cutest in the world, leaving the two ashamed about it. They talked about the rifts, Scharlachrot found a fragment and used some of her powers to activate it. Akane got teleported to Sky Temple and found Konoha there.
  • Catherine2.png Catherine Kyoubashi - As Catherine got teleported to Tailrail Tunnel, she encounters Saki and Lieselotte talking about a truce for a day. Catherine dives the chat, Lieselotte and Saki agrees on beating Catherine. After that, they talked about the fragments and used the fragment to teleport somewhere. Catherine got teleported to the Ragnarok Launcher wondering what's going on.
  • Yoriko2.png Yoriko Yasuzumi - As Yoriko and Mikey got teleported to Amusement Park, Yoriko is wondering where did the celestial stone gone to. They encountered Angelia and Mildred, Yoriko wants their help to completely destroy Mikey which Angelia agrees on. However, Mikey was not happy about it and, out of anger, lashes out at Angelia. As Mikey's anger, Yoriko is teaching him to know his place, till Kira showed up leaving everyone blank. Angelia is wondering where the hot springs with tons of rainbow-colored crystals, which is from her (discovered the other day in the spiritual plane). Also she explained that the fragments will bring along everything around. And told them how fun teasing Fiona every time she gets through rifts. Yoriko told them that Fiona is with her before. Kira wants to find the hot spring because she wants the rainbow celestial stones, but Angelia used the stones to tease Fiona. Mikey warns Yoriko not to go near a celestial stone, then Kira wants to go first in the hot spring and Angelia argue that the hot spring is hers. Then Angelia has a fragment of the rainbow celestial stone, hoping they would end up in the hot spring their talking about, teleporting everyone. Yoriko and Michelangelo ended up teleported to Gold Fish Castle, as Yoriko doesn't want more.
  • Zenia2.png Zenia Valov - As Zenia got teleported to Yamato Maru, she founded Petra, talked about the stones they saw, and regroup at Rosenberg. They encountered Kamui and explained about the purpose of the celestial stones. Then Zenia and Kamui argue about handling this case and engage in a fight. Petra stopped them from fighting and talking about the fragments are in order to get energy. They used the energy of the celestial stone and they teleported somewhere. Zenia ended up teleported to Kamiari Shrine and proceeds.
  • Elsa2.png Elsa la Conti - As Elsa got teleported to Chinatown, she encountered Lilica and she ran away from Elsa. She caught up with Lilica and having a fight, till Heart shows up and stopped the two from fighting. They talked about the fragments and used the fragment to teleport somewhere. Elsa got teleported to Holland Park City wondering what's going on.
  • Eko2.png Eko - As Eko and Kazu got teleported to Clay Statue, Eko didn't know that she's not in Rosenberg and wandering where White and Red (Weiss and Scharlachrot) are. They had no idea they got teleported and realized that it was the rainbow celestial stone she picked up, thinking it's her fault. But Kazu cheers her up and tried to go back to Rosenberg. Dorothy got teleported as well, and she felted that she ruined Lieselotte's time with Zenia. Dorothy found a fragment of the rainbow celestial stone and making this a apology gift to Lieselotte, till Eko and Kazu attacks her, engage in a fight. Eko doesn't want Dorothy to touch the stone because it will geat all sparkly and send her flying away, leaving Dorothy surprised that Eko picked it up earlier in Rosenberg and wondered what's going on. Then Weiss showed up, Dorothy asked Weiss if she knows about the rainbow celestial stone and she stated that the Drexler Institute had them secured before (which is the normal celestial stones), Weiss and Scharlachrot where not allowed to make contact with it. However, she seen a few experiments used in them, when she remembered it. Weiss agrees with Eko to find Scharlachrot for their family trip. As Weiss tells Eko, Kazu and Dorothy to stay back, Weiss used her power on the rainbow celestial stone and they get teleported somewhere. Eko and Kazu got teleported to Mountain Temple, and Kamui was there.

Phase 3[]

  • Mei-Fang2.png Mei-Fang - As Mei-Fang and Mei Ling got teleported to Sky Temple, Mei-Fang got a record footage of Maori vanishing and after the analysis, confirms the planar rift opened for a moment. Then the two got ambushed by Akane and Konoha, leading towards a fight. As they settle down, they chat about any info about the rainbow celestial stones. After their explanation, Mei Ling found this fantastic, thanking them for this info. Konoha explained how Fiona got angry that she and Nazuna got teleported, and Akane told them that Scharlachrot explained the usage of the celestial stone's teleportation powers in the Drexler Institute. Mei Ling stated that the hot spring is in the physical plane, all because of the celestial stones. They found Scharlachrot and Fiona's information very important, believing the Drexler Institute is not involved in this incident. As they split up to find the pieces of the rainbow celestial stone, they found ten pieces of the stone and they got teleported to the hot spring. Mei-Fang and Mei Ling reunited with Kira and Catherine, while Konoha and Akane reunited with Kamui and Nazuna.
  • Fiona2.png Fiona Mayfield - As Fiona got teleported to Ragnarok Launcher, she felt stressed out about other people for helping her return as a human. Fiona got tired and took a nap, till Kira and Catherine appeared to check if Fiona's sleeping or dead, this freaks out Fiona and engage in a fight. Catherine apologies to her and Kira gives her the celestial stone she picked up earlier. Kira told her that she met the Avallone sisters earlier and heading to the hot spring. As Kira's Arcana knows where the hot spring is, she, Fiona and Catherine made it to the hot spring. Fiona reunited with Angelia and Mildred, while Kira and Catherine reunited with Mei-Fang and Mei Ling.
  • Clarice2.png Clarice di Lanza - As Clarice got teleported to Gold Fish Castle, she talked about something to do with Petra and Elsa, till Yoriko and Michelangelo appeared, the latter wanting to fight her. Afterwards, Yoriko is wondering about the rainbow colored celestial, Clarice and Mikey are explaining if this is the Drexler Institute's plan or not. As the two collected ten pieces around the area, Yoriko used her celestial energy to teleport them in the hot spring. Clarice is feeling that she wants to return the hot spring back to the spiritual plane later on.
  • Saki1.png Saki Tsuzura - As Saki got teleported to Clock Tower, Petra suddenly appeared and Saki wants to know what's going on with the celestial stones, but they had an argument with any other situations and they engage in a fight. During the fight, Lilica steps in just now. Lilica explained that Heart was with her earlier, while Petra explained Kamui's information about the celestial stones. They collected 10 pieces of the celestial stones in this area and used it to teleport them to the hot spring. Saki reunited with Heart and Maori, Petra reunited with Elsa and Clarice, and Lilica reunited with Yoriko and Michelangelo.
  • Angelia2.png Angelia Avallone - As Angelia and Mildred appeared at Spa Resort, they're on their way to Angelia Hot Springs, till they notice someone popped up and it turns out, it was Nazuna. Nazuna explained that she encountered Fiona as she was very energetic and summarized how Fiona explained it to her. Then Weiss popped up, acting a bit strange with the effects of the rainbow colored celestial stone. Angelia doesn't know it means, but the stones has a will of their own, stating the stones wanted to go back home to their original form. Angelia decides to fight Weiss to snap out of the stone's possession. As Weiss woke up, she thank Angelia for saving her. Angelia invites Nazuna and Weiss to come with her to Angelia Hot Springs. She stated a little trick that involves putting a bit of celestial energy to the stone, making it move a little bit, and realizing after couple tries, they move toward to the same direction. Weiss explained how she used her energy into the fragment and afterwards, the stone took over her body, she was conscious and saw a memory of the stone involving her and Scharlachrot around two or three years ago, she wondering how the stone remember them. Then, they popped up to Angelia Hot Springs, making the rainbow colored celestial stones look like ordinary rocks. Angelia and Mildred reunited with Fiona, Weiss reunited with Eko, Kazu and Scharlachrot, and Nazuna reunited with Akane which she ignored and glad to see Kamui.
  • Kamuitinypic.png Kamui Tokinomiya - As Kamui encountered Eko and Kazu on Mountain Temple, Eko told her that she will not touch the celestial stone, and Kamui agreed. Kazu explained that the stones are used in an experiment in the Drexler Institute, while Kamui knows this when she was in Europe, but Eko doesn't even know what their taking about. While they gathering the pieces of the stones, Kamui encounters Maori as she's acting a bit strange, Maori seems to be struggling about something, so Kamui decided to fight her. After the fight, Maori got back to normal and Kamui explained her about her mother and herself known the time stones were called "killing stones". Maori felted that the rainbow colored celestial stones are living creatures, stating that it wants to go back home, and wondering when are their created, but Kamui doesn't want to question the last one and process collecting the stones. It looks like Eko got all ten pieces of the stones by poking them with a stick. Kamui used some energy to the pieces to teleport them to the hot spring. Kamui reunited with Konoha and Nazuna, Maori reunited with Heart and Saki, while Eko and Kazu reunited with Weiss and Scharlachrot.
  • Scharlachrot2.png Scharlachrot - As Scharlachrot got teleported to Kamiari Shrine, she felt sick that this is supposed to be the Drexler Institute's experiments, which pissed her off really hard. She stumbled across Zenia which she's finding the fragments to head to the hot spring, till Scharlachrot laughs and engage in a fight. Then Heart showed up and stopped Scharlachrot and Zenia from fighting. Zenia is thinking that their in the spirit plane, then Scharlachrot told Heart and Zenia about the rainbow celestial stones which it has a will on its own. After they split up to find the pieces, Scharlachrot used her energy to teleport them to the hot spring. Scharlachrot reunited with Eko, Kazu and Weiss, Heart reunited with Saki and Maori, while Zenia reunited with Petra.
  • Dorothy2.png Dorothy Albright - As Dorothy got teleported to Holland Park City, wondering what to do. Lieselotte sneaked at Dorothy and surpised her. Lieselotte apologized to her about earlier back at Rosenberg. Elsa came by there discussion, then Dorothy begged Elsa to bestow the punishment to her and request to be hit with her crux. Lieselotte want Elsa to beat Dorothy, feeling not sure about it and engage in a fight. After Dorothy calmed down, she told Elsa an confession of what happen with Weiss, Eko and Kazu, she felt guilty about Weiss using her energy after hearing how it turns out, but didn't learn anything from Weiss, blaming herself. Elsa confess Dorothy's sins, by turning her errors of the past into successes for her future. After that, Dorothy told Elsa about the information from Weiss, then they gather the fragments of the stones, Dorothy used her energy and teleported them to the hot spring. Dorothy reunited with Kira and Catherine, Lieselotte reunited with Saki, while Elsa reunited with Petra and Clarice.

Hot Spring[]

Warning: The image may be NSFW. Click "Expand" to view.
After Story Hot Spring.png

Once everyone was accounted for, the girls head to the hot spring to relax. Heart, Saki, Weiss and Scharlachrot are talking about the ping pong table they are gonna do later. Lilica is wondering if Yoriko's chest float, Clarice was gonna do the same thing with Elsa but backfired. Mei-Fang, Mei Ling and Mildred are relaxing, Mildred wondering if Mei Ling is still mad about blackmailing her into working for her (back in the first game). Angelia is attempting to drown Fiona like a submarine. Kira and Catherine are fighting over their clothing during the hot springs, while Dorothy got caught up in the middle of the fight. Zenia is washing Lieselotte's hair as Zenia sorta remembered this moment before, Lieselotte told Zenia about her birthday and wondering if she has free time. Heart is asking Petra to join in, but Petra is relaxing in a tub. Akane and Tsuzune are having competition of their chest while Koito and Kouta watches. Konoha and Nazuna are brushing Kamui's hair, while Kamui washing a penguin plush she was keeping over the years. Michelangelo and Merlin are tied to Yodogawa while Kazu is trying not to peek in the hot spring.


After Story Epilogue.png

As Heart, Saki, Weiss and Scharlachrot are prepared to play ping pong, Clarice is planning what Michelangelo said to her earlier, she extract the stones of the hot spring to return back to the spiritual plane. Kamui showed up and thank her for performing it, then Clarice talked about how she loved the physical plane like a human. Kamui might think that Clarice know how she can make a physical body, till Mildred popped up and told them something about Weiss earlier, involving with the stone's will. Mildred explained about the Drexler Institute sending Valkyries to the spirit plane to use them as ingredients to make more rainbow colored celestial stones, but didn't know how they collected, and making sure her sister won't touch the rainbow colored stones again. Mildred also explained the problem with Fiona, she told Clarice the secret of making someone a human again is required the rainbow celestial stones, which don't know how many, leaving this a rather cruel decision for Fiona and keeping this method a secret. Clarice doesn't know anything, but she's a demon after all, she likes to see her suffer by it. Clarice leaves and hope to never see her again. Mildred wonders if Kamui's accessory in her hair is a rainbow celestial stone and Kamui quickly decline her question, and leaves. Mildred sense that Mei Ling is easedropping their conversation and not worry about it. In the end, Heart and Saki engage in a game of ping pong with Weiss and Scharlachrot.


Phase 1

  • Heart1.png Heart Aino vs Kira2.png Kira Daidouji
  • Konoha1.png Konoha vs Nazuna2.png Nazuna Inuwaka
  • Kira2.png Kira Daidouji vs Heart1.png Heart Aino
  • Lilica2.png Lilica Felchenerow vs Fiona2.png Fiona Mayfield
  • Lieselotte2.png Lieselotte Achenbach vs Saki1.png Saki Tsuzura
  • Petra2.png Petra Johanna Lagerkvist vs Eko2.png Eko
  • Weiss2.png Weiss vs Scharlachrot2.png Scharlachrot

Phase 2

  • Maori2.png Maori Kasuga vs Mei-Fang2.png Mei-Fang
  • Nazuna2.png Nazuna Inuwaka vs Konoha1.png Konoha
  • Akane2.png Akane Inuwaka vs Clarice2.png Clarice di Lanza
  • Catherine2.png Catherine Kyoubashi vs Lieselotte2.png Lieselotte Achenbach
  • Yoriko2.png Yoriko Yasuzumi vs Angelia2.png Angelia Avallone
  • Zenia2.png Zenia Valov vs Kamuitinypic.png Kamui Tokinomiya
  • Elsa2.png Elsa la Conti vs Lilica2.png Lilica Felchenerow
  • Eko2.png Eko vs Dorothy2.png Dorothy Albright

Phase 3

  • Mei-Fang2.png Mei-Fang vs Akane2.png Akane Inuwaka
  • Fiona2.png Fiona Mayfield vs Catherine2.png Catherine Kyoubashi
  • Clarice2.png Clarice di Lanza vs Yoriko2.png Yoriko Yasuzumi
  • Saki1.png Saki Tsuzura vs Petra2.png Petra Johanna Lagerkvist
  • Angelia2.png Angelia Avallone vs Weiss2.png Weiss
  • Kamuitinypic.png Kamui Tokinomiya vs Maori2.png Maori Kasuga
  • Scharlachrot2.png Scharlachrot vs Zenia2.png Zenia Valov
  • Dorothy2.png Dorothy Albright vs Elsa2.png Elsa la Conti


  • Six Stars (Xtend) fighters (Minori Amanohara, Pistrix and Dark Heart) didn't appear in this mode.
  • Konoha is the only character unlocking two characters (Akane and Nazuna) after completion.
  • Heart and Kira are the only characters facing each other with a different storyline they have.
    • However, Konoha and Nazuna fought each other in their storyline.
  • When you first play this mode, you will not unlock the illustration of the character your playing as.
  • The player will play on Normal Mode since there's no character selection.
    • Also the player can't change color palettes.
  • Parace L'sia made a cameo in the Hot Spring segment.


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